Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 4 from 15)


I did all the warm up calisthenics Coach Rally had us do then lined up for scrimmage. We went through a couple of plays with me on the defence and Twon on the offence. I guess he got some beef with me cause he’s getting suspicious of Shauny and me. He confirmed my guess when he got mad at me when I laughed at him because he over threw the ball. I guess that pissed him off cause after the play was over, he tackled me from behind. Twon saw me nod, point, and smile at him when the coach benched him for unnecessary roughness. Nigga you just don’t know… 

Rhonda and Sarita were sitting on the bleachers talking, smiling and waving at Antwon and I. I saw Jasmine over with her track team stretching. I watched her as she grabbed up her hair back into a ponytail. I couldn’t help but to watch her make circles around us playing football. 
“Is there a problem Jordan?!” Coach Rally called.
“Then get it together!”
Every once I a while I’d steal a glance at her sprinting around the track.

5:30p.m. (car)
“I saw you looking at Assmen running around the track!” Rhonda said. 
“Who?” I returned. 
“Assmen or somthin’ you know that Bitch name!” 
“Yeah so?” 
“Yeah so,” she said, looking at me like she smelled a fart or something. 
“Is anything going on between the two of you?” 
“Between me and Jasmine?” I corrected. 
“Yeah, what eva the bitch name is!” she fired and rolled her neck. 
“Hell naw, what you asking me that shit for?” 
“Cause after the bathroom incident…” she trailed off. 
“Girl look, what I did in the bathroom was nothing, she showed me her titts and I wanted to feel ‘em. That’s when you came in right before I touched ‘em.” I lied and turned the corner. 

“Well it’s a good thing I came in then!” she retorted. I just looked at her in disgust and rolled my eyes. “Why you wanna touch her titties?” she fired at me. 
“Look, don’t keep asking me no bull shit ass questions Rhonda!” I growled.
“Just answer my question, and I won’t ask you any more questions?” 
“Why you wanna touch my dick when you first met me?” I detoured. 
“Cause I heard it was big!” she returned and smiled. 
“Well then there you have it!” I stated as an end to the means. 
“Did you fuck her?” she threw. I hit the curb as I parked when she asked me that. I corrected and parked the car in front of her apartment. 
“What difference does that make if I did or not baby, I’m with you!” 
“You FUCKED HER?” she got loud. 
“Naw baby I didn’t fuck her!” 
“Do you want to fuck her?” she spat. 
“Baby what’s with all the questions, it’s you I wanna fuck right now.” I said and caressed her bruised cheek. She leaned in to kiss me planted a sloppy one on my mouth. I returned her kisses. “Lets go upstairs!” She said with a smile and got out. I opened the glove compartment and found an old box of condoms. I took out the last one of three and threw the box out the window. I jogged up behind her and leaned in close as she opened the door. 

We kissed our way up the stairs and fell to the floor. When she opened the other door we crawled our way over to the couch, passionately kissing and licking on each other. Shit, I wasn’t sure if we closed the door but damn the consequences, I’m in that pussy no matter who see me. I tore at her sean john shirt to remove it from her body. She savagely bit at the buttons on mine. Our breathing became heavy and fast. I’m not really sure how our clothes came off but all I do remember was I struggled to slip on the condom and plunging deep in her pussy like I was lookin’ for gold. She kicked me off her and I fell to the floor on my back. Rhonda straddled me and fell on top my dick. She rocked the nut clean out of me. 

“Damn girl slow down, you gonna…” Rhonda interrupted. 
“I’m finna cum Black, make me cum!!” she begged. I grabbed hold of her waist and started thrusting her from below. 
“Oh Black,… Oh Black,… Oh Black...”she moaned. 
“I’m finna cum… here I cum… you down?” I begged. 
“Yeah baby, I’m down for some heat!” she whispered and rode on. 
“Cum with me baby!” she said. Her pussy tightened around my dick like a vice grip as she came, the condom was already tight as it is. As soon as she finished cumin her juices drooled out her pussy onto my nut sack, then I bust one so big, you’d think I had a seizure I shook so hard. She collapsed on top of me as I slid my very sensitive dick out her sweet muff. 

Applause came from the front door we didn’t close. 
“Good show y’all, good show.” Erica and her boyfriend clapped from the hallway. Rhonda dismounted and sat on the floor next to me. I started to get up. 
“Don’t mind us we are just passin’ through, but next time close the door damn.” she laughed and pulled her man into her room. That Mutha Fucka looked very familiar, I thought, and rolled off the condom. I washed up and threw on some sweat pants. The PS2 was hooked up, so I turned it on and started playing it. I heard the moans and screams of Erica and her man from the walls. The bed hit the wall and jostled some of the pictures hanging up. 

