Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 3 from 15)

She pulled my cum stained shirt off and threw it on the floor. I pulled her shirt off to reveal her naked body. She had a slim figure and a small ass. Her tits were as small as grape fruits but I was able to suck them into my mouth. Her skin was smooth with a even deep caramel complexion. She always kept her hair done and I liked her for that. 
“I want you in me right now!” she whispered and undid my belt. I finished my water and dropped the ice pack to fondled her tits. Her nipples were brown and hard, just ripe enough for eating. Before she pulled my pants down I grabbed a condom out my pocket and lifted up to let her pull my pants down pass my ass. My step daddy beat protection into me this night. I rolled the tight condom down my shaft and slid into her pussy. As many times I’ve been up in Rhonda’s pussy bare, I was surprised she wasn’t pregnant already. 
Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Jasmine’s was but it hit the spot. I thrusted heatedly inside her thirsty pussy and found that there’s no place like home. Her pussy lips felt as if they were pulling and sucking on my shit like a milk shake through a straw. I was in sheer bliss when her wet pussy contracted around my shaft. I tried to hold my cum so that I could watch her cum again. 

I kept a slow pace at first, her hands grasping by biceps as she pushed back slightly to meet my thrusts. 
“Uuuuhhh I’m finna cum baby faster!” she whispered to me. 
“I love your big dick in my pussy baby… mmmmm pleeeeze go faster!” 
I stayed at the same speed torturing her. Then my arms began to shake as I felt my own start to rise, so I sped up. I wrapped her legs over my shoulders and slapped my meat in her so deep I felt her bottom out. Her whole body began to spasm in orgasm. Her pussy muscles pulsating and contracting hard around me and I too began to cum. Squirt after squirt I filled the condom as my balls slapped her ass. 

I collapsed on top of her and kissed her hard. We both tried to catch our breath and come back to earth. I pulled off the condom, tied it up, and threw it on the nightstand. 
Her bathroom didn’t have a shower so I had to run a bath. While I was in there I threw the used condom in the toilet and flushed it. I jumped into the bath and washed myself up quickly. When I was done bathing, I didn’t have a dry towel to cover me so I streaked out the door. When I got around the bend I ran smack into her older sister. Her sister was a fine dark brown woman. Erica was in her early thirties, 5’8” with no hips and a plump little ass. Her titties were small too but she still looked good. She had on a pink see through night shirt that said SHE DEVIL and it fit tight and pressed against her hard naked nipples. Her pink thongs matched her shirt. Her stomach wasn’t as tight as Rhonda’s was but it didn’t hang either. 
We bumped right into each other in her narrow hall as she came out to use to the bathroom. She looked me up and down just as I did her. After a couple of seconds I stepped closer to her as if to kiss her. She just smiled and brushed her hand across my dick as she walked pass to enter the bathroom and closed the door.

6:15a.m. Day 4 (Rhonda house) Monday 
Rhonda’s alarm clock woke me up. “Rhonda” I called to her and shook her shoulder. She didn’t move. 
“Get up girl it’s time to go to school.” I told her and went into the bathroom to piss. As I stood there naked draining my shit Erica came in. 
“Damn!” I heard her say from behind me. I smiled. She walked in the bathroom and shut the door. I shook my dick of the last drops of pee and washed my hands.
“Come here!” she asked.
I turned completely around and walked towards her. I stood so close to her I could smell her fear.
“I want to touch it!” I stood in front of her and grabbed her wrist and put my dick in her hand. I watched her face as she stared and pulled at it. I’d hoped she would go down and take it in her mouth. 
“Damn it’s even bigger.” she said and began jacking me off. I backed her against the door and she wrapped both hands around my dick moving them slowly up and down. Then I leaned in, rested my elbows on the wall on either side of her and I kissed her soft neck. 
The head of my dick jabbed her in her stomach as I started slamming my dick in her tight grasp. Her hands felt like heaven, she stroked, squeezed, twisted and turned her hands like she was wringing the blood out my shit. Although it felt good I couldn’t cum like that. DAMN why won‘t she suck me off!!! 
Fuck it… I can’t take it anymore. I snatched my dick out her hands, lifted her leg and violently ripped in her wet pussy bare. I couldn’t help myself; I tore into her pussy like a mad man. Her pussy had no shield against the attack I had unleashed on it. 
“OOOHHHH!!! Yeah!!! I like it when they get mad, get mad mutha fucka, yeah !!!” she cried whipping her hips around forcefully in front of my dick. “I’m finna cum Black, make me cum!!” I pushed deeper and harder in her hot pussy as she dug her five inch nails deep into my shoulders. “AAAHHHH!!!” She screamed as she creamed so uncontrollably, it dripped out her pussy on the floor and made a puddle. 
“DAMN, yo dick is good! She sang with a shaky sigh. Shit I ain’t the one to brag, but, you know…
“Here I cum!” I whispered and snatched my dick out her hot pussy and put my throbbing erection back in her hands. I leaned against her and grabbed both her ass cheeks tight as I grinded my dick into her tight hands. 
“SSHHHIIIITTTT!” I tried not to make too much noise as I spewed my nut all over her stomach and nightshirt. She kept her grip on my dick milking it of its last drops. 
She looked down, ran her finger through the deposit I left on her belly, and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck it in her mouth, rolled her tongue around on it, and smacked her lips as she pulled her finger out. 
“OOOHHH!!” I moaned with delight.
“MMMMM!!! You almost taste as good as you fuck!” she said and opened the door to leave. 
“You better wash that off before it dries, it’s a hard stain to get out!“ I told her and winked. She smiled and closed the door. 

