Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 2 from 15)

9:40p.m. Twon’s house
My mom died four years ago, so I stayed with my father. My father was a lush and a work-a-holic so he was rarely there. I opened the door for her to enter the house. “Please excuse the mess, I haven’t had a chance to clean it up.” I explained as I saw her stepping over the mess everywhere. 
“Anything to drink?” 
“Soda will be fine.” she returned. I brought her a glass of coke and sat next to her. I watched her as she sipped the coke from her cup looking for any sign that she had truly fucked Black. 
“Here let me fill that up again for you.” While I was in the kitcken the phone rang. 
“Can you get that?” I yelled. 
I stood by the door to listen. 

9:41p.m. (Black’s car)
I reached in my dash board and took out my cell phone, as I drove off in the night. I called the house and there was no answer. Then I looked through my phone book and got his cell number and called it. 
“Hello,” I heard Shauny answer. 
“May I speak with Twon” I asked. 
“Black, is this you?” she whispered. 
“Yeah! How you doing?” I asked her.
“Fine, I need you to do me a favor tomorrow!” she whispered.
“Alright I’ll holla at you at school tomorrow I ight? Can I speak to Twon?!”
“Alright!” she said and put down the phone. 
“Yeah” Twon answered. 
“Nigga where you at?” he responded, 
“I’m at home why?” 
“I just left yo house, when you comin out?” 
“Not tonight, I just got here, wassup?” he drilled. 
“Nothin’ jus’ call me when you come out!” 
“I ight niiiggggaaa!” he sang. 
“I ight, I Holla.” I said and signed off. Shit this means that I’mma have to go back home and get something. I drove past Jasmine’s house and saw that my parents were still there. “Yeah I still have time to go home and get some clothes.” I sped off and drove home.

10:00p.m. (Home)
I went in and straight to my room and grabbed a back pack and started stuffin my clothes into it. I went through the closet and grabbed a couple of outfits and threw them on the bed. I opened the drawers and stuffed my underwear and socks in to the backpack. I picked up the condom that dropped on the floor and stuffed it in my pocket. I heard my cell phone ring. 
“Hello?” I barked. 
“Black?” the voice asked. 
“Yeah, who’s this?” 
“It Jas.” 
“Look Jas-mine, I’m kinda busy so..” 
“I’m sorry for the way things went down and…” I interrupted her. 
“Look I don’t have time to talk right now…” 
“Please listen to me…” 
“Jas, I said I’m busy, I gotta go!!” 
“Well will you call me later?” Aint that a bitch, she want me to …
“Yeah!” I barked and I hung up. The back pack was filled to the max so I took the back pack and the clothes from the closet out to the car. I closed the door as I reentered the house and ran back upstairs. I didn’t hear mom’s car pull up into the driveway. I grabbed some more of my jeans and a couple of jersey shirts and stuffed them into a satchel and headed for the stairs. I made it to the bottom of the stairs and before the door opened by itself. 

My mom came in first then Terrance. Michaels came in last. 
“So the big man on campus decided to come home huh?” he stated sarcastically. 
“AND WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN BY THAT” I barked stepping up on him. 
“Boys, boys, Terrance is here, he don’t need to see you fightin’ like this.” momma pleaded and pushed Terrance to the kitchen. We stood eye to eye with our faces twisted. 
“You went and embarrassed the family over Big Momma’s house.” 
“How the fuck did I embarrass the family?” I questioned disgustedly. 
“Boys please…” momma began and we interrupted. 
“You were found screwin’ her granddaughter in her house. You don’t think that’s embarrassing? Then the girl said the two of you was careless and didn’t use no birth control!” Now I’m HEATED, who do this mutha fucka think he is, my daddy? I could feel the fire roll up my back. 
“Oh yeah, what the fuck else did she tell you?” I spat sarcastically.

“You need to stop cursing in your mother’s house Tyrell, you have no respect for…” 
I interrupted, 
“Like I said before I will not TALK- TO YOU -OR ANYONE ELSE- ABOUT MY FUCKIN’ SEX LIFE.” I barked in his face. “I‘MMA GROWN ASS MAN!!” 
“YOUR GROWN ASS SHOULD’VE KNOWN TO NOT BE SO DAMNED CARELESS!!! WHAT IF SHE GET PREGNANT MUTHA FUCKA, DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT, HUH… WITH YO GROWN ASS ?” he barked poking his finger into my shoulder. He was right but I wasn‘t about to let him know that. 
“And as long as you are livin’ in this house you will learn to be a little more…” I cut him short and slapped his hands from my shoulder. 
“I GOT YO’ NIGGA, NIGGA” he spat back and poked me again. 

I snapped and dove into his chest. Knocking him over the end table and lamp. We hit the floor, I was on top of him and punched him in his mouth. I heard my mom screaming at us to stop, but I kept hitting him. He reached up and socked me in the jaw, knocking me over the long table in front of the sofa. My weight broke it down the middle. Michaels came at me so fast I didn’t see his fist until after it plunged into my jaw. I reached up and jabbed him in the side twice. He folded and rolled off me. I jumped up quick and kicked him in the stomach. He balled up in the fetal position and over and over I kept punching him anywhere my fists landed. Taking out all frustration on him. 

The next thing I knew I was being tackled from behind. Terrance jumped on my back screamin’ and hittin’ on me. 
“NO ‘RELL!!” Not thinking, I reached up and pulled his arm and threw him onto his daddy and almost punched him. 
“NOOO!!!” Ma screamed from behind. I backed up and realized I could have hurt him. I loved my little brother even though I hated his father. I saw him look up at me and start to cry. I looked over at mom who was sitting on the sofa crying. My head started swimming and I got my satchel and ran out the door. 
“TYRELL!” my mom yelled and again I ran out on her. 
I jumped into my car and drove around for what seems like hours. With the fight constantly running through my head, I needed a place to lie down. I finally turned into Rhonda’s house. Rhonda lived with her big sister, with her ghetto ass, who didn’t care who she had over as long as they weren’t noisy and disturbed the neighbors. 

11:12p.m. (Rhonda’s house)
I rang her door bell. I rang it again before she came to the window. 
“Who is it?” she yelled out the second floor window. 
“It’s Black,” I hollered back at her. “Can I come in?” 
“Yeah, just a minute,” she said and buzzed me in. I climbed the steps to her door and knocked. 
She opened the door in her nightshirt and a pair of Winnie the Pooh head slippers. Her freshly done braids were wrapped up in a brown scarf. Her face still had bruises from when she fought Jasmine in the bathroom Friday. 
“I been callin’ you all day, where you been?” she questioned. I walked passed her and flopped on her let out bed. 
“What’s the matter?” she asked and turned the table light on. She saw my face and asked “OOhhh baby what happened?” 
“I got into it again with good ole’ Michaels.” I told her. She quickly got up and ran into the kitchen. She came back with some ice water and an ice pack for my face. She handed me the water and gently placed the ice pack on my face. 
“You poor thing” she said and straddled my legs. She kissed my forehead, then the end of my nose then my sore lips. The kiss stung a little but I kissed her back. 
“Look I need some place to crash until I get on my feet.” 
“You know you could stay here with me anytime for however long you may need.” she said and started to kiss me again.

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