Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 8 from 15)

Ever since we were kids I always tried to protect her. She always started fights with her big ass mouth. Some of them she didn’t have due to me secretly interceding. Some of them fights I knew she would’ve gotten her ass beat. She was as skinny as a rail and always picking fights.
I saw her body start to shack and vomit bubble out of her mouth. “Shit, Jas don’t you die on me!” I cried and drove threw another red light.


3:52a.m. Outside the house party
“DAMN NIGGA, WAS’NT NOBODY SUPPOSED TO BE OUTSIDE!!” Floyd screamed at me as I caught up to him after he ran from Black! 
“If you didn’t move so fuckin’ slow everything would’ve been just fine!” I retaliated nervously.
“Bitch if you would’ve helped me we wouldn’t have this shit to worry about!” He began to pace back and forth.
“Just come on nigga we got to stop him before he get away!” I jumped in my Jeep and started it. Floyd jumped in his ride and followed me. My cell phone rang. 
“You know which way he went don’t you?” Floyd asked.
“Yeah!!” he’s probably taking her to Mercy Hospital. We can go this way to cut him off before he gets on the highway!” I sped off the lot thinking about all I did to that girl for no reason. I thought I would’nt have no regrets but I do. 
“He can’t get away, Twon! So step on it!” he threatened. 
“NIGGA I DON’T SEE THEM?” he screamed in the phone. 
“I DON’T EITHER, they got to be around here somewhere!”
“LOOK, THERE THEY ARE, AT THAT RED LIGHT!” I turned on my high beams and put my foot on the gas. Just as I wanted him to, he pulled off, running the red light and directly into my path of 72 mph. CRASH!!!!!

I was in shock as I watched Black’s car flip over and over and over and land upside down on the sidewalk.
”You alright?” Floyd asked after my jeep rammed into the side of Blacks car. I only hit my lip on the steering wheel upon impact. 
“Yeah I’m Cool! You think that took care of him?”
“I hope so!” He said and hung up. I got out to look at the damage the impact had done to my Jeep. To my surprise my Jeep only had a busted headlight and some finder damage. I looked around to see if anyone saw me. I drove the car to a secluded area about ten miles away and left it there. I hopped in Floyd’s car went back to the party.
“You need to call and report your ride stolen dog!”
“I know!” I picked up the phone and did just that.
He drove back to the party and we walked inside.

“Where you been Twon, I was looking all over for you?” Shauny asked.
“What do you want Shauny?” 
“Damn what’s wrong with you, I just wanted to know where you was?”
“NOTHING’S WRONG!” I screamed at her. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I scooped her up in a warm embrace. I’m just a little upset that’s all.”
“About what?” she asked. How come I knew she was going to ask me that.
“Somebody stole my ride!” I lied. 
“Aww baby, you alright?” she asked rubbing my face. 
“Yeah I’m fine. Go back and enjoy the party!”


5:22 a.m. (hospital) 
When I woke up I was being wheeled into the hospital emergency room and tons on doctors over me. They asked me a lot of questions that I don’t remember answering before I passed out again. When I woke up the next time I was in a white room alone, machines were beeping to my right and I was hurting all over. My arm was in a cast and my neck had a brace on it. I tried to sit up but my nurse told me not to. 
“Ma‘am, what happened, where’s Jas?” I questioned. 
“I don’t know honey I just got here myself. Son are you alright?” she worried. 
“Yes ma’am I’m fine I need to find out where Jasmine is!!” I said and hopped out the bed. 
I pushed passed her and hobbled out the room. I saw her look at my naked ass through my opened gown as I stepped out. I went straight to the info desk. 
“I need to know what happened to Jasmine Richardson.” I told the attendant. She typed in her name. 
“We don’t have anyone here by that name.” she said. 
“Yes you do, she was in the car with me when I came in.” I told her. 
“Well the woman that came in with you is still in the emergency room.” she told me. 
“Are you family?” she asked. 
“No!!! I need to find her.” I told her and walked back into the emergency department. A guard came out and stopped me when I came through the door. 
“The waiting room is right through the door to your left” he told me. I went directly to the phones. I called Big Momma. 
“Big Momma come to the Mercy hospital quick Jasmine’s in the emergency room!!!!” I screamed and hung up. 
I sat there and waited until Big Momma came in about 20 minutes later. 
“Big Momma!!” I cried and she ran over to me.
“What happened Rell?” she cried hurting. 
“We were at this party and then she left me… then she went um… then I brought her here… Big Momma, I’m so sorry!!” I cried. Men don’t cry, I know, but I had to break down this time. 
“Rell SLOW DOWN NOW!!” she yelled. “Tell me what happened!” 
“I think I saw him put something in her drink but I wasn‘t sure. She left and I didn‘t see her anymore until I found her on the ground. I brought her here as fast as I could Big Momma, I‘m so sorry!” She stood up in fright. 

