Friend in need

(Part 1 from 1)

I had been away some years ago working and when I checked my return flight I was offered a seat a day earlier than planned and said yes. On arriving back home mid morning I noticed a strange car outside then realised it was my friends car Pete.I let myself in and put my bags down before realizing nobody was around. In the lounge was an amount of clothing flung on a chair and a porn film playing away on the TV.

I then heard noises from outside and saw my wife and pete in our small pool they clearly were both naked and my wife was sat on his lap with his large cock inside her and I could hear her moaning as he stroked faster. Her tits were swollen and clearly he had been enjoying them for some time, she then turned over the edge of the pool to allow his swollen cock to enter doggy and continue his fucking work.

He quickly let out a moan as I guessed he was unloading his cum into her clit before his mouth then started sucking her nipples. As they climbed out of the pool I could see her juices and his cum running down her thigh he then laid her down and used his tongue to clean her up. I should say that our garden is totally secluded so they would not be seen or heard.

I decided at that point to walk into the garden and of course give them both a surprise after some initial what are you doing back early I said I needed some of what Pete was getting. After some beers I joined them naked and another session started with me in one hole and him in her other. I was so worked up and unused that I shot a massive load into her already well used clit. Pete hoped i had not minded his looking after her needs and of course I had let him fuck her before so was not to upset. He said I could call on his wife whenever I wanted.

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