Sharing Black (The Ultimate Betrayal)

(Part 14 from 15)

There it was, a perfectly beautiful pregnant pussy! It glistened at the vagina as her juices started flowin’ down like silk against her skin, taunting me to eat of it. I succumbed to the calling and lifted her ass up and put a pillow up under it so that I could have complete access to her clit without her belly blocking my reach. A little something I remembered when I was with Shauny. 

When I kissed her soft pink folds she gasped and shuddered. Yeah this pussy’s mine now! I softly traced my tongue around her clit to tease her. I ran my tongue around her love hole, then back up around her clit hood. 
“Lick me!” she whispered. 
“Huh?” I teased, I heard her loud and clear. 
“Eat my pussy damn it, stop teasing me!” she barked. 
Damn, I though, “Yes ma’am!” I replied and dove into her waiting pussy. I took her cunt into my mouth and sucked on it. I made a figure eight with my tongue over her clit and around her vagina. She loved it, her pregnant body pumping her hips, grinding her pussy against my tongue. I lapped at her clit and drooling vagina like a thirsty dog. When I stuck two fingers in her hole she came instantly. Her vagina squeezed my fingers and flooded my hand with her creamy cum dew. She tastes so delicious, I wanted more. 

I continued my tongue attack on her pussy and she squealed. 
“Stooop! Please! I can’t …” she cried as I licked her into another screaming orgasm! “Aaahhh!” she moaned between breaths. “Black!!!” she begged trying to move my head away from her sensitive clit. I slowed my tongue lashing so she could calm down, but as soon as she caught her breath I tongued her pussy again. I watched and laughed as she tried to reach my head from around her extended belly but couldn’t quite reach. I bit on her clit with my lip covered teeth and that sent her over the top once more. She arched her back so high she lifted off the pillow and yanked my arms loose around her legs. As much noise she made screaming and moaning, I was so sure they heard her down stairs. 

After I finally got loose of his wild tongue and his grasp on my legs I kicked him off. I think I came at least 10 times in his mouth, or I don’t know one continuous orgasm. He landed on his back on the bottom of the bed and I darted over to him as if to mount his cock. I held his giant cock in my hand as he closed his eyes and waited to feel my pussy around his dick. Precum drooled out the top of his semi erect penis, inviting me to come taste. It was hard to bend down, but, when I got just right I used my big belly as a crutch to hold me in position over his dick. I wanted to taste him so I took him in my mouth. 

“Jas!” he jumped and pushed at my shoulders to stop. I bit down a little, careful not to hurt too badly and he stopped. 
“AH!! YOU BITIN’!!!” 
“Then lay back.” I mumbled with my mouth full of him and pushed him back. His cum was salty, heavy, and thick, but his cock was quite pleasant. It began to stiffin in my mouth and I could only get about 2 ½ inches into my mouth without gagging. I wasn’t sure to just lick or to suck and lick on it so I tried both. I noticed when I sucked on it his cock would throb in my mouth so I kept sucking it. His hand raised and rubbed my side. 
“MMMM” passed through his lips. His rubs began to push me, as if to pace a rhythm on it. I wrapped both hands at the bottom of his dick as I sucked on the top. I could feel his hips begin to roll with my rhythm. My jaw was getting tired now but I wanted to see him cum. This was kind of fun.
“SSSSS!!!” He sucked air in through his teeth and jumped when my tooth clipped his dick. 
“Sorry!” I said and continued my suck feast. 

“O.k. That’s enough!” He tried to lift my chin with his hand. I didn’t let up, I continued to suck and bob on his cock. I looked up at his face, his eyes were closed and his forehead was frowned up. Occasionally he’d lick those beautiful, luscious, black lips, but no more sounds came out. 
I could feel him getting into it, his shaft started to swell more in my mouth. His hips were moving up and down and side to side vigorously. His hand found my head and fisted a hand full of my hair. At first he was just resting his hand there then after a while he would push my head down on it. Damn I’m getting turned on again. Just the fact of seeing him enjoy something else but my pussy made me really hot! I tasted more heavy precum on the back of my throat as he started fuckin’ my mouth.
“Ok, that’s enough baby!” he said leaning up. 
“Mmmnn mmm!” I indicated no and continued engulfing his treasure in my mouth. 
“Come on Jas you finna make me cum!” 
“Give it to me baby, let me taste it.” I begged. Then just before he was about to wrap my mouth back on his engorged hard on, he yanked my hair so hard. 
“I SAID NO!!!” he barked and snatched me off his dick. 