The doctor came out and Big Momma walked towards him. I followed. 
“How’s my baby?” she questioned him. 
“Ma’am we have a lot of peoples babies in here can you be more specific.” Rude bastard. 
“LOOK MUTHA FUCKA…” I interjected but was pushed back and cut short. 
“TYRELL SIT DOWN NOW!” I backed off as Big Momma described Jasmine to the doctor and he began to tell her the extent of her injuries. 
“There is some slight brain swelling due to the head injury she sustained, a punctured lung and a few broken ribs. Her right thighbone is broken and there was some internal bleeding, which is now under control. Well we are still waiting for the blood test results but we feel confident that she will pull through alright.” 
“May I see her now?” she said nervously. 
“They are still performing minor surgery on her right now but she will be in her room in about 20 minutes then you can see her. Come over here and let’s talk. I need to ask you a few background questions first.” The doctor proceeded to ask her some personal questions then the question of drugs came into play. 
“Ma’am I need you to be totally honest with me about this…” Why is he talking to her like this… “Do you know if she is doing any drugs?” 
“Hell naw, she ain’t doin’ no drugs!” Big Momma spat in his face. 
“Are you absolutely sure she haven’t done any drugs.”
“TYRELL, PLEASE!” Big Momma begged, and I sat back down. “Go call yo’ momma and tell her you are O.K.” I did just that. 
My mind whirled around a million miles a minute. I didn’t know where to begin to think or to end to think. I looked over at Big Momma and tears were poring out her eyes. “Big Momma, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” 
“I know baby, I know!” she said and pulled my head down to her chest and held it there.

“Are you the one that came in with her?” the doctor questioned me. 
I sat up and responded “Yes I was bringing her in when I guess someone hit us. I don’t remember anything after that.” 
“Do you remember anything about before you tried to bring her here?” he asked suspiciously. 
“Yeah, I think so!” 
“Ok well I will be right back.” he said and walked away. I looked back at Big Momma and she had her hands in her face crying hard. I walked over to her, kneeled down and held her until the doctor came back.
He came back with a uniformed officer. They proceeded to ask me my name and questions about the party and I answered them. 
“Would you be willing to give a sample of blood? If needed I mean?” he asked. 
“What do you need the blood test for?” I questioned. 
“Sir you don’t have to get upset we may need to get one in this case.” he said. 
“What case?!!!” I questioned. 
“Right now I am not at liberty to say.” he lied. 
“Yeah, what ever you need man.” He took my name down and my address and walked away. 

“You can see her now Ma’am,” the nurse said, tossed me some scrub pants to put on and rounded the corner. Big Momma took off and followed her and I followed Big Momma after I struggled to put the pants on with one hand. 
When we got to her room I looked in at her and her face was all bloody and beat up.
Tubes were coming from every orifice of her body seems like. She was practically bandaged from head to toe. I broke down again when I saw her. Tears fell from my eyes. I looked over at Big Momma and she was crying too. She reached over and grabbed her hand and kissed it. I stayed in the door. 
“Rell?” I heard my mom call. 
“Ma,” I called to her and went to embrace her. We hugged forever. 
“Baby I thought you were hurt bad when the hospital called.” 
“No ma I’m fine, but Jasmine is in intensive care.” She peeked in at her and Big Momma and said a little silent prayer. 
The doctor came in and walked over to Big Momma. 
“Ma’am, did you know that she was…” What I was hearing was cut short by the door closing in my face. I looked through the glass through the door and saw Big Momma fall back into a chair as if she was about to faint as he told her some news regarding her condition.
“Let’s go back to your room, you need some rest!” Ma said and I followed her around the corner to my room.
“But what about Jasmine!” I cried. 
“She’ll be just fine son!” she said and pushed me around the corner.
Later I was released and went home.

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