Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 15 from 15)

When she reached my side I grabbed her hands as she stood in front of me. I just stared at her, I was truly mesmerized. I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was and how happy she was making me at this very moment, and… 
“Ee hem!” the preacher cleared his throat to get my attention. Then he began… “Dearly beloved…” and that’s all I remember hearing him say I was so taken by her beauty.

“By the powers ‘vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell Isaiah Jordan. Tyrell, you may kiss your wife.” I kissed Jasmine with all the love in my heart. She was my heart, my soul mate, and last but not least the mother of my baby that is soon to be here. 
“Let’s get her back to her room quickly, you can do some celebrating in there, I got some news!” her doctor said. We held hands as the nurse wheeled her back down to her room. 
“Baby how did you pull this off in such a short amount of time?” she asked me. 
“You got a miracle worker for your husband.” I told her and she smiled. She squeezed my hand and told me 
“I love you Tyrell Jordan.” 
“I love you too Jasmine Jordan!” I returned. That name put a smile on my face.
Every one hugged, kissed and congratulated us as they left the hospital. “Congratulations son, I‘m proud of ya!” Ma said. Big Momma came to congratulate us. 
“Congratulations you two, I am so happy for the both of you.” 
“Thank you Big Momma, for everything.” I said and hugged her. 
“You’re welcome, son… no grandson!” she corrected and kissed Jasmine on her for head. 
“I’ll be back tomorrow, by that time you’d be threw with everything.” she smiled and left. 
“Yo dog,” Jay called. I walked over to him. 
“You finally decided to tie that knot huh?” he joked. “Congrats.” he said and I passed him dap. Sarita walked over to us. She hugged my wife, then me. 

Back at the room the doctor said…“Well we did the tests and their lungs are mature enough to be born so, we are going to start you on a patosin drip in just a few minutes. You should be having those babies in no time.” her doctor said. 
“I was so in awe that I didn’t even pay attention to all the words she said. I just heard lungs were mature and something about being born in no time I think. 
“Did I surprise you?” I asked her. 
“Yes you did and I’m glad you did, you are the best.” she hugged me. “Thank you!” 
“For what?
“For being the best husband a woman could ever have!” I smiled and helped her back into her hospital gown and the nurse came in and hooked her monitors and drips on again. 

6:00p.m. Hospital
“Damn the pain feels worst than when you first put it in me.” she said sweat drippin from her forehead, neck and chest. She was breathing so hard and deep out of her mouth, that spit flew out!! 
“We ain’t NEVER doin’ it again.” she griped as the pain began to come back intensively. 
“Well Mrs. Jordan, you are far enough along to have an epidural.” her doctor said as she fingered her pussy. “You are about four and a half centimeters.” Ten minutes later the anesthesiologist came in to do her epidural. After seven hours of screamin’, hollerin’ and sore squeezed hand, this epidural shit better work.

All was quiet. After the doctor started her pain meds she was feeling no pain and fell dead asleep. I fell asleep in the chair beside her just as she did in her bed.

Three months later 11:40p.m. (Monday) Big Momma’s

I just put the babies down for bed, Tyrell Isaiah, the oldest went down first born 6lb 6oz, then I pulled my sweet little Terrell Mahlik, the youngest born 5lbs 14oz from his fathers arm and laid him down too! I climbed into bed with my husband and saw that he was sleep. I looked down at his crotch and saw him pitching a tent up under the covers. It’s been almost a month since he had some and I can’t give him pussy for another month. I uncovered his hard on. His dick rested and occasionally jumped on his stomach a little above his belly button and precum slinked from the head onto his stomach. I got to take care of this; I can’t have my baby looking like this all night every night. 
I kneeled down and licked up the length of his shaft. I heard him moan. My tongue wandered around it’s head and through the stream of precum oozing out of it. The thick sticky substance was hard to roll across my tongue and down my throat without leaving a trail of slickery residue. He stirred, but stayed sleep. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked it into my mouth, draining what was left of his precum out and onto the back of my tongue. I slowly struggled to swallow all the thick, heavy, salty, fluid and once again inserted his dick into my mouth. I pushed his dick further, only to make it touch my gag reflex. I heaved. I pulled up a little to collect myself then tried to go further.
“Baby, no, don‘t do this!” Black sat up and pulled me up and kissed me. 
“Why not?” He pushed me back onto the bed and climbed between my legs. He spread heated, succulent kisses across my face and neck. His breathing became heavy as he grinded his erection against my mound. 
“Black you know we can’t do it right now!” I dismally interrupted. 
“FUCK!!… I know!” he sulked and rolled off me. His dick was still standing at attention. I reassumed my position over his dick. “Look Jas, don’t worry about it!”
“No, let me do this!”
“No, I said let’s not!”
“Why not, you said I was the bomb last time?”
“I know what I said!” He paused. “Look Jas I lied, you were hurting the fuck out of me, first it was your teeth, then you… never mind!” 
“Well then, why don’t you teach me?”
“Teach you what?” he questioned and leaned back on the bed.
“Teach me how to do it!”

