Double trouble : Continued

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My wife surprised me with having a threesome for my birthday which was the first time for her with another woman. Needless to say we tired. When I started to wake the next morning I noticed I was alone in bed. My wife and Kim were already up and moving. I layed in bed a few more minutes thinking about how hot it was watching my wife with Kim before I got up and took a shower. I figured Kim had already left and my wife was having her morning coffee. I finished my shower and didnít get dressed because I knew it was just my wife and I at home so I thought. As I made my way into the living room I was shocked to see Kim still here and she was naked sitting on my wifeís face.

Neither one saw me come into the room as they were to distracted from their current situation. So I sat in my chair and watched as my wife worked away at Kimís pussy . Her hands were on Kim's ass pulling her pussy into her face, it was so hot watching this. After about 10 minutes of my wife working on her clit Kim threw her head back and came on my wifeís face. She rolled off my wife and lay beside her running her hands up and down my wifeís body. After a few minutes I said ďGood morning ladiesĒ They both looked up shocked I was in the room with them, Their shocked looked soon turned to a smile and my wife said I hope you enjoyed last night. I said last night was amazing but I didnít expect to wake up to you having more fun without me.

She had an evil grin and said. ďwe just couldnít help ourselves after we woke upĒ. I told her ď Iím glad you enjoy being with Kim but I think it is time you take care of meĒ. She said I think I want to try something first. She pulled her naked body from the floor and walked by kissed me real quick before getting into Kimís bag. She pulled out Kimís strap on and said ď I want to fuck Kim first before you have meĒ I said ok honey , give it a good.

My wife looked at Kim and asked her ď Would you mind warming him up while I fuck you?Ē Kim smiled and crawled over to me on her hands and knees . She pulled herself up and gave me a quick good morning kiss as she moved her mouth down to my cock. My wife starts to out on the strap on and moves in behind Kim. My wife smacked Kimís ass hard and laughed. Kim continued to slowly work on my cock then as my wife started to slide into Kimís already wet pussy Kim held my cock deep into her throat and moaned deeply as she felt my wife go deeper . It felt amazing having Kimís warm mouth on me. It was so hot watching my wife slowly start sliding in and out of Kim reaching up with one hand and grabbing a handful of hair pulling Kim back onto her, with her other hand every so often smacking Kimís ass a little harder each time. My wife was really getting into it.

Her huge breasts were bouncing as she started to fucks Kim harder. By this time my wife is moaning from the stimulation of the strap on rubbing her clit as she fucked Kim. Kim was really close as she started slamming herself back against my wife hard and feverishly bobbing her head up and down on my cock. Finally in one hard motion she slammed her ass back into my wife and took my cock into her throat and just started shaking. After a minute her body relaxed a bit and my wife continued pounding Kimís soaked pussy , my wife started really thrusting fast until she yelled. ď Iím cummingĒ

My wife collapsed forward onto Kimís back and rested for a second. I told her ď I hope your ready to ride me nowĒ My wife got up , threw off the strap on and Kim moved to the side . My wife came to me and straddled my cock and slowly lower herself onto it reverse cowgirl style. She lowered herself until I was completely inside her. Then Kim came to my wife and kissed her. I reached around and started playing with my wifeís breasts while they kissed and my cock is resting deep into my wife.

Finally they broke away from their kiss and my wife started to ride my cock slowly as I continued to play with her nipples. Kim is now laying on the floor rubbing her well used pussy while watching my wife ride my cock. My wife is jumping up and down on my cock moaning with pleasure. Kim sits up and moves in to lick my wifeís pussy and my shaft as it goes in and out of my wifeís wet pussy. This drives my wife crazy and she starts slamming herself down onto my cock. It didnít take long before she slammed down on my cock one my time , threw her back against my chest and mumble oh my , oh My God. Kim pulled away and lay back again onto the floor and grabbed her strap on and just started playing with it sliding it into her own pussy.

My wife is still sitting on my hard cock . I reach around her to hold her as I get up turn and set her down bending her over my chair. Itís my turn to really fuck her. I slap both of her ass cheeks hard and grab a handful of hair as I start pounding into her soaking wet pussy. Taking long hard fast strokes, my wife is being used like a fuck doll at this point , she keeps panting ď yes fuck me, yes Iím yours, use meĒ For ten minutes I kept pounding her pussy till I finally couldnít take it and exploded deep inside her. I held myself deep within for a few moments , sweat dripping off my chest then I finally pull out and my wife quickly turned and got down to clean my cock . When she was finished she asked Kim if she could help her clean herself up. I sat back down and watched Kim lick clean my wife's well fucked pussy. Before Kim was done she managed to make my wife cum once more . They both collapsed.

After a few minutes they both got up , kissed me and headed off to the shower together. After their shower Kim got dressed and collected her things . She gave my wife a long passionate kiss and said I hope you will invite me back again for another Friday night. My wife giggled and said definitely. As she went out the door my wife came in and said hope you had a good birthday but now Iím all yours for the rest of the weekend. What would you like.

To be continued.

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