I bathed again and filled the tub up with Rhonda’s bath. I returned to the living room and smacked Rhonda hard across her ass. “Wake up Rhonda!” She reluctantly trailed me into the bathroom. I pushed her on the toilet and she peed. 
“This water for me” she asked and jumped in. I just stared at her nastily. 
“It is now.” I finished brushing my teeth and left the bathroom.
I went to the closet and grabbed my pants and pulled them on. I ran to my car and brought all my things into her house and stuffed them into the closet. We put on our clothes and left for school.

7:50a.m. (School)
We arrived at school just in time for breakfast. While in line I ran across Antwon and Shauny. They were coming out the ticket counter with their breakfast. 
“Yo Twon!!” I yelled across the room 
“Save us a seat” pointing at both Rhonda and me. He threw his head back in assurance, and we continued threw the breakfast counter. We paid for our breakfast and headed towards the tables. “Yo Black over here” Twon flagged. 
I straddled the bench and started on my bowl of cereal. Twon and I sat and talked about the up and coming game over breakfast while Rhonda and Shauny talked about her new engagement. I was disgusted at the fact she was back with the same bastard that hit her and raped her.

“I got to piss” I said and stood up. 
“Hold up Black I got to pee myself.” I waited for him and we walked to the bathroom. On our way back we passed Jasmine in the hallway. I kept walking past her hoping like hell she wouldn’t see me. I watched her as she tiptoed to reached inside her locker and how her ass shook just a little when she bounced down. Just watching her got Berg a little swoll. I sped up past her. 
“Yo, ain’t that Jasmine dog?” Antwon asked. 
“Yeah so!” 
“That ass is fine, I thought y’all was gettin’ it on and shit.” 
“Naw dog, it ain’t even like that see…” I heard Jasmine call my name. 
“Black!” I just kept walking. 
“Dog she’s calling you!” he spat at me. 
“Nigga I can hear!” I spat back. He just shook his head and turned the corner to enter the lunchroom. I turned around and looked at her, she had this confused look upon her face and I continued to ignore her. 

I entered the lunchroom and straddled the bench behind Rhonda. I reached around her waist and pulled her into me, as she too was straddling the bench. I kissed her neck and looked towards the door where I left Jasmine standing and she was not there. As soon as I turned my head she must have came cause Rhonda looked over and frowned. Then she turned around to me and put her legs over mine and kissed me. Hungry, I kissed her back and put my hands on her ass. 
“Your Bitch is staring at us!” she whispered in my ear. 
“What Bitch” I questioned and followed her finger pointing towards the door way to the hall. Jasmine was standing there. She looked like she was in tears. She saw I was looking and walked away. I didn’t see her for the rest of school which didn’t matter none to me, at least that’s what I tried to believe.

After breakfast was over, Twon and I parted ways and I caught up with Shauny. 
“Wass up!” I asked still upset cause she dissed me.
“I’m sorry for the way I treated you, please forgive me!” she begged. 
“Shauny you know you my dirty, I could never stay mad at you!” I said and turned to hug her. The bell rang and I started to pull away but she held tight. 
“Shauny?” She kissed my neck, oh Lord, why did she do that. She did it again, I had to return it. Our lips locked onto each other and our tongue danced the happy dance. My hands began to think on their own; they were all up her shirt and down her sweats. “Let’s go to your house!” 
“Right now?” she asked.
“Yeah, right now!” I said planting deeper kisses on her lips and neck.
“What about Twon?” 
“What about him?” I growled.
“Won’t he get suspicious of me leaving school, how did I get home?”
“Well if you are that serious about being with him then maybe we shouldn’t go!” I fumed.
“I want to go home with you, but like you said we don’t go together. I need a relationship outside of this!” she said. She was right. 

