Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 11 from 15)

Now I need some ass, I thought and climbed back in the front seat. She climbed in front with me and I took her home. After I dropped her off I went off to look for a job and found one.
I went into the house and ma was sitting at the kitchen table alone. 
“Ma, wassup with you?” 
“Nothing baby, did you get a chance to talk to Jasmine baby?” 
“I seen her but what did you want me to talk to her about?” 
“What? Did you see her Tyrell,” she screamed at me. 
“Yeah I just dropped her off from school!!” I yelled back. 
“Tyrell she’s pregnant!!” 
“Yeah, I saw that too ma!” I returned not thinking any more of it. 
“It’s your baby Tyrell Isaiah Jordan, it’s your baby!!” My heart sank into my stomach.
“That baby ain’t mine ma!” 
“You know what son, I though I‘d never call any one of my children anything but love, but right now son you need to stop acting stupid and DO THE RIGHT THING!!!.” she spit at me and left the kitchen. 

Damn what the fuck!! How could she be pregnant with my baby? How do I know it ain’t Floyd’s kid or someone elses fa that matter? I’ll call her. I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers on number pad. 
“Hello Big Momma, this is Tyrell, may I speak with Jasmine?” 
“Hold on baby!” she said and put the phone down. I heard a conversation in the back ground. 
“You promised you’d talk with him, Jasmine now do it.” She picked up, 
“Hey!” she returned. Silence. 
“Tell him,” I heard Big Momma say. 
“I’m pregnant.” she said disappointedly. 
“Yeah I saw that but who the daddy, I know it’s not me?” 
“HELL YEAH IT’S YOURS MO FO, YOU THE ONLY ONE THAT I HAD SEX WITH!!!” she yelled through the phone. 
“YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL AT ME!!” I yelled back. “How do I know that it ain’t Floyds or some other nigga you been fuckin, while I was locked down?” I asked her. Silence followed by whimpers of her crying. 
“I don’t EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!” she screamed and hung up. I started to feel bad; I knew I shouldn‘t have said it. How the hell was I suppose to know if she wasn’t lying, shit her best friend tried to pin her baby on me just two years ago. I got up and went to my room to sleep. I got up right after dinnertime. “Ma what’s for dinner?” I called down to her. Silence. I went down stairs everyone was gone. I was home alone. 

Next day (Mom’s house) Friday
Every one seems to be avoiding me. I don’t know why. Mom’s always have good advice for me so I’ll just ask her when she gets here. When she got home, she had bags of things from Baby’s R Us. 
“What’s with all the baby stuff?” I questioned her. 
“Well son, if you don’t know then, I don’t know what to tell ya.” she said and put the bags on the chair. 
“Ma come on now really, do you think that that’s my child?” 
“Son not only do I think that this is your child, I know.” 
“Do you remember what I saw in her face that one day you told me she was going to be your wife?” 
“Yeah ma, you said that you saw that we had sex, it was something in our faces.” I returned. 
“Well it wasn’t sex I saw, I saw her pregnant.” 
“ Now do the right thing, I didn’t raise no punks or no cowards.” she pushed past me. 

“Ma how do you know if she wasn’t messin’ around with someone else after I was locked up?” I questioned her. 
“Tyrell think about it, she was in the hospital fa four months after you left and she just got out three months ago.” she grilled. She was right, I did break her virginity… but… “You know you love her son, do the right thing before it‘s too late.” she said and pushed past me again. 
“Moms you’ve got problems, you should get that checked out!” I joked and followed her in the kitchen.

The next day 10:03a.m. (Mom’s House) Saturday
I walked next door to Shauny’s house. The door was open so I went in. 
“SHAUNY?” I called. I went to her bedroom to find her pregnant beautiful body sleep. I just stood over her and watched her. She was topless and I could see the swell of her swollen breast from under the sheets. She quickly opened her eyes and almost jumped out her skin the moment I touched the bed.
”Black, I didn’t hear you come in!” She found some covers and wrapped up in them. 
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!” I laughed. 
“What are you doing in here?” She still laid there, making no attempt to get up and dress herself.
“Nothing, can’t I come see how my friend is doing every once in a while?” I asked taking off my shoes, and unbuttoning my pants. 
“Jay’s not here, he’s on the road now?” She said curiously watching me undress.
“Good then, I have some time.” Pulling my shirt over my head.
“Some time to what?”
“To make love to you!!!” I said and jumped under the covers with her.

For a moment I just stared into her eyes waiting for the signal to go ahead. 
“Black, I want you to know that I love Jay. We are happily married now!!” I just smiled and continued to wait for her go ahead. When she laid back I knew then she accepted my proposition. I softly kissed her lips. At first she was unresponsive to my affection, but once I started caressing her body softly all over she gladly returned my advances. Her freshly shaved pussy was inviting. I crawled down between her legs and parted them. I kissed her here and teased her there. 
“You want me to eat yo’ pussy?” I asked.
“Yeehh!!” She squeeked.

