Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 1 from 15)

Dinner went great. No more hounding questions at the dinner table. Everyone ate and was stuffed. Big Momma and Jasmine got up, cleared the dinner plates and went into the kitchen. She brought back the hot peach cobbler from the oven and a bucket of vanilla ice cream. She served everyone their portions and returned to the kitchen. 
“Why don’t we take our dessert into the living room, Rell and Jas.” my step dad suggested. Jas and I looked at each other and got up. She walked behind me as we entered the room. 
We sat on the love seat together, as my mom and step dad sat across from us on the sofa. Big Momma came in and sat on the chair beside the sofa and they all just stared at us. The conversation began with 
“So you’ve been dating for three months huh?” Step dad asked. 
Ain‘t this a bitch! I rolled my eyes and shook my head. 
“No sir,” Jas said. 
“No what?” my mom questioned her. 
“Look ma, what’s with the questions?” I asked her. 
“We are trying to see where y’alls heads are son?” Michaels said. 
“Wasn’t it you who told me that you wanted her as your wife and mother of your FIVE kids?” mom spat at me. 
“So, ma you know I was just kidding about that.” I told her that earlier in the day when we saw Jas at the store.
“So was she kidding when she told me that she wasn’t your girlfriend?” she fired at Jas. 
“Why do we have to talk about this here?” I fired at my mom. “Can’t we talk about this some other time, like when I get home?” I leaned up to the edge of the couch. I felt Jas’s hand rubbin’ my back. 
“Sis. Michaels your son and I are just friends. We’ve been friends since grade school.” she added. 
Why the FUCK did she have to say that. I had everything under control and she had to open her big mouth. I could only look at her with disgust. She put her hands on my shoulder and I snatched away. 
“Ma, what you trying to get at? What do you want to know?” 
“Well, let me just say first that I know that the two of you are having sex. I can see that in y‘alls faces.” ma said and looked at Jas. 
Ma’s been having these visions of the future since I was a little boy. 9 out of 10 times she would be right about what she saw. I stood up in front of Jas and said 
“Sit down son” my step dad interceded. I sat. 
“What we are trying to say is…” Big Momma entered, “since we know that you two are having sex we wanted to know if you are protected. As much as we’d like you young folks to abstain from sex, we know you still gone do it, so, protection is our only preach.” I looked at my mom who was shaking her head in agreement with her. 
“I’m quite sure you are not looking forward to raise kids before you put your lives together.” she put in. 
“I’m careful ma, and I really don’t want to discuss with everyone about what goes on in my sex life either.” I threw at everyone and stood up again. 
“So you are using protection then?” my step dad threw at Jas. I turned to Jas and she looked up at me and shook her head. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t backing me up. Now I’m pissed. 
“What you don’t believe me” I fired at ole step daddy. 
“Son sit down, and we can discuss this rationally.” he said and stood up in my face. “Discuss what rationally,” I fired “my sex life? MY SEX LIFE ain’t up for discussion with you or anyone else up in here.” I fired pointing around the room. 
“Look son… we’re responsible for you and we just want you to be responsible for…” he started standing up to face me. 
“Son? Responsible?” I interrupted. “Your son is in the kitchen, I ain’t your son. NEVER HAVE BEEN, NEVER WILL BE!!
“TYRELL!” my ma called sitting straight up and scooting to the edge of the couch. I continued.
“And as far as responsibility,” I growled “I aint yo responsibility.” I pushed him out of my face and back on the couch. He tried to get back up but ma grabbed him. 
“Tyrell please, we don’t have to talk about YOUR sex life, so please sit down.” Big Momma stood up and held her hand out between Michaels and I. I had mad respect for Big Momma, she always set me straight when I was younger. She didn’t let me do some of that stupid shit I was going to do with my punk ass friends. 
Once when I skipped school and got picked up by truancy, she came and got me from juvenile detention when moms was at work. She made me promise never to be out from school without permission again or she would beat the hell out my ass and tell my mom so she could do the same. Since then, I never skipped school. Reluctantly I sat down beside Jasmine and she reached over to touch me again. Her hand rested on my leg. I pushed her hand from my leg then I put my elbow on my leg and rested my head down on my fist. 

“Well since it was understood that the two of you were responsible then there is no reason to think that she would get pregnant then am I correct?” Big Momma asked us. 
“No” Jasmine stated. 
“No what Jas?” Big Momma asked. 
“NO!! We were not responsible, we didn’t use protection.” she cried and tears dropped down her face. 
The FUCK!!! This bitch trippin‘!!! I turned in my seat towards Jasmine. I just looked at her. I was so disgusted with her and I shook my head. 

“Son how could you be so damn stupid,” Step daddy asked me. 
“I got yo’ stupid!” I roared and jumped over the glass table. I reached in and grabbed his shirt in my fist, drew back my other fist to hit him, and then ma leaned over his chest. 
“Tyrell Please!!!” ma begged. I let his shirt go and turned to grab my jacket off the back of the couch. Fuck this shit I’m outta here.
“Black please don‘t,” Jasmine begged and reached up at me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “You know I can’t lie to Big Momma, Black!!!” she cried. 
“I ain’t got shit to say to you?” I pushed her arms off my waist and flew towards the door. I heard my mom call to me as I opened the front door. 
“Tyrell please!” she begged. I turned around and shook my head and continued out the door. 