We went down in the basement and exited the side door. I turned around to see if anyone saw us and just as I did that I saw Jay and Sarita come from in the men’s bathroom together. I pushed Shauny out the door just as Sarita turned around. I rushed her to my car and watched the door to see if she would stick her head out. I put Shauny in the car, and ran around to my side. I didn’t see Sarita at the door when I pulled off so we were scott’s free. 

“So what are you going to tell Twon about why you came home?” I asked her as we drove to her house.
“I’ll just tell him that you took me home cause I felt sick.” That sounded plausible. I pulled up to her house and she took me in her room. After I closed the door I grabbed the back of her neck. I pulled her face into mine and tongued her mouth as I backed her to her bed. I didn’t have to help her take off her clothes, before I had my shirt and a shoe off she was crawling into the bed, totally nude.

I slowly crawled over to her and stopped at her knees. I dragged my wet tongue up her thigh and stopped just outside her freshly shaved muff. I skipped over her pussy and licked down her other thigh. I heard her sigh as if she wanted me to do more. Her skin was so succulent with desire, I had to please her. I parted her pussy lips. Her clit grew out its folds and came into view. I licked its pink head and she moaned. I buried my tongue deep between her lips back and forth. 
“OOHH God!!” She moaned and gyrated her hips. I pushed one finger in her cunt and searched for her G-spot. The hotter she got the bigger her G-spot grew on my finger. I pushed two more fingers in and flicked my fingers over that sweet spot. The roll of my tongue on her clit sent her over the edge. She jerked and gyrated hard on my face. 
“OOHHH SSSHHHIIIIITTT!!! AAAHHH AAHHH!!! She raced to catch her breath and quickly crawled away from my face. 
“You cum?” I asked. She didn’t answer. I crawled between her legs after I wiped my face. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it. 
“Black, make love to me. Please!” She whispered and helped me undo my pants, and I kicked them on the floor. She opened her legs up to me again and I climbed into her silky wet pussy. 
Once there I rocked her world. I pushed every inch of my shit inside her delicate walls. Her pussy hugged and caressed my dick with every thrust. 
“Oohh shit, girl… I’m almost there!” I must focus; I don’t want to loose my grip before she does. I rocked my hips between her legs to push my dick further inside her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her love came tumbling down. 
“I’m cuming!!” she squealed and shuttered as the orgasm rocked her body blissfully. Her milky white dew drenched my inner thighs and balls. It was kind of weird to have someone cuming on me like that, but all the more I enjoyed it. 

I felt my nut being sucked out my balls fast. With the next thrust I was spraying her inner walls white. I collapsed on top of her and tried to catch my breath. I leaned up and looked her in her eyes for complete satisfaction. When she returned my kiss I knew I did my job. 
“I got to get back to school for practice so…” I climbed down off the bed. “You want to shower?” I asked. 
We showered and dressed. “Will you drop me off over Twon’s house?”
“Yeah, come on!” I drove her over to Twon’s. I kissed her good bye and drove back to school.

2:40p.m. (Locker room)
“Damn Black, what happened to you at lunch?” I walked over to him while he sat on the bench tying his cleats. 
“I wanted to spend second lunch with Rhonda so I had lunch with her.” Humph, That’s funny I just saw Rhonda she said she haven’t seen you since breakfast. But that’s I ight, yours is coming, for sure!!! 
“Sarita said she saw you and Shauny leave before school started, what’s that about?”
“Damn nigga, what’s this twenty mutha fuckin’ questions?” He said stood up in my face. I challenged him back. 
“I just wanted to know what’s going on.” 
“She said she felt sick and wanted to go to your house so I took her! I ight!!!” I called the house almost all morning and didn’t get no answer. He turned, snatched up his helmet, and walked out towards the field. I wanted to jump his ass right then and there but no I’ll just keep it cool… For now.

I picked up my cell phone to call home. “Hello!” she answered. 
“What you doing home!”
“I felt sick and wanted to go home!” 
“What’s wrong with you?”
“I don’t know, I was throwing up a little and felt dizzy, that’s all.”
“Why didn’t you come to me for a ride home!”
“Black was standing right there as I came from the bathroom so I just asked him to take me home. I didn’t think it was a problem!” She didn’t think it was a problem!
“No it’s not a problem!” I lied. “I just wished you would’ve asked me for the ride instead of Black.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll make sure I ask you before I ask anyone else. I love you baby!” she said 
“I love you too!!”
“Hurry home I feel a little better and I want you!!” Yeah I just bet you do?
“Yeah, I ight!” I said and hung up. I picked up my helmet and headed for the field.

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