Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 5 from 15)


9:00p.m Rhonda’s house
“Yeah!” I answered my cell.
“Sup man, I got somma that fire herb, nigga, what you gone do?” Twon asked. 
“Man Rhonda got my ride dog” I said. 
“Yeah dog, I seen her at the liquor store wit that nigga Floyd,” 
“Floyd, who the fuck is Floyd.” 
“Nigga you know Floyd… he that mu fucka that tried to rob us at that party what’s his name it threw on the West.” The image of me pounding my fists in his face came flooding back. 
“Fuck I left my shit in there dog!” 
“Damn dog that’s fucked up.” I hung the phone up and started cursing them. 
“Where the fuck you been.” she came through the door reeking of weed and Hennessy. This bitch been drivin all around in my car drunk and high and probably off my shit too. 
“Fuck that, where my keys?” I said seeing she had no pockets. 
“Floyd is lockin’ the doors for me.” she said in a drunkin’ slur. 
“YOU GAVE THAT NIGGA MY KEYS, WHAT THE FUCK WRONG WITH YOU!!” I roared. I pushed Rhonda’s high ass on the couch and ran outside. I saw Floyd in my front seat rummaging through my shit. 
“MUTHA FUCKA” I yelled and snatched his ass out my shit. My C.D. fell out his pocket as I swung and hit him in his jaw. 
“MUTHA FUCKA STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY SHIT!!” I roared and hit him again. It felt like my knuckles was breaking as I continued to slam my fists into his face. 
Rhonda came running out and pushed me off Floyd. 
“Black stop!!” she screamed. 
“STOP!!… THIS BITCH WAS STEALIN’ MY SHIT” I huffed as I stepped over him. “Baby please don’t hit him no more. Erica is calling the police. Please leave, you can come back when things cool off.” Aaahhh hell naw this bitch got me fucked up. 
“Don’t worry bitch I ain’t never comin’ back, not tonight, or any other night for that matter!” I barked and picked up my keys. 
I ran upstairs to get my shit out her closet. Rhonda followed close behind. 
“Baby please come back later and get this shit!” 
“I’mma get my shit now, RHONDA!” I spat. 
“Ahh naw MUTHA FUCKA, you ain’t finna come up in here now after you did that shit.” Erica barked as she continued to talk on the phone. 
“Bitch I’m finna get my shit and leave.” 
“You aint finna get shit mutha fucka, all you need to do is get the fuck out!!!” “I pushed past her and opened the closet. She grabbed the back of my pants and started pulling on them. I stood up and turned around. 
“Bitch let my pants go!” I grabbed Erica’s wrists and pulled them off my pants. 
“GET THE FUCK OUT!!!” she screamed. 
“YOU WASN’T SAYING SHIT WHEN I WAS UP IN THAT ASS THIS MORNING!!” I spat my words at her face then continued to put my things into the book bag. 

“You fucked my sister Black?” Rhonda asked from the doorway. I just looked back at her and laughed. Then the next thing you knew Erica’s hands were swinging so fast and hit me right in the middle of my back. 
“AHH BITCH” I said and before I knew it I hurled off and smacked Erica across her face. She hit the floor and bounced. 
“BLACK, YOU BITCH, WHY YOU DO THAT!” Rhonda screamed from the door. She ran across the room and belted me one right across the jaw. Damn three fights in 24 hours, how could one be so fuckin’ lucky. My reflexes kicked in and I elbowed her right in the chest and she too fell hard to the floor. I grabbed the rest of my clothes and darted for the door. 
When I entered the hall the other tenants were all standin’ in their doorways. I rushed past them and threw my things in the car. As I passed Floyd on the ground to get in my car, I gave him one last good kick in his chest. I quickly started the car and sped off down the street. My fist was throbbing as I gripped the steering wheel as tight as I could. The fuck is going on, bitches be trippin. 

I pulled up at Motel 6 and got out. 
“How much for the night?” I questioned the attendant. 
“Single or double bed?” 
“$60.” he said. 
“And how much for the week?” 
“$400” he said. I didn’t know how much I had in my account, cause I haven’t been managing my money like I use to. I reached into my pocket and pulled out $120 and gave it to the attendant. 
“I’mma need two nights.” he took the money and gave me the key. 
“Check out is at 1:00p.m.” I took it, and went to my room and climbed into bed. My brain was whirlin’ with thoughts that were very disturbing, so I just closed my eyes and prayed for sleep.

10:04a.m. (Motel 6) Tuesday 
I aint goin’ to school like this. My face was all swollen and my hand was all busted up. I don’t have football practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays so I guess I could skip one day to get myself together. 
I reached into my pocket and found that I only had $687.44 left in my pocket. The weed was a minor lose, but I guess I’d better make this stretch. I hoped into the shower and changed my clothes. I’m hungry, I guess I’ll go and get me something from the corner store. I walked around the corner and into the store. I grabbed a box of cookies, a bag of chips, and a liter of soda and went to the check out counter. 
“That’ll be $5.52 sir.” she said. As I reached into my pocket to retrieve the money she started flirting. 

