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Heidi’s Punishment Chap 3- “Making Daddy Happy”

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Note : This story is completely fictional! 

A side note: Heidi’s Punishment Chap 2- “The Rules” was added in the Bisexual section accidentally, if you have not read it yet, you might want to. Thank you.

They’d been on the road for a couple of days now, when something unbelievable happened. Heidi began to worship her Daddy, the way he wanted. But that wasn’t the strangest part, it happened late one day, on the last leg of their journey to their new home.

Daddy allowed Heidi to rest in the car, but her legs and hands were chained together so she wasn’t quite as comfortable as she wanted to be. On the way to their new home, Daddy stopped at a few stores along the way. He even brought Heidi into one of them, with her chained up like that.

A man working in the store came up to them, “Well, what to we have here? Has your little bitch been a bad girl today?”

“No, she’s just learning to get used to my control. I need to get some more punishment tools for her. And maybe some presents.” 

“Just look around. And tell me if you need to try something on her.” Daddy smiled and Heidi followed him along like a little puppy. Looking at the display racks, Daddy found many things that he wanted her to try on, mostly hooker-like clothing, with straps and buckles on them. 

“Heidi, my little bitch, what do think about this one?” He held up a leather body suit, with holes in four areas, and little chains with clips on the end for three of the areas.

“If it makes you happy sir, I’ll try it on.” He smiled at Heidi, and kissed her for her
pleasant response.

“Ok, my little slut, let’s go try it on.” Daddy led her into the back of the store, telling the man he could watch if he wanted. Heidi didn’t protest, knowing that she’d be punished even more if she did object. The man followed after putting up a sign in the window. Daddy unlocked her constraints, so she could undress.

“Heidi, get out of your clothes.” She obeyed, stepping out of her little skirt and top that Daddy made her wear. “Now, put this on.” She stepped into it, letting the cool leather slide up her body.

When she was dressed in the getup, Daddy and the man smiled at each other, “Wow, you’ve got yourself, one hell of a slut right there. I wouldn’t mind her around too much.”

“Heidi, look at yourself in the mirror.” She obeyed and was shocked to see how grown up she looked from two days ago. “What do you think, Heidi?”

Thinking carefully about her response, she said, “I think that if it pleases you, then I’m happy.”

“Oh, Heidi, you’ve made me so proud. You get a little present.” Daddy stepped forward and clipped the clasps where they belonged on her body. She winced but didn’t say anything as Daddy put the clasps on her nipples and clit.

The man commented on how well behaved she was and asked Daddy for a taste of Heidi. “I’ll make a deal with you, sir. One fuck in your bitches cunt and I’ll give you $500 to spend in this store free.”

“Sorry, I’ll let you have her ass and mouth after I’m done, but no cunt for the same price. Do we have a deal?”

“Sure, why the hell not?” They shook hands and both of them stripped down, while Heidi just stood there, trying to make her Daddy happy. 

“Where do you want her first?” asked Daddy.

“I’ll take that delicious mouth of hers. Come on, we’ll get her on a table or something.” Dragging Heidi further down the dressing room corridor, the man working in the shop pulled a low table from out of a closet.

Daddy pulled Heidi over to him and whispered in her ear, “Now, my little Heidi, I’m making an exception to my rules, this man’s dick is going into your mouth and ass, without any protest. Do you understand?” Heidi nodded her head. “Now, little slut, you make this man happy and you’ll be making Daddy happy. I don’t like letting this man fuck you, but I don’t have a lot of money, so do a good job, and you won’t get hurt later on.” Daddy kissed her possessively, and pulled on her nipple chains. Heidi didn’t even cry out.

“Heidi, get on the table.” She did. “Heidi, put your legs over one side, and your head over the other.” She did. “Open your mouth so this nice man can get a good sucking.” Heidi opened her mouth, and without protest, the man’s small dick entered her mouth.