I really didn’t mean to pull her hair like that. I sat up and removed her hands from her crying face. 
“Baby I’m sorry” I kissed her tears. 
“Why you do that?” she asked staring her dark brown eyes into mine. 
“I just……” I paused and leaned back. I couldn’t nut in her mouth, to me that’s nasty.
“Was it something I did?” she questioned, how come I knew she was going to ask me that. 
“No baby it wasn’t you, you were great, the bomb!!” I lied. Her tooth hit my dick one more time I’d kill her.
“I just want to make love to you that’s all.” I said buried my lips in her neck. 
I could feel every inch of her sweet little hot pussy stretch to meet the size of my rod as I pushed in. 
“AH!” she moaned as I mounted her missionary style. Her pussy was tighter than I remembered it ever being so I had trouble getting in. 

“I’m not gone hurt nothing going all the way in?” 
“Nothing but my feelings if you don’t.” she responded. 
She looked so beautiful all over, her smile, her hair, her body…. mmm I wanted to hold her and squeeze her as I slowly made love to her. Her belly was so big, I couldn’t really do very much with anything, it was way bigger than Shauny‘s was. Her pussy got so wet so fast it was like walking on ice. I almost broke my back, when I fell deep into her love. 
“Oo you feel so good!” she whispered. “So good!” 
“I love you.” Damn did I say that, out loud? Her eyes flew open in shock. I shocked myself when I said that. 
“I- love- aahhh- you too!!!” she returned and came all over my dick. It felt like she pissed on me she squirted to much. It was truly magical to see her in a state of ecstasy like that. I couldn’t hold mine back any longer so I released a load in her so deep it shall never come back. 
“Is that a yes then?” I asked out of breath, and she smiled. Tears fell from her eyes. 
“Of course I’ll be your wife!” and she planted kisses all over my face. 
“Well future, Mrs. Jordan lets make this engagement official.” I said and retrieved a box from my pants pocket. 
“What?” I opened the box and she screamed. 
“It’s so beautiful!” Jas threw her arms around me and practically licked my tonsils. I placed the ring on her finger and we made mad passionate love once more.

One week later 7:14a.m. (Monday morning) 
I awoke to the smell of a wonderful breakfast. I looked over to see if Jas was up but she had been gone, her spot was cold. I sat up to get out the bed when she came in with a breakfast tray. 
“Good morning!” she smiled and placed the tray over my lap. I had a plate of three big pancakes, two fried eggs over easy, just like I like them, and a beef sausage link. 
“Enjoy your breakfast” she said and walked away. 
“Wwwooo!! Where you goin’?” I questioned her. 
“To school it is Monday you know.” she returned. 
“Baby please stay here with me?” I begged. 
“Don’t you have to go to work or something?” she ruined my moment. 
“Yeah, but I was thinking of staying home and making love to you again.” 
“Tempting, but I got to go to school, you know Big Momma would kill me.” I couldn’t wait until she’s my wife. I ate my breakfast and got dressed. 
“Why don’t you drive anymore?” I asked Jas. 
“Well you seen how small my car is and look at this belly!” she said sticking it out further. I turned to look at her little green Geo Metro and realized she was too big to fit. “Any way Big Momma says that I shouldn’t be driving right now anyway being so close to due now.” 
“She’s right I agree.” 
“Well can I drive your car, you know mine got fucked up when…” I paused remembering not to talk to her about that night. 
“Sure baby what ever!” she said and tossed me the key and started walking away. 
“Do you need me to drive you to school?” 
“Well I guess so, cause I am kinda tired.” I helped her in the car, threw her cane in the back seat, and ran around to get in the drivers. When we arrived at her school I came around to the other side of the car and opened the door for her. 

