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Five little Boys

(Part 1 from 1)

Let me introduce my self.
My name is brian and I was the head of the group of us five boys. In order from tallest to shortest there was: me brian (the tallest), then kyle (he was close to my height ,he also had blond hair.
Then Daniel (Daniel was the most adventours of us all, then tim (Tim was black and lived 3 miles away fom me) and last but not least barret (barret was the shortest and he was one of those cute little boys. (we were all 11 and 12)

Anys we all live close together at a small town called poplar ridge. It was the end of the school year and we all asked our parents if we could go camping ourself for about 3 days. They agreed and we all went to our homes to pack. The next day we all arrived at daniel's house and got prepaired for the hike to our favorite camping spot "Lucky Lake" (Daniels house was only three miles from the spot.). The parents did not know were we where and that made us all excited! It was a very long hike, but we all talked most of the day.

We finally arrived and were all hot. We set up our tent in this secert have behind the waterfall. It was very cool! We decided to go for a dip in the pond. We all took our clothes off and jumped in. If felt great! We started to play a game called "water tag" . We would all play and every so often I would feel the encouter of some ones dick. We all got tired of playing it, so we got out of the pond and went behind the waterfall and every one layed down on this big flat black rock. We all had hardons on and some what felt embaresed.

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I told them how to jerk off (Me, brian) and put my hand on daniel's hard dick. I stated to slowy go up and down faster till a stream of white fluid came rushing out. Tim did it to barret and so on. Finally I we did a dare game. I dared tim to suck on daniels dick. He got up feeling a bit uneasy and put his mouth over the cock and stated to suck. Daniel was moaning with pleasure. He seamed to like it so barret came and did it to me. In the mist of all this happing our clothes that we brought were all wet (from the water fight. We all agree to let them dry for awile) That night we all slept good.

The next morning I was woken by suprise and dragged to this huge tree and daniel, barret, tim and kyle tied my legs and hand aroud the tree and all said "we got ya!".The all laughed, I did not see the funnyness of it and shruged. What could I do?. They then decided to take advantage of the situation and stated to tickle me. (remember we were all naked) I could not move, I was tied face first to the tree, my back facing them. Daniel out of the blue put his cock (that was hard) into my butt! I yelped in pain, then moined! He stated to go in and out faster and faster then every one wanted to try. By the end of the day (they let me loose) I just wanted to go to bed.

In the morning we all put on our clothes and headed to go back home. I will never forget what happened with all of us and I think we all became closer together.

The End

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