Swirling her tongue around his head, Heidi’s eternal independence screamed out, not wanting this little dick in her mouth! She pleased him, knowing that if she didn’t, she’d bear the brunt of Daddy’s anger, but the repulsive little cock kept making her gag slightly. Knowing that it was going to be up her ass in minutes didn’t help either. 

Deep throating his little dick wasn’t much of a task and the man came within a matter of moments. But Daddy wasn’t done at his end; he was licking and probing her anus, moistening it for the man’s insignificant dick. His fingers prodding her pussy painfully, and when Daddy saw the man growing hard again, he moved aside from her back end, to her mouth.

Heidi opened her mouth again for Daddy’s large dick to enter, which she enjoyed much more than the scrawny dick that had cummed in her mouth moments before. Licking and fluttering her tongue about Daddy’s cock was becoming fun, when suddenly, Heidi felt a painful prick in her ass. The small man was pushing his dick into her, slowly but surely. 

“Oh, man, this bitch’s ass is tighter than anything I’ve ever fucked. Damn, how long have you been fucking her?”

“Almost a week now.”

“That’s it. And already you’ve got her obeying your every wish. How did you do it?” This conversation was like an out of body experience for Heidi, her Daddy and another stranger were fucking her from both ends, talking about fucking her some more. Her daddy she really wouldn’t mind fucking some more, but she had enough of this man. 

“Punishment. Heidi knows her place now. Don’t you girl?” Heidi nodded, still sucking and licking his dick like a lollypop. 

“Wow, I bet that she was one spoiled bitch before you got to her? One slut among the thousands.” By now Daddy was pulling on Heidi’s nipple chains, showing the man how much he could do to her, without complaints. 

“Oh, shit, make her squeeze those ass muscles… I wanna feel her tight ass squeeze the cum out of me.” He slapped Heidi’s leather clad ass, as Daddy pulled on her nipple chains. Heidi squeezed her ass muscles together as hard as she possibly could, and the man shot his cum up into her bowels.

“Ahh… that was wonderful.” The man pulled out, and bent to lick some of his cum from Heidi’s ass. “You know this is the first time, I’ve ever wanted to lick another person’s ass clean.”

As the man licked Heidi’s ass clean, Daddy pushed his entire cock into Heidi’s mouth as he cummed. Finishing his milkshake, Heidi kissed her Daddy’s cock. “Thank you, sir, for letting have your cum. I loved it.”

Daddy laughed, and the man completed his cleaning process, as Heidi got off the table. Her large breasts swinging from their openings in the garment, her ass leaking some of the man’s cum, and her pussy begging for her Daddy’s cock.

“Well, I think that this little bitch here deserves another hundred or so of merchandise. Go ahead, look around. Oh, and keep that leather outfit, and remember me fondly.” The man pushed the table into the closet again, and went out front to open up the store again.

As Daddy and Heidi browsed about the shop, he talked to her in a low voice. “My little cum whore enjoyed our little gangbang, didn’t she? Well, I guess that is to be expected when you’re a slut like you.” 

At the end of the day, Daddy had purchased chains, whips, plugs, rings, some outfits made of leather and chains, with easy access to her cunt, ass, and tits. On the way out, the man gave Heidi a video of their experience which he had been taping.

“What do you say Heidi?” prodded Daddy patiently.

“Thank you, sir, for this wonderful experience, which I will never forget. Your cock was quite lovely, and I will treasure this video for years to cum.”

He and Daddy laughed, as Heidi was ushered outside to the car. In the car, Daddy pulled down his pants for Heidi to suck him dry the rest of the way home. He didn’t chain her on the way home, because he knew that Heidi was his forever. 

Daddy asked ten minutes into the drive home, “Heidi, did you really like that man’s dick? I promise I won’t get angry.”

“No, master! He was small and puny, compared to your huge and dominating cock. I love your cock!”

Daddy pushed her head back down to his dick, and tried focusing on the drive home, but wondered if he could rent out her ass and mouth for a way of life. He loved his little whore, but they stilled needed to survive, and if that meant giving her ass away, then so be it.

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