Boarding School Sex Training-Chapter 8

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Chapter 8-Rachel Takes It In The Ass

Today was a special day for Michael and Stephen. They both enjoyed the pleasures of a girl’s ass and the idea of being the first to fuck Rachel in her tight asshole made them so anxious. Michael knew that Stephen would be first, but he knew that even second, she would still be very tight. And since she had hated each time they had stuck their fingers up her asshole, it would make it all that much better. After tonight, she will have been fucked in all of her holes. She would be ready for Stephen and her new life.

Rachel dressed in the clothes that Michael had ordered her to wear. It was not the usual schoolgirl outfit that was usually required of her. It consisted of a white tee shirt that stopped at mid belly, no bra, a black thong panty, a short, but full skirt and sneakers and white socks. She knew that somehow, tonight was going to be different then the others. They intended to fuck her in her asshole tonight. This is the part she dreaded the most. It was bad enough that they continually stuck their fingers up her asshole, stretching and tearing her tiny asshole. Tonight they intended to shove their big cocks up her asshole and fuck it like it was her pussy. She knew that it would hurt and that they would like that. They liked it when she screamed as they stuck their cocks into her teenage body. 

She looked into the mirror, admiring her body in the outfit they chose for her. Her breasts pushed hard against the thin fabric, her nipples pointed, straining the material. There was no sag in her breasts, even without a bra. Her naked belly, tanned and tight accented the white top. The black skirt covered little, revealing a long expanse of tanned and toned legs tipped with the sneakers and white socks. Yes, she certainly looked good. Too bad she had to waste her young body on Michael and Stephen. She hated having them take liberties with her body, owning it, subjecting her to whatever indignities they desired. But, it will only be two years and then she would be able to live comfortably for life.

She knocked on Michael’s office door and was welcomed with a “Come in, Rachel, we have been expecting you.”

Rachel was shocked when she entered the room. Most of the furniture had been moved from the center of the room. In their place stood a long table covered in black velvet plush, thick and soft. Around the table were various pillows of various sizes and shapes, again all covered in the black velvet plush. The table was large and she instantly knew its purpose. It was big enough to hold a female lying down on it. It was also wide enough to accommodate the wide expanse of a pair of legs spread wide. She knew it would be where she would be fucked in the ass tonight.

She had only expected to see Michael and Stephen in the room. Already seated was Justin. He had a girl seated next to him. She would later find out that this was Deena, his girlfriend. 

She was about the same age as Rachel and had a body that strongly resembled Rachel’s, except her breasts were smaller. Deena had been dating Justin for over six months and found that their sex lives were continually being expanded by him. Deena was partial to other woman and when Justin told her that they would be seeing Rachel getting ass fucked for the first time she did not hesitate to agree to attend. She was hoping that maybe she might also have a chance to play with Rachel. Justin had told her that other people would be present and she would be required to masturbate and suck his cock in front of them, she did not hesitate. Justin had told her that she was a great cocksucker and she did have a flare for trying new things.

Two boys were also in the room and they looked younger then Rachel. Michael had asked them to attend to further humiliate Rachel. He knew that she would feel uncomfortable with them watching.

“Good evening, Rachel,” Michael addressing her from the desk. “You look lovely tonight, that top does wonders for your tits. I can see your nipples pushing out already. And great legs, turn around and stop, show everyone that nice ass. Yes, stop now. Pull your skirt tighter so we can see those tight little cheeks. Yes, we certainly are going to enjoy that nice tight ass tonight, aren’t we, Rachel? Tell everyone what we are going to do you tonight, Rachel?” Michael smiled, he loved humiliating her, that is why he brought the two younger boys and allowed Justin to bring Deena. It would be showing her naked body to new people and he intended to make her expose herself to them intimately.

It had already begun. Michael was already making her parade her body for their pleasure. She turned around and pulled her skirt taunt, so it clung to her ass cheeks. “You are going to fuck my asshole,” she blurted out in response to Michael’s question.

“Yes, that is correct,” Stephen chimed in. “You don’t like it when we play with your little asshole, do you Rachel?”

“No Sir, but I am yours to do as you and Michael desire. Why are the others here, Sir?”

“You are a very beautiful girl, Rachel and we like to show you off. Justin has already seen you and the other two boys have not had much experience with girls yet, so we thought that they might enjoy you showing your naked body to them and show them your considerable sexual talents.” Stephen smiled in pleasure, he loved owning this little girl as his fuck-toy.

“Step over her, Rachel,” Stephen motioning over to his side. 

Rachel moved towards him, his hands already out, ready to touch her body again. She moved in front of his chair, only inches from his hands. She looked down and saw his hands move towards her and she felt the first touch on her hips, pulling her closer.

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