When I helped her out her class mates yelled through the gate, 
“Damn Jasmine is that your man?” 
“Oh that is so sweet he opens the door for her and helps her out.” She just blushed and shook her head. 
“Don’t listen to these HAYTAS, Black!” she said more to them than me. She waddled up the stairs and I walked with her. 
“I’ll be here when you get out to pick you up. O.K.?” I said and gave her a deep tonguing. 
“We’ll finish this later, I LOVE YOU!” I said then I left for work late. 
I wanted so badly to stop over to Shauny’s house, but I knew after what she said she wasn’t interested in what I had to say. I miss her like mad. Was I planning on marrying her because Shauny is married or was I marrying her because I loved her? This was a difficult, I know I want to be with Shauny but I cant, I’m not sure if I really want to marry Jas but I do know that I loved her.

3:00p.m. Jasmine’s car
She was standing in front of the school when I drove up. I jumped out the car and walked her over to the door. I helped her in the car and drove her home.
“I’m finna go back to work, I’ll be in late tonight. 

8:16p.m. work
Sarita came up to my job around 8:30. “Can you take a break?” 
“Sarita, what you doing down here this time of night?”
“Well, Jay’s on the road, my boyfriend’s out of town, and Twon’s all sanctified now.” I frowned up. 
“I just don’t have no dick to turn to.” she said and started pouting. 
“Aaawww, you sure don’t, good night Sarita!” I turned.
“NOT EVEN FOR A QUICKIE, you know Jas is going to be out of commission for at least two months.” She informed with a smile on her face. Just the sound of two months reminded me of the seven months I was locked down. The pain of my dick throbbing every night and couldn’t get no relief.
“I know you want to!” She said and wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed my stiffening dick through my pants. 
“Come on Black, just for old times sake, the bathrooms free now we can go in there…”
“NO! Shauny, you know I’m with Jas!” Not moving, enjoying her massage of my dick.
“Please, I’ll make it worth your while!” I pitched a tent so large that if I didn’t let it down someone was sure to see it.

“I’M ON BREAK! BE BACK IN TEN!” I yelled at my manager.
“Yeah!” he hollered back. I pushed Sarita by the neck into the bathroom, then closed and locked the door.
“Now what is this worth yo while shit? Huh?” She pulled her tight skirt up. As cold as it is outside I couldn’t believe she went Commando. Then squatted down and undid my pants. She pulled them down to my ankles, along with my draws. She sucked my already hard dick into her mouth. 
“SSSS, MMMM!!” Her mouth was wonderful, she knew how to do it all. I rolled my hips all around and pushed and pulled my dick in her mouth. Then all of a sudden she just stopped. 
“Waa… What the fuck…!” 
“You wanna cum, then fuck me!!!” she blackmailed.
“You heard me, if you wanna cum then FUCK ME!” She pulled out a condom and rolled it down my dick. 
“What the fuck wrong with you?”
“Nothing, a girl needs a little action too, you know?” I really didn’t care what she wanted at this point, all I wanted was to nut so since I was almost there anyway I pushed her over the sink and entered her from behind. 

Her pussy was already wet so I slid in easily. Her loose pussy made fart sounds as I pounded in and out of it vigorously. I hate sloppy pussy but I needed the nut so… I slammed her head against the mirror hoping to bust it with every stroke. I punched and jabbed every thrust into her pungent pussy. 
“OOHHH YEAH… I’m cumin’, right there, yesss right theeerrrreeee!!!” I continued to punch in it faster and deeper as her pussy sucked my nut out. 
“Fuuucckkkk!!!” I grabbed her fat thighs and squeezed them tightly as I spewed my nut. It shot so hard it instantly drained me and I lost my balance. I staggered to catch myself from falling and held on to the wall.
“I got some good shit huh?” I laughed hard.
“I had better, now get the fuck out!!!” She rolled her eyes, pulled down her skirt, and left the bathroom. I washed up and went back to work.