“You want me to teach you how to suck my dick!” She just sat there looking seriously into my eyes. “Are you serious?” I questioned skeptically.
“As serious as Cancer!” Damn, in my whole life I’ve never been asked to teach someone to suck my dick, this could be fun.
“I ight then, first you have to remove your teeth!” I joked. She smacked me on the thigh.
“Come on now be serious!”
“You are serious? Ok then come on while I’m soft.” I leaned all the way back and put Berg into her hand. 

“Ok, first taste him, lick it from the base to the tip in one continuous stroke. AAHH YEAH, like that! Now do it again.” I could feel myself start to rise. “Yeah, just like that, SSSSS SSSHHHIIIT! Now, slowly roll your tongue around the head and savor the juices from within. OOHH girl SSSS MMMM!”
“Like this?” she whispered and rolled her tongue over my sensitive head again and again. 
“Hell yeah, Just like that; SSSSS!”
“Ok now stop!” She paused. “Listen to me now, this is a crucial part!” 
“Mmmm Hmm!” She said and once again began rolling her tongue up and down and around my dick. “Now take notes cause I’m only gone tell you this once! OOHH GIRL! Take it into your mouth. Now when it’s hard like this, you don’t let it hit your teeth. Slowly, SSSSS, that’s it, cover up your teeth with your lips. Yeah, just like that!” I exhaled and closed my eyes and enjoyed her mouth on me.
“Bob your head on it, slowly up and down as far as you can go.” I grabbed her cheeks with both hands and guided her head up and down on it. I guess I pulled her head down too far she began to choke. I forcefully held her head still as her throat tighten around the head of my cock as she heaved

“NO! Don’t move!” I told her as her throat began to calm down. The pressure of her tongue and the tightness of her throat milked my nuts of its juices. 
“I’m finna cum Jas!” I snatched out of her throat and tried not to cum in her face but she grabbed my dick just as it shot its first load. 
“NO Jas!!” I laughed. In amidst of fighting me to get Berg back into her mouth, I shot a wad and it went into her eye. Then another on her cheek, before she was able to get the head back into her mouth. I stopped fighting her, remembering the first time she sucked my dick and her teeth clipped it. I shot until I couldn’t shoot no more deep in her mouth, then she began to choke. 
“Baby, you ok?” I asked helping her to sit up! 
“See I told you I didn’t want to do that!!” When she finally cleared her throat and sat up completely, she had cum running from her nose. I watched as the cum that went into her eye drip from her eyelash and into the cum that was deposited her cheek.
I laughed as I wiped my appreciation from her eye and nose then kissed her face. 
“That was fun!” She smiled and got up to leave out. 
“Oh it was fun huh, well, I’ll expect you to have fun at least three times a day.” She turned around to get out of bed. “That is until you let me back in that ass!” I said smacking her ass hard before she made it off the bed. She laughed. “I’m serious Jas, Jas… JAS!!!” She slammed the door when she left the room. 
I heard the shower running. It’s been a real long time since I took a shower with her. I streaked out the room and into the shower with her.
“AAAHHH!!! Boy you scared me!” she said. 
“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to frighten you. Here let me help you!” I took the towel and washed her from head to toe. Occasionally using my tongue over her nipples and velvety black mound. 
“Thank You.” 
“For what?” She said and turned around to look at me. “For being the best wife a man could ever have.” She smiled her beautiful smile and closed her eyes. We exited the shower and got into bed. As I drifted off into dream land, I though of how happy I am going to make Jasmine, Lil’ Tyrell, and Terrell Jordan, my new family. That is, until I tell her about my other baby…

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