I dove in but her belly provided some resistance. I pulled the pillows from the head of the bed and slid them under her ass. Now her pussy was at the right angle for me. Once again I parted her folds and pushed my tongue deep in her muff. 
“MMMM” she moaned as my tongue crossed her clit. 
“You like that?”
“MMMM HUMMM!” she sighed indicating yes. My tongue rolled over her soft pink flesh. She was sensational, I had never met anyone like her. It broke my heart when my mom wrote me and told me that she and Jay had gotten married while I was locked up. 
Her pussy drooled down her ass, and I drank up everything. I even tossed her salad while I was down there. Damn her pussy was hot. Then to do this while she was pregnant added a special feeling to it. I pushed two fingers in to her pussy hole and she arched her back in enjoyment. 
“Shit, it’s cumin’!!” she yelped. Her enjoyment aroused me as well. Her hips rolled on my fingers and face as the nectar from her orgasm descends from her pussy and down my chin and fingers. I stuck my fingers into my mouth to suck off her sweet sensation. I wiped my face on the bed sheets.

While she tried to catch her breath she didn’t notice I was climbing between her legs. She gasped as I pushed in her hot drooling puss. Her pussy was tight and hot. I almost came the moment I went in. I rolled my hips around slowly to push in her sweet honey pot. 
“OOHH Black, can’t no body do it like you can!” she cried.
“I know!” I smiled and pushed deeper. She rocked her hips and wrapped her legs around my hips. 
Mom was wrong, it wasn’t Jas I loved, it was Shauny. Shauny always had everything I needed. She knew how to talk to me, she knew the most intimate details of my life. I could talk to her about anything and she made me feel good. Her body trembled as an orgasm swam threw her cells. 
“I’m finna cum, Black! Here I cum!!!” She came and spilled all her cum dew all over my balls. The heat from her ejaculation pushed my nut up and out my dick. Before I knew what was happening I was unconsciously increasing speed and spewing cum all up in her pregnant cunt. It was the best pregnant pussy I ever had. 

“I’mma get in the shower, wanna come with?”
”No just leave the water running. I did just that.” 
While she was in the shower, I changed the bed, put on my sweats, and laid down again. She came out and climbed under the sheets with me. 
”Shauny, can I ask you something?”
”Yeah.” She molded into my arms and I squeezed her tighter.
”Why’d you marry Jay?” She was quiet for a moment then…
“Black, I… He was there for me when Twon threw me out; he was there for me when I was going through some problems. He loved me, when NO one else would, he did listened, and I needed that.”
”What about me, I was there for you!” I quickly threw in.
”Yes, Black, you were there for me sometimes, but you didn’t love me. You loved everything but me.” What she said hurt. I loved her; I loved her more than she ever knew. 
”And what about you, who do you love?” I asked hoping she’d tell me that she loved me so I could rescue her from this ridiculous marriage. 
She began to cry. “Black… I… Please don’t do this, I’m with Jay now.” 
”Then why are you having sex with me! Shauny I know you are not happy.” I said more so out of anger than out of concern. 
”How do you know what makes me happy Black! When you were here, you couldn’t see past your dick. Then when you left, you didn’t look back. You moved on, busy trying to fuck every girl in LA, playa playa. So I moved on as well!” 

Shauny knew how to set me in my place, always have. She held no punches when she told me how she felt and I have mad respect for her. I think it’s time for me to tell her how I felt.
”Shauny, you know how I feel about you, don’t you?”
”No Black, why don’t you tell me?” She said and started to get up but I didn’t let her.
”I love you Shauny, always have; I think!” 
”You think? See Black that’s what I’m talking about, you don’t know how you feel, let alone, ever know how I feel?” 
”Listen Black…” she started, then gasped. “Oh my God!”
“I think my water broke!” I pulled the covers back to see a pool of water under her ass.

12:22p.m. Hospital Room L&D

I took her to the hospital and waited in the room as they took all the tests. “Will you stay until Jay gets here?” she asked. 
“You know it!!” Her labor progressed fast and she had the baby boy within three hours of her getting there. 

“Would you like to hold him?” Shauny asked weakly.
“Yeah why not!” I picked him up and was instantly drawn to him. His little raisin looking face and body was pink and his hands and ears was dark brown. 
“Too bad Twon’s not here to see his son.” He didn’t need to, I though. 
“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. He’s not Twons’ son!” The baby opened his eyes. His eyes were very light blue. 
”Ah yeah, then whose son is he then.” How come I get the feeling that I already knew who this baby’s father was.
“He’s your son Black!” I froze. My heart seemed to have stopped beating, and my lungs seemed to have stopped breathing. I felt like I was out of my body, looking down on this situation.
“My son!” Damn you momma!

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