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Jen Goes Black

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife is a beautiful forty eight year old blonde with long shapely beautiful legs, her tits are twin beauties she has an abundance of pussy hair. And I must say i think she is one of the hottest milf in town.

One night when we were fucking Jennifer told me about a black guy who is a co worker had been asking her fore a date. She had told him may be some day she would go out with him just one time, but she being married wanted to stay true to her husband.
The more Jennifer told me about this guy the hotter we both got. i told Jenny that I would love to see her taking a big black cock up her tight pussy. then Jennifer asked me if I was sure. I told her I was..

We made a plan .Jennifer would go on a date with him then bring him home and fuck him while I watched from another dark room.

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I watched my wife dress for her date, she wore nylon stockings with fancy lace tops,her panties were thong a tiny white transparent triangle peace of cloth that that didn't hide anything a thin white strap buried deep in the crack of her ass her garter was white nylon that perfectly framed her beautiful pussy her titties stood out proud and firm her erect nipples looked long and pink.

Her date arrived to pick her up. I stood watching ,out of his sight, he kissed and groped my beautiful wife he was very black skinned my wife was giggling as they went out the door.

Time dragged by I watched TV, for a while I jacked off three times. fantasizing about my wife getting fucked by this black man. I keep watching the clock .I had turned off all of the lights in the house finally at two A.M. a car entered the drive way. it had several people in it.
I quickly took up my position in my place of concealment.

My wife was very giggly and I could tell she had a few drinks. I was alarmed when I saw she had five black men with her. They were laughing. My wife started dancing around and taking off her clothes she slipped out of her dress and offered them her titties she was really beautiful they ripped her panties off and she wearing heels ,hose and garter belt they picked her up and carried her to the bed room. The guys hurriedly undressed they repeatedly fucked my wives hot pussy they sucked and played with her beautiful tits while my wife cried out very loudly with pleasure.

I jacked off some more watching those big black cocks pumping balls deep in my wife's cunt they fucked her in every position possible three of of them fucked her tight ass, when they finally were all taped out and they left .I joined my wife on our cum soaked bed my wife had cum seeping from her cunt and ass her red pussy hair was matted with thick gobs of cum her titties had hickies on them her clit was all swollen and red her pussy was sore for two days. She still likes to gang bang black cock.

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