Not Straight

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She walked up to me so seriously. I had seen her glance over and linger on me during class. Now, she stood in front of me confident yet anxious. “Are you gay?” she said to me. I raised my gaze slowly to meet hers. “No,” I said casually. She hesitated like she wanted to say more but was caught off guard by my answer. She started to turn but I stopped her saying, “Is that it?” “What?” she said turning back around. “Well aren’t you gonna ask me if I’m straight?” I returned, smirking ever so slightly. She smiled, “Well then are you straight?” “No,” I responded this time giving her a full flash of my pearly whites.

We stayed there for a few minutes, her standing and me still sitting in my seat, as if we were on the verge of a really deep conversation we needed privacy for. Privacy needed, but conversation wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Once everyone had left I stood up, taking my jacket off instead of putting it on. I put my hands on her waist and felt her breathe in sharply, nervously. I moved her slowly step by step backwards to the door teasing her with my breath, cutting the distance between our lips. Moving my hand across her stomach, I pushed her against the heavy door and flicked off the light with my other hand. She thought I might kiss her but I wasn’t done teasing yet. I turned smoothly grazing her cheek with my lips and I looked out the door window into the hallway. Clear enough. I ducked my head down and with just the slightest bit of hesitation I kissed her gently, pulling away one lip at a time.

I slid my hands to her stomach gently fingering the contours of her ribs. She moved her hands around my neck to the back of my head pulling me in and kissed me deep and hard. I pulled her bottom lip with my lips, alternating kissing her one lip at a time, pulling and teasing. Her tongue worked its way in my mouth like a master and I had to have her. I raised my hands to her arms, tickling her skin with the gentle glide, and then fastened her arms around my neck bringing us even closer. I dropped my hands down her body smoothly slipping from shoulders to chest to hips to ass. Grabbing her in one swift motion, I lifted her up on to the desk next to us.

She wrapped her legs around my waist forcing my body into hers. I grabbed her outstretched arms and holding her wrists brought them above our heads. I was in control as I continued kissing her. I made my way then from her lips down her neck, behind her ear, and leaving my sweet breath on her ear. She moaned and I smiled into her at the pleasure she was getting. Then I nibbled and suck her ear lobes. She clenched her hands into mine. I released her hands and grabbed hold of her waist rubbing my hands across her ribs up down and holding for balance while I buried my face into her neck. Sucking. Biting. Licking. Every inch of her. She took my head in her hands and incased my lips in hers and her tongue in my mouth. I let my hands roam her body—momentarily too driven to hold back.

My hands traced and massaged the muscles in her back while my thumbs lead me back to her chest and I slide up over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples even through her bra. Then with an immediate shift, I tightened her legs around me and ripped her shirt up over her head.

I detached myself from her lips and dragged her down the desk laying her down. I traced my way from her ear, down her neck, and across her collar bone with my tongue. I let my finger gently slide from her clavicle down her cleavage. I kissed from her bellybutton to her bra. She arched her and I unclipped her bra. I waited a second admiring her beautiful body before devouring her nipples. I alternated between the two sucking one while pinching the other between my fingers, full hand I squeezed as she squirmed. She could no longer hold it in as her grasping breaths became full moans and “god yeahs.”

My hands worked to rip down her pants and throw them to the floor. I smiled at the noticeably wet spot soaking through her panties. I slipped my arms under her knees and pulled her so pussy was at the edge of the desk.

I leaned forward and dragged my teeth down her stomach, taking hold of the top of her panties with my teeth. I pulled them away slightly then hooking my thumbs through them, grabbed the lace and slid them off. My fingers entertained her skin with their gentle touch. She arched her back and I couldn’t delay my desire any longer. I quickly lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders and buried my face between her legs. I kissed, licked, and sucked every inch of skin around her pussy before diving further in. I kissed her pussy lips as if they just extension of her face. She was dripping into mouth and tasted like sweet and delicious sex.

I brought my tongue to her slit and slipped my tongue into her starting from the back. As I moved I pushed my tongue deeper into her, drinking her in. I lingered just before her clit, just momentarily. I kissed her clit, gentle as first. She arched and squirmed trying to push me further into her my hands held back. My tongue teased her with just the lightest touch. She let out a loud moan.

We were too deep to stop at this point and getting caught was not an option I wanted to consider. I shhhed her into her, my hot breath warming her already smoldering clit. She laced her hands through my hair pulling on it. like reigns I took this and proceeded full force ahead sucking her clit between my lips, circling it with my tongue. I was completely zoned out to her moans as I took my finger and slid it in her. it went in smooth and I joined it with a second finger. I thrusted my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy, playing with her swollen g-spot. All the while continuing with my mouth.

I pushed up into her g-spot with my fingers and sucked hard on her clit not stopping until her entire body started to shake and tense. Her whole body went stiff and she tried not to scream her, “holy fuck—“ before her throat tensed with the rest of her. Her pussy squeezed my fingers tight but I kept my moment until she came down from her orgasm. I licked her, cleaning her up, teasing her now too sensitive parts. And she laid there trying to regain herself. I kissed up her stomach, wiped my mouth on my arm, and kissed her on the mouth one last time. Then I pulled away and said, “See, not straight either.” And walked out of the classroom.

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