I went into the refrigerator and poured myself a cup of milk. I drank it fast and climbed the stairs to my room. My hips and legs were hurting soo bad today I think I should just lay here for the rest of the night. I woke up to kisses across my face. “You’re back?” I asked him. 
“Yeah I’m back!” he said and kissed me again. “Is there anything I could do for you?” he asked. 
“Well I am hungry!” 
“Good,” he said and sat the bag of food on my lap. “Chinese, you like Chinese don’t you?” he questioned me. 
“It’s ok, but it does make my legs swell up at night.” 
“Baby I signed up to go back to school, I have big plans, when the baby gets here…” I sat there eating spoon after spoon of duck and noodle with extra onion listening to him ramble on and on and on. Then a big cramp came, I breathed it off. After a minute two after the cramp a big gush of fluid poured out of my pussy. I thought I peed but I just went a few seconds ago. 
“Black …” I interrupted. 
“I want to start a savings account for him, and I want to buy a house for us cause… “Black ?…” I interrupted again. 
“I don’t want my wife staying in one house and…” 
“BLACK !!” I screamed, and punched him in the arm. He turned to look at me as I was doubled over and watery stuff was coming from between my legs. 
“Ohhh shit.” he growled and ran out for Big Momma. Big Momma ran upstairs and helped him take me to my car. 
“You take her to the hospital and I will get her things.” Big Momma told him. He was so nervous that he could hardly pay attention to the road. 
“Rell you don’t have to speed, I am not in any pain.” I told him but that didn’t matter to him. 
“That’s good!” he told me forgetting to slow down. 

Hospital 11:22p.m.Two months later (Monday)
I had planned to marry Jasmine two weeks before she was due to give birth. I got our marriage licenses and had the court day all ready for us, but the baby had other plans. Her bag of waters broke today. 
“ I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to spoil your plans.” she apologized. 
I stroked her shiny brown hair and told her…“It’s not your fault baby.” I guess we could still get married after the baby’s born?
Big Momma came into the room after the doctor came in to do his initial assessment of her condition. “What did the doctor say?” she asked me 
“Well, he said since she is not having any contractions, it could take some time before she have the baby. He‘s running some tests now.” 
“Good” she said and sat her things on the chair next to her bed. 
“Jas you do good now, here?” she said, kissed her, then she left. 
“Baby I have a surprise for you!” she said 
“What!” happy to see her smiling again. 

“I’ll show you later” She said and kissed me.
“What’s the matter!” She asked me and rubbed my arm. 
“Just a little nervous about what’s going on.”
“Don’t be nervous, you will make me even more nervous. Is there anything else?” 
“Well…I really wanted to get married before the baby gets here.” I told her dismally. 
“You still can, that is if you have all your things together.” the nurse called through the door. We both stared at her. “There’s a chapel down the hall and a priest. He just married a couple three days ago and I’m sure he’ll marry the two of you.” she exclaimed while she checked her vitals. 
“What do we need?” I asked her. 
“Well for starters you would need a marriage license, I.D.s and I think that’s it, you’d have to ask him. Since the doctor wants to wait to start your labor to make sure the babies lungs are mature, you have some time.” 
“How soon will we know?” I asked. 
“In a couple of hours after the amniocentesis.” she said and walked out. 
“Baby, I have to go to work but I’ll be back later!” I said, kissed her, and shot out the door. 

11:44p.m. Hospital Room (L&D)
I got off early tonight and the next three days so that I could be there for Jas when she had my baby. They gave me shit about it but I got the time I needed. Jas was sound asleep when I came in. I kissed her on her soft pink lips and sat down. I guess I was more tired than I thought, as soon as I sat down I was out like a light.
“Baby, why don’t you go home and get some sleep!” Jas said waking me up. My neck had a crook in it I was so uncomfortable in that chair.
“I don’t know, I don’t want miss being here when the baby‘s born.”
“Trust me, they ain’t comin’ tonight, go home and get some sleep, but be here first thing in the morning though!” 
I laughed. Did she say they… I’m so fuckin’ tired I’m hearing things. I got up and kissed her good night.

