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Old Crush and Naughty Wife at a Christmas Party

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I am 34 years-old and have been married for ten years. I look great: 6 feet tall, long blonde hair, 120 pounds, small but perky breasts, long legs, and a cute butt. My husband has gained a ton of weight and doesn’t look so good, but I still love him anyway. I have never cheated on him -- at least not since we were married (in college when we were dating I cheated on him like crazy). We live a good life. I don’t work outside the home, and we live in the top 1%.

Tonight Tara, my girlfriend since childhood, was having a Christmas party. She is married and lives in a huge home, which is near our huge home. For the past few years, the party has been lame. My hubby complained about going. This year I agreed to let him stay home with the kids. There was one thing that he didn’t know -- this year my girlfriend only invited people our age (no more parents, aunts, uncles, etc). She said the drinking games would begin at 8:00.

I wore a tight fitting dress that stopped 8 inches above my knees and wore sexy, black stockings, and high heels. I put on my make-up and lipstick. He saw me and said, “Wow, you look amazing.” I could tell he wished that he hadn’t backed out. Too late now -- there was no babysitter.

I got to the party and had the normal, boring conversations as I drank my wine. At 8:00, the jello shots started working their way around the room. All of sudden Michael walked into the party, and I hadn’t seen him since before I married my husband.

In college, Michael and Tara were fuckbuddies. I wanted him so bad. He had huge muscles, was a weight lifting instructor, and Tara said he had a huge dick. One night in college at a party he started grinding with me on the dance floor. We were making out with his hard cock pushing into me. Then Tara saw us and jumped in the middle. I always regretted not having him. I swallowed the rest of my glass of wine while he walked up to me smiling.

“Hey baby,” he said as he gave me a hug, holding onto my lower back. “Still married to that loser you were dating back in the day?”

“Yeah, but he is not a loser,” I blushed. I loved my husband, but Michael looked every bit as good as when I first knew him. I loved just hugging his rock hard body.

Michael was pouring me drinks telling me how sexy I looked. Not a lot of men are that forward with me anymore, and I was loving it -- especially as I drank more. For about 30 minutes we flirted. I took every chance I could to touch his chest and rub his biceps.

“Come outside with me as I catch a smoke,” he said. I followed him. Once we reached the front door, he turned to me and held both my hands.

“Stop,” I protested.

“Look,” he pointed up. I saw the mistletoe. He leaned in to kiss me. I parted my lips for him and let his tongue penetrate my mouth. I groaned as he pushed my body against the door and rubbed into me. I heard people walk by, who knew that I was married, but I was in lust.

He grabbed my hand and walked me upstairs. “We can’t right here,” I protested.

“Why not? It will be like a college party.” I knew her house well and directed us to the guest room.

He pushed me into the door, and I felt his hard muscles, biceps, back, and chest. He kissed me so deeply. He kissed my neck, and I went wild. Then he nibbled my ear as I moaned. He whispered, “So I see you’re still a slut.”

“Yes, I am your slut tonight,” I replied.

With that he ripped my dress off and my stockings down. I was completely naked in seconds, and I was loving it.

“Show me that you know how to please a man, bitch.”

“Yes sir,” I said as I dropped to my knees. For the past 6 years, I have only sucked my husband’s cock once per year -- on his birthday. But tonight I was wet in anticipation.

I touched his crotch and could tell he was large. I was so used to my husband’s small dick, I forgot how great large cock was.

I pulled out a huge cock with large balls hanging below. To show him how dirty I was, I took his balls into my mouth first while I stroked his magnificent cock. Then I licked my way up his shaft and took the entire thing into my dirty little mouth. I started bobbing my head.

Michael started fucking my head with his big cock. He was soon jamming it into the back of my throat. Fortunately I have no gag reflux. He kept pushing it into my mouth. I felt used and hot.

“Your husband should see his cocksucking whore of a wife right now,” he said thrusting into me. I had to breathe through my nose.

I took my mouth off and stroked him with my hand. “Make that dick come,” I said as I started bobbing my head again.

“I will, you dirty bitch” he said, holding my head. I was going to have him shoot it on my tits, but I could tell he had something else in mind. “I am going to come in your mouth,” he said.

I took my mouth off his cock for a moment. I stroked him quickly and said, “Good. I am doing all of this work. I better get a little treat at the end.”

He groaned and pushed my face back on his dick. He started to erupt and fill my mouth with hot, gooey cum filling all of my mouth. He kept shooting more loads of cum into me, filling my cheeks. I swallowed all of him cum. His cock got smaller, and I took it out of my mouth and smiled at him.

“That tasted so good. Just so you know, I need more cock tonight,” I said with a wicked smile.

“Just so you know, you have two more holes for me to fill tonight.”

“Whoa. One is off limits baby.”

He smiled and threw me on the bed, spread my legs, and his tongue licked my clit. My husband never licks my clit. I started moaning and moving my hips. Then his index finger went inside me and started finger fucking me. My moans got louder, and then he pushed another finger in.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right,” I said. “This feels so good.”

He stopped licking me for a minute and said, “I told you I have one more whole to fill.” He then inserted his pinky up my ass. He had three fingers inside me while licked my clit.

I went wild, bucking like crazy. “Yes, baby. Holy shit. I am about to come.”

Then he stopped everything except the finger in my ass. I kept bucking my hips loving it but wanting more.

He pulled it out and put me on all fours on the bed. He mounted me from behind and entered me. “Take it bitch,” he said.

I groaned as he slid his cock inside me, stretching me wider than I had been stretched in over ten years. He fucked me hard, fast, and deep. I was screaming in pleasure it felt so good. He slapped my ass hard throughout, calling me a bitch and a slut.

He slipped out and lined it up at my ass and started entering. I pulled back, “I don’t know baby,” I said as I started to turn around.

He pushed my shoulders down so I couldn’t turn around and said, “Take it, bitch.”

His head entered my ass, and I groaned as my hands clenched the sheets. He slid it deeper and deeper into me. I held onto the sheets even tighter, moaning in pain with a little bit of pleasure.

He grabbed my right hand out from under me, and my head hit the bed and stayed there. He took my hand to my pussy and told me to insert two fingers. I did, and he started fucking my ass.

I have never had anything hurt so good. I started to scream in pleasure and pain as his giant cock split me in half. He buried it deeper and deeper into me as I yelled in pleasure. Finally, I screamed, “Holy fucking shit. I love your giant dick, and I want it harder into my ass. I am cummmmmmiiiiinnnnggggg.” I came so hard.

Then he grabbed my long blonde hair and pulled it back. I am going to cum in your slutty ass, bitch.” He fucked me nice and hard and unloaded all of his jizz up my ass.

I collapsed on the bed. “That was the most amazing sex I have had since I was married.”

“Get used to it, baby,” he said as he was almost fully dressed.

“Sorry, that was a onetime thing,” I explained.

“I doubt it,” he said as he put his shoes on. He picked up his phone from the counter, which I now noticed was sitting upright. He looked at it and pressed a few buttons. “I recorded our hot little session. I will send you a copy, and I am sure that that will give you lots of reasons for some more fun.”

I tried to protest. “No, please, erase it now. It can ruin my life. “

But he walked out the door and went downstairs to the party. I sat there secretly hoping -- but also fearing -- a next time.

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