Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 9 from 15)


Saturday (Twon‘s Bedroom) 12:22p.m.
Damn I woke up with a headach. “Shauny I need sumpt’n fa my headache! Shauny, SSHHHHAAAUUUNNNYYYY!!!” I screamed.
“OH my God!” she said and jumped out the bed. 
“What?” She ran so fast to the bathroom she almost tripped. I could hear her toss her cookies from down the hall. 
“You alright Shauny?” I called to her down the hall. No answer.
My head hurt so bad I couldn’t see straight. I walked into the bathroom and almost tripped over Shauny’s legs as I headed for the medicine cabinet. “You o.k.?” I asked as I threw three pain killers down my neck. She was slumped over the toilet tired and week from the vomit she pulled from her stomach. 
“Yeah!” she growled. I turned out and returned to bed.

I was awakened by Shauny trying to roll me over on my back. She spread kiss after kiss down my cheeks to my neck. Aahhwww yeah, pussy time! I smiled and returned her kisses. I turned her over and chewed playfully on her nipples. 
“MMMM” she moaned and I started fingering her pussy. 
“You’re so beautiful Shauny!” I whispered. “I love you!” 
I kissed down her chest to her stomach and then to her pussy. Her beautifully shaved pussy was just the meal I wanted. A celebration. She gasped as I pushed my tongue between her folds. I pulled her lips apart and pressed the middle of my tongue on her clit hard. I hope I’m doing this right. I’ve never done this to her before. When I did it to Jas, she didn’t respond. Shauny was feeling it, and so was I. 
“OOHHH!” she moaned as I ran my tongue down the length of her pussy. She began rolling her hips on my face and tongue and calling my name. 
“OOHHH Twon! OOOHHH Twon!” I flickered my tongue across her clit and she jumped like a rod of electricity jolted through her. 
“Damn it’s good! I’m cuming!” She screamed and arched her back to the point that only her head and feet touched the bed as she orgasmed in my face. Her orgasm was beautiful, like watching a child ride a horse in slow motion. Her arousal, aroused me and my dick soared into an erection. She was panting so hard she couldn’t even catch her breath. I enjoyed watching and tasting her cum. She strained hard as she pushed the last ounce of her pleasure onto my vibrating tongue and I think some pee rolled out too. 
I grabbed a rubber out the nightstand and slid it on. 
“I love you too!” She returned and I mounted up and pushed in. 
Her pussy felt so good around my dick I almost lost control. I wanted to see her cum again before I blew mine. 
“Oohhh baby!” 
“Uh shit girl it’s good!” Her pussy was so hot I thought the rubber would melt. 
“OH! Twon,” I felt her contractions around my dick milking mine for a nut. “OOOHHH SHIT, OOOHHH SHIT, OOOHHHH MMMM!!!” She came big. She flushed my dick with a thick film of pussy dew. 
“I’m finna cum Shauny!” I whispered and pushed inside her faster. I blew a big one in the condom and rolled off her. I wanted to hold her and snuggle up but she jumped up and ran off to the bathroom again to vomit. I know something’s wrong, could she be pregnant? This is the second morning in a row that she’s been throwing up like this all morning. 

Naw, she can’t be!!! I’ve been using a condom with her every time. Oh wait, I didn’t wear a condom the first time I fucked her, maybe if she is, then it is mine. After my bike accident when I was twelve, the doctors say it was a slim to no chance that I would be able to have children. Maybe this was the slim chance he was talking about. 
Fuck it if she is pregnant then I will take care of my responsibility. I turned over and went to sleep.
“Twon?” Shauny called just as I was getting back into my good sleep. 
“I’m finna go to the store, I’ll be right back.
“I ight!” I said and turned over to go back to sleep.
A while after she left my cell phone rang. “Hello!” I growled. It was Floyd. 
“Nigga I told you that I’d call you!” 
“Yeah I know but the the police was here this morning!”
“Ah yeah, fa what?” I grilled.
“Nigga, you know fa what!!!” he said aggregately. “Black survived the crash!”
“What did he tell them?” My heart started beating through my chest.
“I don’t know, I guess he told them everything cause they were at my house!”
“What you tell them?” 
“Nothing, but they said that they’d be back and not to leave town!”
“They just trying to scare you, don’t fall for that shit!” 
“What the fuck am I going to do, I don‘t wanna go to jail!”
“Nigga just stick to the fuckin’ story, they don’t got nothin’ on you!” I told Floyd.
“Damn dog, they was askin’ me a lot of questions, they know something. I got to get a lawyer!” he said.

“If you get a lawyer then they know you runnin’ scared, just be cool!” 
“They asked me for a blood test man, I need a lawyer!”
“What you say?”
“What could I say but no! Damn dog what the fuck we gone do?”
“No one saw me come from the room. Did they see you?”
“I don’t think so! But that blood test gone be the end of us!”
”Not if the sex was consensual! If anything come up and they want a blood test then we’ll say that it was consensual sex!” 
“What about that nigga Black, he saw me with her after the party?” This scary ass mutha fucka! 
”He don’t know shit! You just need to calm down and relax. She asked you to take her home, so you were doing just that when Black tried to attack you and you ran off. Look don’t volunteer any information to the pigs, about nothing. Got it.” I hung the phone up. This punk ass mutha fucka is going to fuck it up for both of us. 
“FUCK!!!” I threw my cell phone against the wall and it shattered to pieces. I need to come up with a plan B. 