I drove to my ma’s house and went inside. I heard talking in the living room so I investigated. As I rounded the corner I saw Shauny sitting on the love seat next Ma holding Isaiah in her lap. 
“Well it’s about time you got here son, we were just talking about how much this baby looks like you when you were a baby.” I just smiled and walked over to them and grabbed my three month old son out of ma‘s lap. “He was 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches just like you were Tyrell.” Ma smiled at us and so did Shauny. I kissed his little brown cheeks.
“He’s the spiting image of his dad, I must say!” Shauny interjected. I walked over to the sofa and sat down. 

“So did Jas have the baby?” Ma questioned. 
“Naw, her water just broke, she’ll probably have it sometime tomorrow.” I said and leaned back and laid Isaiah across my chest. I kissed his forehead and he closed his eyes. Damn, how am I going to do this, two babies within three week of each other. I fucked myself into a hole that’s for sure! Do the right thing echoed through my head as I drifted off to sleep. 

After a minute or two I felt Shauny grabbing the baby out of my arms and I jumped up. 
“Well I got to go now so I can get some sleep!” she said and began dressing Isaiah. 
“I’ll walk you home.” 
We walked across the lawn, I carried Isaiah in his baby seat and she carried his accessories. While she fumbled for her keys to open the door, I leaned on her and kissed her neck. The sweet smell of her hair made Iceberg jump in my pants. She leaned into it as I laid a bigger, more succulent kisses on her neck. I put the baby seat on the porch and wrapped my arms around her. My hands roamed up her shirt to her tender breast and cupped them. She then turned to face me and kissed me just as passionately as I did her. 
She removed my hands and turned around. In a heated thrust she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into another savory kiss. I wrapped one arm around her waist and grabbed her ass with the other hand. My tongue pushed past her lips deep into her mouth and she lustfully reciprocated. I could feel myself getting hard. I raised one of her legs and held it at my waist while I pushed my erection against her mound again and again.

“Black, we can’t!” she broke away and pushed me back. Damn, she was feeling so good. Berg immediately and agonizingly began to deflate. She turned around and opened the door and put Isaiah inside the door. 
“I’m sorry but we can’t!” she said stepping in her doorway. 
“You’re right, I’m sorry. I don‘t know what came over me!!” She was so beautiful, I could feel my heart breaking as she backed into the door. 
“Don’t be sorry,” she said and caressed my cheek. I grabbed her hand and held it against my face. I pulled the palm of her hand over my mouth and kissed the inside of it again and again. I loved her and she was married to another. 
“We just can’t do this anymore! I’m with Jay and you’re with Jas, you’re getting married for God’s sakes!” I knew she was right but I couldn’t help but to want her still. I released her hand and kneeled down towards my son.
“See you tomorrow lil’ Man.” I said and kissed him. As I began to walk away she called out… 

“Congratulations, Black, on your marriage and new arrival!” I turned to look at her, I thought I could see what looked like hurt in her face. I know she saw it in mine.
“Thanks.” I said, smiled, and walked back to the house and went to bed.

Next day Tuesday 7:00a.m.
I got up took a shit and showered. I got everything I needed for my special day today. I put my tux, tie, cummerbund, and gators in Jas’s car.
“You ready to be a married man?” Michaels called from my open room door! Damn this nigga won’t quit. 
“As ready as I’ll ever be!” I returned.
“Congratulations Tyrell, I mean that!” 
I gave him an up nod without turning to look at him. “Thanks!” He walked away.

I stopped by Big Momma’s house to make sure she had all the things ready for Jas.
“I have everything ready, Sarita called and said you talked to her and she will be here to pick up all her things later.” I smiled and gave Big Momma a tight hug. 
“I’m so happy for the both of you Tyrell!” she said and kissed my cheek. 
“Thank you Big Momma, that means a lot!”
I darted off for the barbershop for a cut and shave.

