Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 10 from 15)

6:45p.m. Monday (Twon’s house)
There was a loud banging at my door. “Who could that be this early in the morning.” Rhonda cried.
“I don’t know. You stay here and I’ll see who it is.” I put on a robe and walked down the stairs. 
“WHO the FUCK IS IT?” 
“It’s Officer Roberts, is this the residence of Antwon Taylor?” he called through the door. I slowly walked to the door and opened it. “Are you Mr. Taylor?”
“I’m Officer Roberts and this is my partner Officer Moody, may we come in? We have some questions to ask you!”
“Yeah make it quick, I have a pregnant wife upstairs due any day and she needs all her rest!” I let them in and led them into the foyer to talk.
They ran over a few general questions before I got aggravated.
“Mr. Taylor we are aware that you attended a party on Friday, November 7.”
“Yeah, what about it!”
“Isn’t that where your Jeep Wrangler got stolen!”
“Yeah, so!”
“Were you aware of an assult on a woman that went on there!” 
“Naw, what assult?! Who got assulted!?” I tried to look serious.
“Well, we are not allowed to reveal the victims name but we do have a Floyd Johnson in custody that says you know more about this than you are putting on!” Detective Moody added. I put on a shocked look. 
“We’ve spoken with the girl, she’s at the hospital and she said that she can identify her attackers.
“HELL NAW!! IT WASN’T ME, I DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NO ATTACK OF NOBODY!!” The detectives looked at each other in confusion and frustration. If only they seen the smile I had going on in the inside. “If that’s all Officers…” I stated walking towards the door and opened it for them to leave. “Then…” I swung my hand out the door, hoping they’d get the hint. 
”There is still an investigation going on so please don’t leave town. And oh, if you happen to remember anything…” Officer Moody handed me his card and they both left. I slammed the door and ran upstairs. 

4:15p.m. (State Pen H.U. 10-B) (Tuesday) Three months later.
It has been the longest seven months of my life since I was arrested and charged with assault and battery on Floyd, Rhonda, and Ebony. I was only sentenced to do three months. I did get my revenge on Floyd though. They brought him up here about 2 months ago and he was charged with possession and parole violation. He was sentenced to 15 to 25 years so I was lovin’ it. I had one of the lifer boys welcome him to H.U.10, while they were in the shower. He’ll never be the same. 

“Yo’ Jordan, you got a visitor.” Gordy the guard said. Yeah a visitor. The only person that came to see me was Ma. Occasionally she’d bring Terrance too. Although I haven’t seen her in two months, I was about due for a visit from her. When I entered the visiting booth, my lawyer Mr. Hobbies came in. 
“I’ve got good news.” O.K. the last time he said that he told me that I was only going to get three months and I’ve been here eight. 
“Today is your lucky day my man!” he said excitedly. 
“Alright, get to the fuckin’ point. How much longer do I have to be up in here?”
“I talked with some of my friends who are friends of friends in high places.” 
“Yeah and…” I chased. 
“And Jordan, you are out of here as of tomorrow!” he said and jumped up and down. I couldn’t believe that he was saying that to me. The first thing that popped in my head was ‘Look at this fag jumpin’ around…!’
“I’m a free man?” 
“Yes!” I said and stood up and shook his hand. 

When I got back to my cell, I started to think about Jasmine and how she was doing. I was wondering if she was ok, lived or died, or anything. I asked moms about it before but all she knew was that Jas was still in the hospital. I started to reminisce about what ma had told me that night of the party. She did see me in jail. Not all her visions came true though. She said that I would have a kid soon but I didn’t. 

The day drug on and on and on and eventually I called ma. 
“Ma!” I said when she came to the phone. 
“Guess what?” 
“What baby?” she asked in a sad voice. 
“I’ll be out tomorrow!!” I told her. 
“That’s wonderful baby” she cheered. 
“Yeah ma, I’m gonna need a ride, you gone come get me?” 
“Yeah I’ll be there at about nine waiting for you.” I hung up, retired early and dreamed of the things I would do the next day.

Next day 10:40a.m. (Wednesday)
I patiently waited for my ma to arrive and when she did I felt like a little kid hoppin’ around like crazy. When we exited the gate I ran and hopped into the car and hugged my mom so tight. I then realized that she was loosin’ a lot of weight. 
“Ma are you o.k.?” 
“Yeah baby why you ask?” 
“I noticed you looked a lot different than you did when I came in here.” 
“I’m O.K. baby, don’t worry about me now.” 
“O.K.? How’s the family?” I asked. 
“There fine, how’ve you been?” she asked 
“Great now that I am home again.” 
“Well I’m glad baby?” Something was wrong, but what it was she wouldn‘t tell me. 