Shauny walked in just as the phone hit the wall. Had she heard my conversation, how long had she been outside the door?
“Twon?” she said looking all flushed in the face and tears welled up in her eyes.
“Yeah, wass up?!!” I asked hoping she didn’t hear my conversation with Floyd.
“I’m pregnant!” 

Six months later 3:30p.m. (Twon’s house) Monday 

“Black’s been locked up for five months now huh?”
Every time she mention his name makes me sick. We’ve been living together for five months and the only time she’d say my name is when I tell her to while dickin’ that ass. 
“Why you keep bring up Black, that‘s all you talk about is Black, Black, Black!!” 
“He’s my friend, I’m just concerned about him!” 
“Yeah I just bet you‘re concerned about him, and I bet he‘s the father of that baby you carrying too Ms. Concerned!” Her chin hit the floor. “Cause from what you’ve been tellin’ everybody it’s sure ain’t mine!” The one person she told, Jalisa, ratted her out as I slammed in her asshole one Friday night.
“You know what Shauny… I‘ve been waiting for a long time to tell you, GET THE FUCK OUT MY HOUSE YOU TWO TIMIN’, LYIN’ BITCH!!! I've known all along that you was fuckin' Black. I just couldn't prove it.”
“WHAT?” She challenged and put her hands on her hips.
“You heard me, take you fat pregnant with Black’s baby ass up stairs, pack yo’ shit and GET THE FUCK OUT!!!”

“This ain’t Black’s baby!!”
“You’re a real ignant bitch you know that!”
“Why I got to be ignant?” She argued. 
“You ignant cause you always letting’ ignant shit come out you mouth! You can stop lying and go pack yo‘ shit!”
“And what are you a genius or somethin’ you always sayin’ stupid shit, like now for instance!” 

During this five months we were together, I loved her with all my heart. I wouldn’t dream of putting my hands on her or hurt her again. That’s why I chose to keep it a secret that Rhonda was pregnant. Then when Jalisa said that she had a secret about my girlfriend… I still love her, and I would never put my hands on her again. 
“Look I’m not finna argue with you, just get out my house that’s all I have to say to you. Be gone before I get back.” I walked out the room towards the front door.
“Twon don’t walk out on me, we ain’t finished with this conversation!! Twon, TWON!!!” 
She grabbed my jacket as I headed for the door. I snatched it out of her hand hard and turned around to hit her. I couldn’t do it.
“I gotta go, be gone when I get back!” I rolled my eyes at her, then walked off and left to pick up my true love.

7:00p.m. Twon’s house
Shauny left the house a mess. I really wanted her gone so I could bring Rhonda home. She was four months pregnant with My baby. Shauny thought I was a damned fool to have me believe that she was carrying my baby. 
“I love you Twon!” she called.
“I love you too Rhonda!” I called back as we cleaned the house. Since my dad and his new girlfriend stayed together most times at her apartment, Rhonda and I had the run of the house to ourselves. 
“Take off your clothes and do the dishes!” She smiled and did just that. I watched her pregnant belly and swollen tits walk back and forth across the kitchen cleaning and washing. 

It turned me on so much I had to take her right then and there. I pushed her over the dining room table and took her from behind. 
“Oh baby be careful!” I slowly pushed her down to her knees, dropped my pants to my ankles, and mounted her from the back. It was so tight I had problems getting in at first. 
“Shit girl you tight as hell!!” She gripped the seat of the chair as I pushed the length of my dick her sweet pussy. I relentlessly tore into her pussy. “You like it rough don’t you! I want that ass, can I get that ass?” Before she answered the head of my dick was already at the wink of her hole.
“Twon NO!!” She tried to move away but I pulled down on her shoulders, which pushed her ass around my cock. “AAHH you hurting me Twon!”
“OOOHH, girl that ass is so good!” I rolled my hips around pushing and pulling my dick in and out of her candy ass. I reached in front of her thighs and found her clit and rolled my fingers around it. She began to get into it more as I flicked my fingers faster over it. 

She gyrated her hips at the same speed my fingers was going on her clit. 
“Oh God, I’m cumin’!” she moaned through clenched teeth. I pumped faster as we both began to cum. 
“AAAAHHHH SSSSSSS, AAAAHHHHH!” she screamed as she creamed all over my fingers. I laced her ass with my nut and dismounted. 
“You liked that?” I asked.
“Yeah, it was great!”
“Well let me show you what else I could do!” I kicked my pants off and carried her pregnant body up to my room where I sucked her pussy until she came on my face three times and begged for me to quit. When I was done we showered and went to bed.

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