“Can I drive your car to the store,” Rhonda asked. 
“Where you finna go?” I asked her. 
“To get something to eat, drink, smoke.” she stuttered. 
“I ight” I said and threw her the keys. 
“You ready” she yelled out. Who the fuck she talkin’ to? That nigga emerged from Erica’s room pullin up his pants. Fresh out the pussy stankin‘, that nigga darted outside for my car. What the fuck… How the hell this bitch gonna take THIS nigga anywhere, in MY shit, 


6:15p.m. (Twons Jeep)
After practice I picked up Sarita. “So where we goin’?”
“As if you don’t know already!” I turned into the Hill Top Inn and paid for three hours. We traveled hand in hand to room 223. 
Once we entered the room I slammed the door and snatched off her shirt and skirt. I pushed her forcefully on the bed. 
“OOHH don’t hurt, don’t hurt me!” she begged playfully. 
“It’ll be too good to hurt baby! Now open those legs!!!” She spread her legs and I jumped out my pants. I slung my shirt over the T.V. and dove on top of her. We kissed for a minute then I straddled her chest and stuck my dick in her mouth. 
“Now get me hard so I can fuck the shit outta you!” 
She looked at me, 
“No problem, this is my specialty!” I know, I just smiled and watched her inhale my dick. 

While her tongue rolled over and around my dick I couldn’t help but to think about Shauny and Black fuckin’. I know she fuckin’ him, ain’t no way she ain’t. I remember the day I came over her house the day after I took Sarita to the drive in. She had enceintes burning, recently sprayed air freshener, and fear on her face. Not to mention his car was parked in her driveway all night for two nights in a row. I’mma get shit straight when I get home, that’s for sure.
I felt Sarita pushing and hitting on my hip when I came back into reality. “WHAT!” I yelled.
“You smoothering me!!” I had my whole stomach on top of her face grinding my dick down her throat. I laughed.
“My bad!!” I climbed down from her face and climbed between her fat thighs. I maneuvered my hips so that I could push my dick in her pussy. It was good. No condom to inhibit the feeling of her meaty pussy around my shit. 
“You luv this dick don’t you!”
“Yeah, I luv this dick!” she returned “Ohh baby I luv this dick!”
“SSSS, yeah! This pussy‘s sweet!” I rolled my dick in and out of her hot pussy. 
“Harder! Twon HARDER!!!” She screamed and ran her nails up the length of my back drawing blood. I slammed my meat inside her slippery walls as fast as I could and she wrapped her legs around my waist as she came. Her legs vibrated and relaxed and so did her breathing. Right after that my nut welled up. I rocked a few more pumps inside her then pulled out of her muff and sprayed her body with load after load of my nut. I couldn’t help but to think that after these ten minutes I should’ve paid for one hour, it would’ve been cheaper. 

“Now did I hurt you?”
“No, not-at-all!” She said and lifted up a drop of cum on her finger and sucked it off.
We took a shower and left the Inn. “You want something to drink?”
“Yeah get me some Hen!”
“Lush!” I laughed and pulled over in front of the liquor store. 

As I rounded the corner I saw Black’s black Impala. I walked into the store and saw Rhonda but not Black. I walked over towards her that’s when I saw Floyd. Yeah, phase one has just begun. 
“Wass up y’all!!” I gave Rhonda and Floyd some dap. 
“Yo dog, I got that shit you asked me for!” Floyd said.
“Excellent!!” We both looked at Rhonda and saw her staring at us. 
“Go get us some dranks!” Floyd told her, handed her a fifty, and smacked her on her ass as she turned around.
“Make it Hen!!” I yelled at her. “I sure miss hittin’ that ass!” I said to myself.

Floyd and I finished our business and I got all the weed from in Black’s car. Just as Floyd and I split it up between each other, Rhonda came with the drinks. “Where’s Black?” I asked puttin’ my half away and taking my drink.
“He at my house!”
“I ight, come on let me get some of that…For old time sakes.!” she smiled and followed me to my car. I gave Sarita her Hen and told her to hit the rode. 
“Wait for me Floyd!” she called to him, he acknowledged and jumped in Black’s car. We climbed into the back seat and I tore into her pussy like hungry predator over a fresh kill. 

I wasted no time at all pushing deep in her pussy. Damn she felt good. “OH Twon!” she cried. I haven’t had this pussy in a long time and it’s about time I made her remember who’s boss. 
“Who pussy is this!” I asked whipping it on her fast and deep.
“You know it’s yo pussy, always have been!” she returned. Being fresh outta Sarita’s pussy it took me a while to cum but when I did…
“I’m finna cum, you gone cum with me?”
“I’m finna cum right now, SSSSSS AAAAHHHHH!!!” she moaned and wrapped her legs tight around my waist. Her pussy contractions sucked my nut out before I had a chance to pull out. I shot spray after spray of my seed into her vagina and almost killed over from the lose of strength. 
“Damn girl, what you tryin’ to do kill me with that good shit?” I rolled off her and pulled my pants up from my ankles. She smiled and pulled her underwear on and hopped out the Jeep. 
“Call me sometime, the number’s still the same!” Then she turned and got into Blacks car.
“Now to put the plan in to action!!” I called Black on his cell.

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