“Oh baby you have the most sexy eyes I have ever seen on a man.” she complemented. I looked up at her and her face went from a smile to a quick frown. 
“What happened to your pretty face baby?” She’s getting’ a little to personal now so I said the first thing that popped into my mind. 
“Baby momma drama!” I said and handed her a twenty. She gave me my change and my bag and I left the store. I walked back to the motel and ate my breakfast. I watched some T.V. but that didn’t keep me from thinking about Jasmine. She was so beautiful. Her light caramel complexion, and her shoulder blade length thick brown hair, that’s real, and her beautiful body. I couldn’t help it but to remember how tight her pussy was when I first went in it. My dick got hard as I began to reminisce of our sexcapade. I flipped to the porn channel and rubbed my erection through my pants. On that thought I went to sleep for about 5 hours. 

3:00p.m. (motel room)
I woke up the same way I went to sleep, with a stiffy. I pulled it out and start fisting it to get some relief but to no avail. Fuck this jacking shit, let me call Sarita. 
“What you doin?” I asked. 
“Feel like comin’ over here?” 
“What we finna do?” she asked. 
“You know what I want.” I responded. 
“I ight, where you at!” 
“I’m around the corner.” 
“Where around the corner?” 
“The Motel 6, room 115. You comin”?” I questioned. 
“Be there in ten.” she said and hung up. 

Knock, knock. I jumped off the bed and opened the door. Sarita was standing there in a short skirt and a form fitting shirt. I must admit she did look kinda good. Her hair was freshly braided to the back and her face was made up. 
“Sup Sarita!” I said admiring her big ass as she walked in. I saw her looking at my face and I cautioned her before she even formed her lips to ask me shit.
“Don‘t even ask!” I fired at her. Silence.
“Why you here anyway?” she asked bein’ nosy. 
“Waitin’ on you.” I threw in. 

I jumped out my sweat pants and laid down on the bed. She took off her skirt and her shirt to reveal her matching bra and thongs. My dick started to rise at the sight of her semi naked body in front of me. I hope she don’t think I’m finna fuck her. She crawled up the king size bed to my dick. She licked up the shaft of my full blown erection. Without further hesitation, she began suckin’ it. I grabbed a handful of her hair with both hands and began to slowly fuck her face while she applied suction. She sucked my dick like a pro and I really enjoyed watching in amazement as my shaft slid in and out of her face. Sarita knew how to control her gag reflex ‘cause she was the only girl I had that could deep throat Iceberg to the hilt without so much as a heave! 
“Girl you know you got a pretty mouth.” I laid down completely as she inhaled it. She was relentless and fuckin’ sloppy mouthing my dick to the core. I had to laugh to my self when I saw her feverishly fingering herself. 

“Fuck me Black!!?” she begged and returned her lips to the bottom of my shaft. What? “Naw, I’m finna cum in a minute keep suckin’ it!” I told her. 
“Please, I wanna fuck!” 
“Bitch I said naw!” She sat up and said, 
“If you are worried about protection I got a condom, I wanna cum too, please?!” she begged again. 
“Naw, now come on ,I’m finna cum.” She just sat there. 
“Come on I’m loosin’ the hard on.” I told her and pulled on her neck. 

Reluctantly she came and continued sucking my dick. I felt sorry for her and I reached behind her and started fingering her twat. My fingers vigorously flew over her clitoris. I guess it felt good cause as soon as I started doin’ it she latched on to my dick and didn’t let the suction loose. She had a series of orgasms on my fingers and her pussy drooled down my hand and arm. It disgusted me so much I almost didn’t cum. When I did cum, I came violently in her mouth, and her tongue juiced my load down the back of her throat as she sucked on it like a pacifier. My dick snatched out of her mouth as I quickly jumped up and turned on the shower and hoped in. I washed my fingers, hands and arms first, TWICE, then I continued with my regular shower. I wrapped the towel around my waist and came out the bathroom. 

“Jas’s been looking for you.” she said pulling up her skirt. 
“Ah fa real,” I couldn’t take anything Sarita says at face value no more. 
“Yep.” she said and pulled her shirt over her head. She grabbed her purse and walked towards the door and asked, 
“You want me to tell her where you are?” What the fuck she ask me that stupid shit for. 
“Hell naw, if I wanted her to know I would’ve told her my damned self. And another thing if you tell her anyway I promise you, I will personally kick yo ass!!” I threatened. 
“I ight, I ight!” she said and left. I got up and got dressed and left for my little job at the Pasta Place. I work there as an assistant manager every Monday through Thursday from 6 to 10. 

The remainder of the week went just fine. I didn’t see Rhonda, which was just fine with me. I saw Jasmine on Wednesday and she looked beautiful as always. I still didn’t appreciate what she did to me that Sunday so I kept my distance, from what it seemed she did too. 

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