“Have you heard anything about Jasmine ma?” I questioned. 
“I seen her at church over the last two months.” she said. “She seems to be doing fine, she still have a lot of healing to do but she is doing well in her condition and all?” Yeah I would guess her condition was still bad. 
“You need talk to Jasmine son.” she threw out of the blue. 
“I’m not going to say anymore so don’t ask but I think you need to do that as soon as possible like today for instance.” she threw at me. 
“Where is she?” I asked. 
“I think she should be at school or something.” 

Walked next door to Shauny’s house. I ran up to the door and rang the bell. Shauny came to the door. 
“Aaahhh Black, you’re home, how you’ve been?” she screamed and grabbed me around the neck to hug me. When she did I felt the protruding part of her pregnant belly push up against me. She planted a fat kiss across my mouth, which I gladly returned. 
“I missed you so much Black!”
“I missed you too Shauny.” I started tonguing her again until I heard Jay call. 
“Jay it’s Black!!!” Shauny screamed excitedly. Jay came to the door and said 
“Yo Black my dog!!” he walked around the corner and passed me some dap. 
“You alright” he asked. 
“Yeah I’m cool.” I told him. “Look, have you seen Jasmine?” I questioned them. “Naw dog come to think of it the last time I seen her was at the party!”
“I heard that she was in the hospital a long time though!” Shauny added.
“What’s up fa later dog, we can hang until I have to go on the road again!”
“Yeah, and you know this… man! I got sumpt’n to do first, but I’ll holla back later.” I looked at Shauny she mouthed ‘Call me later’ behind Jay. I smiled in acknowledgement and left her house.

I ran a few errands and returned to Jay and Shauny for a couple of drinks and good ass conversation.

Next Day: 3:15 p.m. (School Front) (Thursday)

Bomp bomp!!! I blew the horn at Sarita. 
“What’s up Black!!” she screamed and got in. I pulled off in the direction of her house. “You seen Jasmine?” I asked her. 
“Yeah I seen her just last week.” 
“Did she go to school today?” 
“She don’t go to this school no more, she goes to that one school over on first street.” 
“First street?” I repeated. 
“She should be getting out in a few minutes if you want to go and get her.” 
“Yeah” I said still didn’t know there was a school over on first. 
“You gone stop back through after you see her?” she questioned. Shit, as horny as I was.
“YOU KNOW!!” I told her and smiled. I dropped her off in front of her house and continued on over to First Street. 

When I pulled in front of the school there was a sign in front saying Continuing Education. I heard the bell ring and I got out and sat on the hood of the car. A few minutes later the doors came open. Groups of girls came tumbling out the doors. Most of them had extended bellies. I watched in shock as tons of pregnant girls rolled out the door and walked past me. 
“Wass up!” I spoke to one of the girls in the school that didn’t have a big belly as most did. Her hair was long and her ass was fat. 
“Hey!” she said and passed by. I almost missed Jasmine limping and walking with a cane across the street in front of me watching that girls fat ass. 
“Jasmine!!” I called to her and she turned around. She still looked the same except for her mid section. She too had an extended belly. She stood there and looked for a minute then limped over towards me. 

“Hi” she said. 
“Hello, I see that you are doing well.” I wanted to reach in and hug her and kiss her but I didn’t want to hurt her again for the third time. 
“So you pregnant huh?” 
“Gee how did you come up with that brilliant deduction?” She was still so beautiful. “You want a ride home?” I asked her. 
“Sure” she said and got in. I drove off in the direction of her house. Silence. She just held her books and looked out the window. 
“When are you due?” I nervously asked. 
“In about ten weeks!” she threw back at me. 

“Where yo’ man?” I questioned. She didn’t say anything. “Look I didn’t get a chance to tell you how sorry I was for what happened to you.” 
“No need to apologize” she interrupted. “From what I hear you were the one who tried to save me from a horrible fate.” she said and put her head down again. 
“Look Jasmine my ma says I need to talk to you about something but I have no clue as to what it is.” 
“Well, I don’t know either.” she barked. I pulled in front of her house and she got out. Big Momma was standing in front of the door waiting for her. She got out the car and waddled up the stairs to her house and I drove off.

4:30p.m. (Sarita’s)
Bomp bomp, I blew in front of Sarita’s house. After a minute or two she came skipping out of the house. 
“Sup?” she returned and I started to drive. 
“So where we going?” I pulled over behind an abandoned warehouse and parked. My dick was already hard. We climbed in the back seat and I started to undress waist down. “Danm I missed this big mutha fucka!” she said and commenced applying some head action. seven months, I haven’t had none, I almost went crazy. Sarita still haven’t lost her touch though. I felt like I couldn’t breath as her lips gripped the shaft just as I exploded as her mouth. Every dick in CA should have a ride down her throat. I came in less than two minutes and she swallowed seven months worth of pin’t up nut in one gulp. 
“Thanks, I needed that!” 

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