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Small Dick Stories

  • Lamont and The Preacher's Wife
    Cheating Wifes
    Lamont uses his massive endowment to help those in need. Women who have small-dicked boyfriends or husbands are often his prey...

  • Guy with horse dick
    girls find their class mates dick to be the size of a horse, and so they have fun with it by teasing than using it...

  • Funny small white dicks
    I get caught masturbating my 2 inch dick by my black friend who fucks me like crazy!!!

  • Bottom
    His dick was so far up me it drove me insane. He ripped into me with a stamina like few before him were able, and he was relentless...

  • Teen Trilogy Part One: Emily
    Emily is unsatisfied with her shitty boyfriend and his small cock. Part one of a trilogy...

  • Fucking a beautiful lady
    I was rubbing my hands all over her thighs, hips and was enjoying it. Then slowly my fingers came in contact with her arsehole and I slid my middle finger slightly inside and starting jerking the finger. She was trembling now and was shivering like she was sitting on some vibrating machine. I realized that my dick was bitten and discovered it to be in her mouth and she was sucking and biting it...

  • Worshipping big dick
    I don't always play with men, but when I do I prefer big dicks...

  • The Dead Dick Diddle
    Salem was never this good. Witches of the northeast have not only survived, they have thrived and evolved. Their great dark magick gives them ulitimate power over all men. And the men actually love giving all they can give for Gina the goddess...

  • Dr. Dick
    A visit to her doctor takes a nice twist...

  • Small Town Girl Turns into exhibitionist
    Gangbang Whore...

  • My Sister Sucked my Dick
    I loved this story and i thought you guys would like it so I took it from here...'http://www.literotica.com/s/sister-sucks-sleeping-sibling

  • My Sister Sucked my Dick : Part 2
    The second part of the last one...

  • My Sister sucked my dick : Part 3
    100% fiction...

  • Small-town Teenage Whore, part 1
    Suzy celebrates her 18th birthday by sucking cock and fucking.

  • Dominated
    Turning around slowly, Carl got 'his first look at Quin's clean shaven lips, above which was a small patch of dark brown 'pubic hair!...

  • The surrogate
    Julie was transfixed as she stared at 'the huge black dick only inches from her face, and although it was only semi hard, it was 'bigger than any cock she had ever seen!...

  • The principal's office
    Mr. Wilkins was dizzy with desire, and he couldn't 'believe that he was getting his cock sucked by a cute little eighteen year old high school 'junior, and looking down and seeing his dick in her mouth caused his nuts to tighten up 'and his cock to spurt a huge load of cum into her pretty mouth!...

  • His wife
    'I'm a 'little disappointed in you, Taggert,' she cooed while cupping the twin beauties in her 'small hands...

  • Jamie

  • Richard
    The big, bearded German worked his free hand between Richard's legs and gripped his cock, so that the deeper he stuffed his fist into Richard's asshole, the harder he jerked his dick...

  • Jorge

  • Revenge
    Marie 'began timing Ray's thrusts, and soon she was meeting them with a slight push of her 'own, and as they both boarded the orgasm express, they held on for dear life as their ... 'organs took over and slammed them into the rocks of an incredible cum that left them 'both shell shocked and stunned as they slipped to the floor in a disheveled heap with 'Ray's dick still firmly panted in Marie's worn out pussy!!!...

  • Wednesday afternoon
    When she was sure everything was ready, Anna pushed her little 'tight ass forward, slowly impaling Evie's cunt with the black rubber dick!...

  • Control 1
    Jason could see that Miss Evans was clearly nearing her orgasm, and the offer of having a big dick to suck on was one that she could not pass up, so quickly Mr. Binyon positioned himself so that she could easily take him into her mouth!!!...

  • Harem girl: part two
    As each inch penetrated her pussy, her body was wracked with one orgasm after another, each one even more intense than the one before it, and while the climaxes she had experienced back at the palace with the other girls were great, the sensation of being filled the brim with hard dick flesh made her realize that they were only a poor substitute for the real thing!!!...

  • The masseuse
    As his fingers pressed firmly into her lower spine, she flinched a little as a small stab of pain shot through her lower back, but almost immediately the pain was replaced by a nice soothing warm sensation that seemed to radiate all around the painful area!!!...

  • The intruder
    Now climbing between her open legs, he rubbed his hard cock against her wet opening, while teasing her by making sure her clit was manipulated by his dick head!!!...

  • Pulled Over
    She Males
    He roughly pawed her tits and scoffed, 'Padded huh? It's ok, some of us like small titties' He was at 'her waist now and then back to her legs, he trailed his fingers up her thighs and felt her shudder lightly. ''You like that don't you?' Kristen stayed quiet and prayed her dick would stay limp as the cop worked 'his way up half patting her down half feeling her up...

