Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 6 from 15)

6:00p.m. (After football practice) Friday
I just went straight to my car after showers and started it. Knock knock, Antwon rapped on the passenger window. 
“You been distant nigga, wassup?” he said after he got in. 
“l got some beef to squash with somebody real soon.” I said and pounded the steerin’ wheel. 
“Well if you need a nigga then you let him know I ight?” 
“Yeah dog!” I smiled holding back hard not to slam his face into my dash board. He started to get out the car but paused. 
“Yo dog before I forget, you still comin to the party tonight right?” I truly forgot about that party. I was just about to go to the motel and sleep since I didn’t have to work tonight. 
“I’ll be there!” He got out and slammed the door. 

I drove to the motel and flopped on the bed. My cell phone rang, I hoped it was Jas.
“Hello son!” 
“Ma! Was sup!!!?” I asked disappointedly. 
“Nothing I miss you son, when are you coming home?” she asked with hope in her voice. 
“I don’t know ma, I have a lot of things to work out and get together. Plus you know me and yo’ man don’t get along no more!” I threw in. 
“Baby please don’t let this bring a wedge between you and your family son.” I was silent. “Son, what’s the matter?” 
“Nothin’ Ma I’m just tired that’s all.” 

“Son I had another vision…” Aaaahhh shit here we go again with those damn visions. “What is it this time ma?” I questioned not really interested. 
“Son I see you in jail.” 
“Jail Ma!!” she scared me. 
“Yeah and there is something else I see.” 
“Lawd knows I hope I ain’t dead.” 
“No son I see you with a baby… a boy!” 
“A son ma, does he look like me?” I kidded.
“Son I know you’re just joking but the child I saw did look like you!” she barked.
“Ma, Ma you know that all your visions don’t always come true.” I told her hoping this one wouldn’t. 
“Yeah you right son, well maybe I just miss you and I want you to come home, we all do!” she threw in. I fell silent again. 

“I love you son,” she said. 
“I love you too Ma” I returned. “I got to go, I’m going to this party and I have to get ready for it.” 
“I thought you said you were tired son?” she questioned. 
“I am but I promised some friends that I would go to this party so…” 
“Oh did I tell you Jasmine called here for you Tuesday.” 
“Ah yeah? What did she want?” 
“Nothing she was just concerned about you I guess and wanted to know if you were alright.” 
“Thanks Ma but I have to go now.” 
“Be careful son I have a bad feeling about tonight.” 
“Alright I promise not to make any babies tonight Ma if that‘s what you‘re worried about.” I joked. 
“Alright son, good night.” I returned her good night and hung up. Ma must be goin’ crazy or something. I aint having no baby!!! I promised myself and took another shower.

9:00p.m. Party Time
I looked myself over once again in the mirror to make sure everything was in it’s place. Damn I look good and I’ll kick someone’s ass for sayin’ otherwise. I patted down my silky black fro once more, winked at myself, and exited the motel. I drove my car through the car wash and rolled to the party set. I parked next to Twon by the back door, and went in the house. 
The music was loud and the weed was plenty. I found Twon and Shauny in the corner passin’ the joint between each other. 
“Black my nig-ga!!!!” Twon sang from across the room. 
“Sup!!!” I crossed through the crowd. Twon passed me the fire and I took a hit. 
“This party’s the shit Black!” 
“Ah yeah!” I took another toke from Twon’s joint and got up to look around. 

“I’m finna see who’s who ‘round here, be back dog.” I left and found a pool table. No one was on it so I racked up the balls. The sound of my mom’s voice saying be careful ran through my head. I must keep my head straight tonight so I won’t make any mistakes. He ain’t gone catch me with my pants down. 
“Wassup Black,” I heard Rhonda say from behind me. 
“Sup Rhonda” I returned with utter disgust when I saw that nigga Floyd upon her arm. He had a fucked up ass smile on his face.
“Who the fuck you smilin’ at?” He continued to smile and said nothing as they walked past me. She looked good in her red leather cat fit and red thigh high, high heel boots she had on. Even though we were on bad terms, I still had access to come hit that, whenever I felt like it. She whispered something in his ear and he left.

She walked over to me and stood so close I smelled her lipstick. She had been drinking heavily and was well on her way out. 
“So it’s like that, it’s over?” I questioned her. 
“Yes it’s been over, Black…” she said. I just shook my head. 
“You the one who said it was over when…” she started but I grabbed the back of her neck and threw my tongue down her throat in which she gladly reciprocated. 
“Now, can I get that later?” I asked squeezing her red leather ass. 
“NO! Cause you know…” 
I interrupted her again, “Look you ain’t got to explain shit to me, I get the picture. You want to be with that phony ass nigga that’s no hair off my sack!” I spat in her face. She gave me a nasty look, turned and walked away. “Hoe!!” I laughed.

I began my solo game of pool. Antwon soon found me and joined in. 
“Nine ball in the corner pocket.” I said and made the shot. I missed. Twons turn came, he was so high he kept missing the ball. 
“Damn nigga you fucked up.” I told him. “Gimme this stick before you ruin the table.” I took his stick. Twon grabbed a beer out the cooler behind him and tossed me one. 
“Damn, don’t tell me you goin’ goody two shoes on me!! Before, you would blaze up with me all day and all night.” 
“Naw dog, I would but, I gotta watch my back tonight.” I told him and continued my solo game. 

“Hey Black, I’m so glad you came.” Sarita said and fell upon me. 
“Sup!” I returned pushing her off. 
“Jasmine’s here too you know?” 
“So, and yo’ point is?” I said wondering where the hell she was. 
“She’s over at the bar drinkin’!” she said and pointed to her. I saw her and instantly started drollin’. Damn she looked fooiiiinnnne. Her hair was down and she had makeup on lookin’ fire. She had on a white leather dress that clung to her like plastic wrap. It was wrapped so tight around her sexy body. With a v neck that plunged just below her tits and the bottom of the dress fell about a half inch below her ass cheeks. That was all I needed to see. When she drank from the plastic cup her pink shiny lips touched the rim and made my dick ring. 

I watched her half the night. She sat upon that stool with her thick legs crossed as guy after guy came and talked to her. She just smiled and answered all their questions, laughed and joked with them, as if to taunt me or somethin’. I then saw Floyd. He walked over to her and started talking to her. He saw me lookin’ and pointed in my direction for her to look. When she did, I saw him run his finger over the rim of her cup. Somethin’ ain’t right I said to myself. I started to walk towards them. When she saw me, she grabbed her cup off the bar and walked away.

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