Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 7 from 15)


3: 40a.m. (Party)
“What’s the matter Jas?” I acted concerned just incase someone saw me with her. She didn’t answer. She was leaning on the kitchen counter swaying back and forth. Yeah it’s workin’ now!! I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to me. I felt my dick get hard as her body touched mine. I slid my tongue in her mouth and grinded my dick against her middle. Oohhh she smelled so good. She was fighting just a little which turned me on even more. I buried my lips into her neck licking, sucking, and biting on it. She tasted like candy to me and I needed more. 

Her legs was getting nimble so just as Floyd came in I had him help me carry her up to second floor. I had her legs straddled around my waist while he held her under her arms. My dick was getting harder and harder just having her pussy swaying from side to side in front of my dick. As we got to the top of the stairs I pulled her ass into my erect middle as we rounded the corner to the room. Damn I wanted to hit that pussy ever since we were in grade school. Her pussy smelled so good it was driving me crazy. 
We entered the room and laid her on the floor. I began to undo my pants and Floyd interrupted.
“You know how to handle Black don’t you?” 
“Yeah!” I soured and left to take care of the problem. I knew Black couldn’t turned down head even if it killed him. 

When I got downstairs, I saw Sarita at the bar.
“Sarita!!” I called.
“Yeah!!!” she stumbled over to me. 
“I need you to do me a favor!”
“What’s in it for me!”
“What you want!” I began to get aggravated.
“You gone give it to me?” She asked sucking on her joint.

“I want my pussy sucked, right now!” she said blowing the smoke in my face. Fuck, if I wanted to get some of Jas’s pussy I had to do this and do it quick.
“Alright come on!” I pulled Sarita over to the counter and help her lift herself upon the high counters. I had no worries, Shauny was too out of it to care, she was on the couch for the night. 

She pulled her thong off and laid back on the counter. I parted her legs and placed her feet on the edge of the counter on either side of me. I slowly leaned my face in her pussy for the facial. Her pussy wasn’t as fresh as Jas’s was but it wasn’t funky either. I ran my tongue up her pungent crack and she screamed. I couldn’t help but to laugh. I never did this before but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I put a little more effort in it. Her voluptuous pussy was bushy so I had to part the hairs with my fingers to get a good taste of her. Her button popped out of it’s hood and beckoned me to come taste. I followed it’s calling and took my second nose dive into her sour puss. 
I rolled my tongue all around her muff and she just moaned and rocked her hips on my face. 

“Oh yeah Twon, just like that. You gone have me cumin’ in no time at aaaalllll!!!” she moaned as I continued my feast upon her buffet.
“Put your fingers in my pussy!” she huffed. At first I put one in. Her pussy was so hot I thought it burned me. “Oh yessssss!” I saw that she was enjoying it so I put in another finger.

Two fingers I worked into her pussy hole and she, just like she did on my face, began to grind on them. I didn’t know how much eating pussy could turn me on so I flicked my tongue even faster over her swollen red clit. Her pussy was drooling all down her ass cheeks and onto the counter top. I slurped up the part that rolled down her ass, then back up to her clit.
“OOOOHHHHH!!! Twon, I’m finna cum!!! Faster!!! FASTER!!!!” She screamed and rocked her pussy across my face even harder. “SSSSHHHHIIIIITTTTT!! Yeah in yo face, MMMMM in yo mouth, all-in-yo-mouth!!” She moaned between breaths. She came hard on my face. Her pussy juices sprayed all over my lips and her vaginal contractions squeezed my fingers.

I walked over to the sink to wash my mouth and hands as she got dressed. She finished the last of her roach and asked me what I had wanted.
“I need you to keep Black occupied for me!” I told her.
“What do you want me to do?” she asked.
“Do what you do best, you know he can’t resist that!”
“Alright!! What you finna to do?”
“None of yo damned business, I ate yo pussy now go do yo thang!” I told her drying my face and hands on the napkin.
“Did you like eating my pussy?” She asked before she exited the kitchen.
“Yeah, now go!” I told her. She smiled and left to find Black.

