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Chemical Castration

(Part 1 from 1)

“You want to watch another man fuck me?” she whispered in my ear while my cock was throbbing in her fist. 
“Yes” was my reply. We had been married for a couple of years and my main fantasy had been to watch while another man fucked my wife like a whore. Our sex life was good. We were both still in our early twenties. She was a blonde hottie and my cock stayed hard 24 hours a day. 
Then she said, “I would feel like I was cheating as long as you and I were having sex too. The only way I could do it was if you weren’t able to fuck me any more.” 
I moaned and moved under her fist thinking of the possibilities and hearing her talk about it.
“What do you want more? To fuck me? Or watch another man fuck me?” she asked. She squeezed my cock a little harder when she asked the last question so I moaned again and my chest pounded as I mumbled, “watch another man fuck you.”
“Hmmm, I thought so, I want another man fucking me too but I won’t do it as long as your cock is willing, able and fucking me” she said.
I was humping her fist with my eyes closed, imagining what it would be like to be watching her get fucked right then with my fist on my cock instead of hers.
“So, I guess we will just have to wait until we are old and your cock stops working huh?” she asked.
“You would fuck another man if my cock went limp?” I asked.
“Yes” she replied. Then she added, “I would not only do it, I would love it.”
“Which part?” I asked, “another man fucking you or me having a limp dick?”
“Both” she relied, “you having a limp dick would turn me on and drive me to get fucked.”
My dick was not limp yet so I rolled over on top of her and started fucking her. She was as hot and wet as I was hot and hard. 
“Oh god” I moaned as I fucked her and struggled not to cum too early in her young tight cunt. “I don’t want to wait until we are old, I want you fucked right now” I said breathlessly in her ear.
Her only reply was to start bucking underneath me and start groaning as an orgasm enveloped her and I filled her with my cum.

The next night I came home she had a mischievous grin. She wouldn’t tell me what was up until later that night in bed. She asked me if I remembered our conversation during sex the night before. I started stiffening up just remembering. Then she went on to discuss it and I went to a raging hard on by the time she got to the part about me going limp. 
She just laughed and said, “I see your cock loves the idea of being limp.” Then she proceeded to tell me “I went to the herbal remedies store today and had a long talk with girl behind the counter.” “She sold me some pills that are guaranteed to make you go limp if you take them for a week.”
My heart was starting to pound in my chest and then she said, “there is only one small catch, it’s permanent!” When she said that, the pounding went from my chest to my head. She had my rock hard cock in her fist as usual and felt me swell and pulsate in her hand at the same time. She just grinned and produced a small white pill with her other hand.
“So, what about it” she teased as she rolled it between her long white fingers right in front of my face. All I could do was moan and move against her fist. 
“Open wide baby” she said as she pressed it against my lips. “I am going to make your cock permanently limp and then I am going to let every man who wants to fuck me, fuck me.” She didn’t wait to see if I was actually going to agree and open my mouth. She forced it between my lips until it was against my teeth and continued to press until I open my mouth. She pushed the little pill deep in my mouth with her fingers as she climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my stiff cock. 
She said, “oh god baby, just think, this will be the last time your cock is ever stiff inside me.” I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock shot it’s load inside her while she just laughed about how I had prematurely ejaculated on the last time it would ever get to fuck her.

Every night over the course of the next week she would produce another little pill for me to take. She would fondle and tease me before she made me take it, to see just how hard I could still get. It was definitely working. When I started out, my cock was 4 thick inches when it was limp and a full fat 7 inches when it was hard. I was losing a whole inch and a little thickness and stiffness each night. I wasn’t losing any sex drive or even any feeling in my cock though, just erectile function. Each night she would get me so horny that by the time she produced the little pill I would have done anything for some relief. Each night she would make me cum in her hand immediately afterwards. She was getting hornier each night because she had been denying herself any type of relief. She would say, “I am going to be so hot, ready and wet by the time you go limp that I will fuck anyone and they will get a pussy that is better than you ever got for yourself.”
On the 6th night my dick was barely an inch long when we lay in bed. She fondled it and teased me until my chest and head was pounding and my dick felt like electricity was running through it but it had only grown to 2 inches. So, she went between my legs and took my dick into her mouth. Looking down at my blue eyed blonde wife’s pouty red lips wrapped around my dick had never failed to produce a raging hard on. Until now that is. I felt myself going to the edge of an orgasm and knew this was the moment my dick should be at it’s very biggest. Yet, when she pulled her mouth away from me and I was still a little short of 3 inches and still skinny and limp. My dick fell lifelessly down against my aching balls and she just let out an excited laugh. She grabbed it in her hand which now covered the whole thing. She teased me about how I was now permanently limp and how it was now time for her to find a working cock to fuck her. She squeezed my dick and continued to tease me until I cum inside her hand. When she moved her hand away from my dick for the last time it fell lifelessly between my legs once again. She just laughed and wiped her cum filled hand across my face and called me a foolish and stupid man for giving up my cock at such a young age and before we even had any children.

The next night she was ready to show me just how foolish I had been. When I came home from work she was already in the bedroom. I walked in and she was already in bed with a black man. They were both naked and laying on top of the covers. No other man had ever seen her naked and she had never been with another naked man. Now my hot young white wife was laying naked with this black man in our own bed. He had a huge mule tool laying between his legs to boot. She placed her hand on his cock as I walked in and said, 
“I know this looks bad but we waited for you to get home before he fucked me.” Then she added, 
“Just to give you one more chance to see if your dick will work so I can let him fuck me with a clean conscience.” 
I pulled my clothes off and stood there pulling on my dead dick with no results other than to make my heart pound. With her free hand she spread her pussy open to show me how small and wet it was. She said,
“Take one last look at your pussy sweetheart, his huge black cock is going to ruin it and own it from now on.”
With that I felt my little limp dick begin to spurt it’s cum out on the floor between my feet. She let out a belly laugh then and said, 
“oh how pitiful, it still prematurely ejaculates” 
Then she said, “watch this” as she went down on him and started sucking and licking his huge black cock until it was hard and straight as iron. Then they swapped places and he climbed on top of her and began to force his cock inside my wife. I went to the side of the bed and looked down as he fought to get it inside her cunt. She was grabbing fistfuls of the covers and gasping in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He eventually got his cock so far into my wife’s cunt that I had to go to the foot of the bed and look up between their legs to see his cock fucking her. He fucked her for 5 minutes before she started loosening up enough to fuck him back. She loosened up because she had her first orgasm but she was just getting warmed up.
“You like?” she asked me now that she was finally able to breath and talk. All I could do was nod as I stood mesmerized, pulling on my dick. 
“Guess what else?” she asked. Before I could reply she said “I stopped taking my birth control pills. If you can’t fuck me anymore, then another man will have to get me pregnant, and it might be him.”
That idea turned her on as much as me and she began experiencing her second orgasm which was even longer and more violent than the first one. Feeling this hot young white wife cumming underneath him was more than the black guy could take and he began pumping his cum deep in my wife’s womb.

I have no way of remembering how many men and times she has been fucked by other men since then. I do know that she did get pregnant that first time and two more times afterwards. I do know that it was permanent, my dick has never been hard again but has cum a million times watching my wife get fucked. She eventually turned me into a complete cuckold. I have to eat her clean when they are through and I even have to suck her lovers hard sometimes when the mood strikes her. Once in a while she will give me a hand job, foot job or a blow job just to humiliate me about how I let her kill my cock just to have my fantasy of her getting fucked by another man. We are both glad though.

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