  • Five little Boys
    This Story is about five small boys who go camping together and all have gay sex

  • Sleepover Bliss
    When Troy suggested they pull down my underwear so they could inspect my cock more closely, Brad didn't hesitate. Hooking his fingers under the elastic waist, he pulled down the front of my jockey shorts and exposed my impressive manhood. Troy readily acknowledged the fact that I possessed the biggest dick he'd ever seen...

  • Up the Creek
    I sat cross-legged next to him and started to fondle his uncut dick. Gently playing with it in my hands, I could feel it start to thicken to my touch. The man let one of his hands rest in my lap, where he started to play with my dick and balls, too.

  • New wave in high school for the Rurual
    Thought you all might like to hear some of the interviews from three local high schools on 2002 morals and FEMALE Advancements in the sexual arena see of this sounds any thing like your old alma-mater. Cross sections are ,Farm / Small town/ Reciently moved in BIG CITY Girls...

  • Me and my girlfriends time
    Me and my girlfriend have ... for the first time and i stick my dick in her and i ripped her and she has to go to the hospital the next day...

  • A romantic, but erotic, night...
    He gradually places two fingers inside my hot, throbbing clit. He gently moved his fingers in small circles inside me making me want his rock hard dick in me more and more with every move he makes. He takes my nipple into his mouth sucking and flicking his tongue over the hard skin. He lifts my back so that I am at an arch...

  • Life When the Kids have Gone, Part 2
    Dick, Barb, Vickie and Bip discover what sharing is all about in a sexual romp on a cruise...

  • Woman With Needs
    A small time girl moves to a big time city...

  • Louise and her surprise was more than I could have asked for
    Not only was she young, beautiful and small so small. If she was over 5 foot she was tall, and she was Oriental. I had never been with an Oriental before and now she wanted me to show her how I eat pussy! God my cock was staning at attention and dripping with pre-cum! This was going to be fun for al of us!

  • Welcome to my house Louise I have mised you baby!
    I woke up with louise standing over me dressed in next to nothing. She told me she wanted to prove she was still into guys and that she has really misssed my big cock! My dick was harding fast from looking up at her dressed in that short tank top and very short cut offs. She told me she wanted and needed to be fucked NOW!

  • Cabin by the Lake
    Another first time story. On vacation, in a small cabin, Mark wonders whether he will fullfill his fantasy to see his sister and mother in the buff...

  • Janets-first-Time
    A forty-something finds love with her baby sitter, Heidi, Who was a pretty sweet teenaged blond beauty. She had huge tits for a small girl and she just looked soft and edible. Janet was shocked to think that she was thinking about another female this way, but still it was the truth...

  • Boss's Wife

  • Chemical Castration
    My dick fell lifelessly down against my aching balls and she just let out an excited laugh...

  • Mary Joe Marries a doctor
    Mary Joe wanted to be refereed to as a small woman...

  • The driving lesson
    Man after man fucked Rita. They were totally naked now. Rita looked at the sea of stiff hard pricks and was delighted. What a wonderful way to get pregnant! Rita was having a small climax every few minuets and she was waiting for the big one where she would squirt all over the place. Rita was excited that her uncle was watching her fuck and winked at him.

  • Tommy Maria and Angela
    Her father was retired and moved to a small town. Maria and her mother hated it. There were no malls and life was slow. Her father bought a small house. The streets were not paved and when it rained they became muddy. Maria walked down the muddy country road to the mailbox. A thunderstorm was brewing and the sky was black. Maria got the mail and it started to rain hard. Lighting flashes filled the sky. She was going to get soaking wet...

  • Escape to Mexico
    Jenny did not waste any time. She took Jim to her bed room. Peggy smoked marijuana with Larry. When they were high they kissed and went to bed to fuck. When Peggy passed her mother's room she heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Peggy and Larry undressed. Larry sucked her small breasts and lay her on the bed. He mounted her and fucked her until he blew his load in her pussy. The door opened and Jenny entered the room and sat down on the bed...

  • Life is Wonderful
    Carl was surprised at her brash request. This lovely girl was fucking his son, and so was her sister. What if their mother was a horny bitch also? Maybe he could get a piece of ass from her. He was a lonely man after his divorce. He hadn't stuck his dick in a cunt for years...

  • Beth buys a house
    The woman brought back a small chubby girl holding a rag doll. Maria said something to the girl in Portuguese. The little girl handed her dolly to Maria. She took off her dress and her cotton panties...

  • Sharing Black (Part 2)

  • Virginity's Caress

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