10:04a.m. Hospital (L&D)
“Don’t you look beautiful today!” I called to my wife as I entered her room. She woke up and smiled. Her face was dry and her hair was all over her head.
“Don’t play Black, that’s not funny!” We laughed, hugged, and kissed.
“I’ll be right back Jas! I got a surprise for you.” I said and grabbed her hand.
“Well…” I began but was cut short.
“Alright Ms. Richardson let’s get this test out the way so we can see if you can have this baby!” a nurse called at the door. She came over unlocked the wheels and started rolling the bed carrying my future wife away to do some testing.
“I’ll be here when you get back!” I promised and she kissed my hand before I let hers go.
Sarita cleared her throat as she walked by the door our room and hurried down the hall. I grabbed my things off the chair in the hall and went to follow Sarita. 
“Over here!” she whispered from the bathroom. I walked in the bathroom and she was already bottom naked. She threw me a condom… “There you go!” I felt really bad about what I was about to do but damn, I can’t do anything to jeopardize what I just got today, a happy future. 

“Damn can you get me hard first!” I soured and carefully hung my clothes on the hook and placed my gators on the floor. She went down on both knees and wrapped her stubby little fingers around the base. She pulled on it to get a rise out of it but no success. Then she licked up the back of my shaft. Her hot tongue sent good sensations up and down my spine. Berg began to awaken. She wrapped her mouth around it, as if to say ‘rise and shine, come out and play’, and caused an instant erection. As soon as she saw that my dick was locked on rock and ready to roll she stood up and snatched the condom from my hand and slid it on for me. 
“I’m ready!” she said and smiled.
“I ight, come on!” I felt sick, I promised I’d fuck her if she’d come and get my wife ready for me today. Damn, on my wedding day, I’m fuckin’ her best friend! 
I began to think about Jas, what would she do if she found out about this. Would she divorce me, would she hate me. Jay once told me that you have to consummate your marriage for it to be official. I’d have to wait two months before I could do that. I can never let her know about this, Never!! Yeah, after this, I’ll be true to her, no more cheating.
I pushed her over the toilet and I prepped for the stickin’. I slid in and almost fell. I pushed in but her pussy didn’t push back. Damn, where the walls at in this shit, her pussy had no grip at all. I can’t feel shit in this sloppy piece. The condom was tighter than she was. I could feel myself starting to shrink. How do she expect me to stay hard up in this shit. I rolled my hips around trying to find a tight spot to rock against but to no avail, damn!!! I wrapped my fingers around the base and fucked her with what was left of my shrinking dick. 

“Harder Black, I’m cumin’” she begged. I hit her harder from the back with my incredibly shrinking dick and she sprayed her cum all over the back of my hand. I pushed down on the bend of her back so that her pucker winked out at me. I slid my slightly stiff dick out of her bottomless pit and dotted that eye. Berg stiffened upon contact. “AAAHHH!! Black NO, you hurting me!” I ignored her pleas and continued to push into her ass with all fury. “No Black!! Please, it hurts!” 
I finally entered her ass to the hilt. It felt so good that I pulled out and slammed into it again. Her pleas got louder, “SHUT UP!!! YOU WANTED THIS DICK SO CLOSE YO MOUTH AND TAKE IT!” I furiously spat through clenched teeth and slammed another thrust into her tight ass. She whimpered with every exhilarating thrash I threw into her ass. 
“If you tell her about any of this I will kill you, I promise you that! You here me?” I asked and slammed another thrust into her ass. My nut sack rose up under my dick as I got ready to blast all my nut into the waiting condom deep in her ass. Just before it shot out she jumped up, which snatched my dick out her ass and turned around. 
“I said NO DAMN IT! It hurts too bad.” I felt like smacking her ass through that mirror.
“Bitch don’t play with me, I ain‘t in no mood to play pussy games with you! ” I looked down at my throbbing dick and the condom was gone.