My dick was so hard I had a hard time walking up the back stairs to the room. If Black only knew what I was about to do, the thought made me smile. 

When I got there Floyd was just finishing up. 
”She’s all yours now!” He dressed and left the room. 

”Come look at me Black, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!” I screamed and began my feast. 


“Black!!” Sarita’s drunk ass called to me and pulled my shirt. 
“Baby, com’mon I wanna suck yo’ dick right here, right now.” she said and kneeled down on both knees. I was standing in the middle of the hall way. 
“She’s a big girl she could take care of herself.” Sarita said as she took out my cock. My dick immediately swelled in her hands. She wrapped her mouth around it and applied suction. All while she was sucking on my dick I looked around for Jasmine. I didn’t see her anywhere. 
I noticed, when I was fucking Sarita’s face that I had an audience. Shauny and her friends, was standing in the living room doorway watching us. Shit, I enjoyed the fact that I was being watched , so I gave them something to SEE. I slammed my dick in forcefully hoping to gag her and pulled her hair from side to side hard. I tried to see my dick slide in her luscious mouth from every possible angle. The crowd started to grow. It didn’t even faze her, she just moaned, squeezed my balls and deep throated my shit. I watched with delight as my heavy balls slapped her chin. When I came, I came hard in her mouth and over her face. The crowd applauded and cheered 

“Me next!” Someone from behind her said. Her drunk ass just wiped her mouth and smiled up at me. 
“Bitch you nasty, get away from me!” I told her, pushed her head back away from my dick, and walked away. I went into the bathroom and wiped myself up. I instantly became worried about Jasmine again. Maybe she went home I convinced myself and rejoined the party. 

4: 40a.m. (Party)
I joined Jay at the bar, for I didn’t see Twon for a while. 
“Did you see where Jasmine went?” 
“I seen her over in the kitchen talking to Twon about a hour ago but after that I don’t know.” I grabbed my beer and went looking for him. 
“Yo Twon!” I called from the end of the hall to the kitchen. There was no answer. 

“Yo Twon I’m goin’ outside and get some fresh air.” I hollered down the hall. I heard the back door slam. 
“I ight, I’m comin’ too dog.” The air began to stink as people began having sex around the house. Twon stumbled to catch up with me. I opened the door and stepped out in the cold air. 
Twon and I started passing the joint and reminiscing times when we did a threesome together. I used this time to watch him even closer. The old saying came into my head, ‘keep your friend close, and your enemies closer!’

“Sarita was always good to us huh?” Twon reminisced. 
“Yeah dog!” We laughed and passed the joint again. I looked over at where I was parked and I saw movement. I tried to focused my eyes on the object but it was not enough light. I saw someone dragging something. I was hoping Floyd’s ass wasn’t fucking with my shit again. It didn’t faze me at first until I saw the glimmer of something. My eyes focused better on them, then I saw someone dragging another person on the ground. I watched as the man laid the person on the ground and opened the door. 
“Someone must’ve had too much to drink dog.” Twon said, sucking on the roach. “Lets go back inside, I’m freezing my nuts off!” 
“Yeah, alright!” I couldn’t move, I continued to watch as one person tries to put the other person in the car. I then saw the face of the person being dragged. It was Jasmine. She looked like she was out cold. Then I saw the face of the person taking her. It was Floyd. 

“What the fuck…” I jumped off the porch and ran over to the car. Twon followed suit. When we got to the car, Floyd saw us and ran back in the house. 
“I’ll take care of this nigga Black, you need to get her home.” he said and darted after him. 

“Jasmine!” I called to her with no response. My heart pounded out my chest. I picked her up and carried her to my car. She still was unresponsive to my calls. I looked at her and saw that her clothes were coming of her. Her titties were hanging out, her hair was all over her head, and she had no shoes on. She had thick wads of white fluid on her neck and chest, face and hair. Damn why didn’t I check upstairs, I grilled myself. This mutha fucka raped her!!!! I need to take her to a hospital. I sped off the parking lot and floored the gas. All while I was driving I occasionally glance over to her and see if she was still alive. She just sat there slumped over in her seat. 

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