8:44p.m. (Outside)
I found myself driving in front of Sarita’s house. I stopped and blew the horn and she came out. 
“Come ride with me,” I told her and she jumped in. I peeled off again. 
“Yo girl just pissed me off” 
“What, did she scream rape or something’?” 
“Naw, what the fuck is you…” I trailed off. I almost lost it for a sec. Never tell a hoe nothing’!
“Baby tell me what’s the matter.” 
“You been spreadin’ that fuckin’ rumor around again, bout me gettin’ you pregnant and shit?” 
“Naw, Black who told you that?” 
“It don’t matter, you just better not be spreadin’ that bull shit around to nobody.” 
“I don‘t know were you got that information Black but…do you need me to help you forget about this awful night?” 
I looked at her in disgust. Then I remembered that she did give some fire ass head. When we were in the seventh grade playing spin the bottle, Sarita took me in the closet and kissed my dick, ever since then she’s been suckin’ my dick almost daily. 
I remembered the time when I had my first nut, outside of jacking off. I was 18 years old and Sarita wrapped her lips around my dick and almost instantly I blew a massive load across her mouth. It scared me at first but when she sat up with a dripping milky white smile… Well you know, I no longer considered myself a virgin, even though I didn’t loose my virginity until weeks later to Jalisa, in her basement.
I pulled over on an empty street and cut off the car and lights. I climbed in the back of my car and she followed. I pulled my pants down to my knees and leaned back. Sarita got on her knees and wrapped her big lips around my dick. I grabbed the back of her head and a hand full of her thick bushy hair, leaned my head back, and enjoyed the ride. 

Inside her mouth, her tongue curled around my swollen head, while her lips danced over my entire shaft. Her mouth stroked and caressed my shaft, pushing every cell in my dick into a frenzy. I enjoyed watching my dick plunge in and out of her big brown lips. She always knew how to make me cum fast. 
“Shit I’m finna cum!” While her tongue coated my shaft, my balls sprayed a thick wad of cum across her tonsils. She jumped off my dick before I finished my load and cum drips got on my shirt. 
“Oh my god. Look at this shit on my shirt!!” She quickly licked it up. “You a nasty hoe!” I pushed her head away from me and reached in the pouch behind the front seat and grabbed a wipe and cleaned up the rest of the mess. 
“Now I have to go change.” I realized that I left my book bag home. I have to go home and change. I put Iceberg back into my pants and climbed back into the front seat. I turned the car on and put the car into gear. Sarita climbed back into the front seat before I put my foot on the gas and I sped off. 
I drove her back to her house. 
“So, was Jas good or not?” 
“Bitch, that ain’t none of your business,” I said and came to a stop at the end of her block. “Get out my car.” 
“I was just wondering cause she told me that yo dick didn’t even faze her, and that it‘s wasn‘t big enough too.” 
“Bitch you lyin’, we ain’t never had sex! NOW get the FUCK OUT!!!” She just smiled and jumped out the car. She slammed the car door and started her walk home. I sped off and drove over to Antwon’s house. I knew she was lying cause I ripped that pussy up and she bet not dare say no shit like that.
“Antwon would have a shirt I could fit.” Twon use to live three blocks from me that, is until his mom died when he was in the 9th. He now lives in the next county from me with his dad. I had to drive fifteen minutes to get to his house. When I reached his house his car was gone so I pulled off. 


7:00p.m. Sunday (Twons jeep)
“I am so glad you decided to give me another chance Shauny! I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the world.” I promised and pulled over in front of a very expensive restaurant. I pulled up in front for the valet parking. The valet opened the door for us and we walked arm in arm into the restaurant. 
The waiter seated us and handed us a menu. All while she sat there she looked distant. I tried my best to keep her focused on me. 
“Shauny, you o.k.?” I interrupted. 
“Yeah I’m fine, you ready to order?” 
“Yeah, I want the steak and potatos, how about you?” 
“You can get me the same medium rare.” She returned. The waiter came back and took our orders and returned to the kitchen. 
“So, when do you want to get married?” I fired. 
“Well Twon, I think we should get out of school first before we do anything!” 
“Yeah I guess you right. Well maybe we could make the graduation party our reception, and we can get married right before the party at the court house and…” 
“Twon, Twon!!!” She interrupted my thought. 
“We have plenty of time to do this, we have more than 6 months left of school, so let’s take one day at a time.”
The night went smooth, we ate and the food was delicious. Shauny looked good. Her hair was braided to the back in a criss cross design. She looked so beautiful sitting across the table. Idol chit chat kept me from getting bored.

After dinner the drive home was fairly silent. 
“This guy I know is throwin’ a party on Friday night, I was wonderin’ if you would go with me?” 
“Sure, I’d love to go with you!” 
When we got to her house, I did the gentlemanly thing. I opened her car door and walked her to the porch. 
“I am truly sorry for what I did to your pretty face Shauny, and I do solemnly swear that I will never do that again. I will never physically, emotionally or financially hurt you again!” I never meant to hurt her but things were getting kinda hectic for me. “Well, see that you do and I will make you the best wife a man could ever have.” She kissed my cheek. I turned my face so our lips could touch. At first she jumped back but I caught her and pulled her into me and kissed her more passionately. 
Our lips grinded against each other as my dick did against her pussy. 
“Twon!” she interrupted and broke free of my grasp. “We can’t!” she said and moved closer to the door. Damn!
“O.K.!” I growled and backed off. I grabbed her hand in mine and kissed it. “When time is right, I want to make mad passionate love to you so I can show you how much I love you. I Love You!” 
“I Love You Too!” she returned. As I stood by the door of my Jeep I watched her. I saw her look over to Black‘s driveway as if she was hoping he was home. This infuriated me, damn did he get to her too!!! She sighed and walked over towards my jeep. 
“Why don’t we go over to your place, we can talk some more!” I couldn’t help but think that she may have fucked Black too just like he did all my girlfriends in the past.

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