“Where the condom?”
“I don’t know!” she said franticly looking around for it. When she turned around I saw it swinging from between her fat ass cheeks like a tail. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. 
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing!” I snapped at her.
“Did you cum yet?” What the fuck was she thinking. 
“Hell naw I ain‘t cum, you gone suck me off?” I stared disgustedly. 
Before she said something there was a knock on the door. 
“Everything’s ready Mr. Jordan!” The nurse said.
“Be out in a minute!” 
I sat down on the toilet and leaned back. She got on her knees and crawled between my legs. She engulfed my dick in one swallow. I felt the suction of her mouth and leaned my head back in delight. 
“Aahh yeah!” Just like that… By balls smacked against her chin as I rammed my dick down her neck. She rolled her tongue over all the hot spots. I grabbed her hair and rolled her head around to devour it whole. I kept fucking her hungry mouth until it was full. I unloaded across the back of her throat and she swallowed it all like the pro she was. When she got up and put on her thongs and pulled her tight skirt down I still saw the imprint of the condom that was stuck in her ass through her skirt. Again I had to laugh.
There was a shower in the bathroom, I took a quick wash up then dressed, and joined the family and friends at the chapel for my wedding. 

1:40p.m. hospital room (Tuesday)
“Jasmine, get up girl!” I heard Sarita say. 
“Sarita, girl what you doin’ here?” I sat up and hugged her. 
“Girl why didn’t you call me?” 
“I’m sorry my water broke yesterday and Black rushed me in like a bat out of hell.” 
“I’m not talking about that part, he told me about that, I’m talking about your wedding! Girl you should have told me you was getting married.” 
“Girl that’s not until after the babies are born.” 
“AAHH NO!!, he asked me to come get you ready for your wedding!!” 
“My wedding? Girl you got to be going mad!” 
“Well then what is this?” she said and pulled out a vail and put it on her head. She paraded around like she was modeling it for me. “Big Momma told me to bring this up to you.” Big Momma, what, I questioned myself getting more and more confused. 
“Girl why aren’t you getting dressed, you can’t keep your future husband waiting!” Big Momma said from the door smiling. She was all dressed up as if it were women in white day at church. 

“Big Momma, what’s going on?” I questioned. 
“You’re getting married girl, so get dressed. Your fiancé, the doctors, and some friends are waiting down at the chapel. Gone now, get dressed, no time to waste!” she said and the nurse came in and swiftly took off my monitors and clamped off my I.V.’s. 
“Congratulations” she told me as I got up to get dressed.
Sarita did my hair in an up do, with wavy strands hanging in front of my ears and in the back. I put on the white gown that hugged my big belly tight. It had a shallow V neck line and the back was out. I put on light makeup and walked out the bathroom. “Wow, Jasmine you look beautiful.” Sarita said. 
“I wish I had enough time to get my camera!” Big Momma said and a tear fell from her eye. I was so nervous I could see my heart pounding through my chest. 
“It’s time” the nurse said through the door. She grabbed a wheel chair. I put on my vail and I sat in it. 
“Here!” Sarita said and handed me some plastic flower from off the nurses station to hold. 
“Thanks.” On the ride down I looked at my feet. I only had on them socks that have the rubber soles, and they were blue! I had to laugh.

2:30p.m. Hospital Chapel
I looked around and saw that Shauny, Jay, and Isaiah came together and smiling at me. Jay had Isaiah in his arms and Shauny had her arm wrapped around his free arm. When Sarita came around the corner I saw Shauny frown and turn her head back to me. I was glad that she decided not to ruin my day with some bullshit. Ma and Michaels and Terrance were looking good in their outfits. Ma just smiled and held tight to Michaels’s arm and Terrance stood next to me. My best man, fa real! Big Momma stood next to my ma.
The musician began playing “Here Comes The Bride.” I couldn’t breath when I saw my beautiful fiance waddle around the corner in her wedding gown. She had a beautiful smile on her face that took my breath away. Oh my god this is really happening. No I’m not dreaming… I am not imagining every one here, or Jasmine walking down the aisle to join me in holy matrimony. My mind was racing a million miles a minute; one minute I saw Jas, then the next minute I saw Shauny. I had to look at Shauny to make sure I was seeing who I thought I was seeing. 

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