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Escape to Mexico

(Part 1 from 1)

Peggy Wendel was a rich spoiled brat. She was only fourteen and had already joined a gang. Not a gang that robbed people - but a sex gang that smoked dope and seduced girls. The leader was eighteen years old and Peggy loved him. He broke her cherry.

His name was Larry Tate. Larry would pass her around to the other boys to fuck, but Peggy knew she was his favorite. The other gang girls were jealous of Peggy and called her jail bait and teeny slut. They told Larry over and over again that Peggy was trouble. He could get arrested for child molesting. Larry would hear none of it.

Peggy's mom did not care what her daughter did. She put her on birth control pills two years ago and let her run wild. Peggy could have fun while she was young and settle down later. Jenny Wendel was as much of a slut as her daughter.

"Peggy I am inviting my new boy friend to stay the night." said Jenny.

"Only if you let Larry sleep with me too"

"Bitch!" said Jenny.

"SLUT!" said Peggy.

It was settled. Jenny and Peggy would each have a man to make love with. Peggy telephoned Larry. He agreed to come. Peggy put on a black skirt an white blouse. She wore no panties or bra. Her mother, not to be out done put on a slinky evening dress. She would show her undeveloped daughter what a woman was all about.

The door bell rang and it was Larry. Jenny looked the boy over and she could see what her daughter saw in him. He was a handsome muscular young man. Jenny talked and drank beer flirting with Larry until Peggy gave her a look that would kill. Jenny was satisfied.

Jenny's boy friend entered the living room and sat down on the couch. He was an older grey haired man. Peggy liked him immediately. He was her mom's gynecologist. Her mom had good taste.

Jenny did not waste any time. She took Jim to her bed room. Peggy smoked marijuana with Larry. When they were high they kissed and went to bed to fuck. When Peggy passed her mother's room she heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Peggy and Larry undressed. Larry sucked her small breasts and lay her on the bed. He mounted her and fucked her until he blew his load in her pussy. The door opened and Jenny entered the room and sat down on the bed.

"MOM, what are you doing?" screeched Peggy.

Jenny told her daughter that Jim had to go home to his wife. She had tears in her eyes. Peggy was sorry for her mom.

"I'll let Larry fuck you mom" she giggled.

"Really?" gasp Jenny.

Peggy wriggled out from under Larry and pushed her mom on the bed. Larry mounted her immediately and Peggy sat in a chair and watched. Larry fucked the older woman like a mad man. Jenny climaxed with a scream and Larry shot his final load.

"Gawwd, I can't take care of you both" he complained.

"I will call up the gang and we will have a sex orgy" said Larry.

Both women smiled and quivered at the suggestion. It wasn't long before the house was filled with people. Peggy and Larry led them up stairs.

"I want you guys to fuck my mom in every hole she has" laughed Peggy.

Peggy watched as boy after boy fucked her mom. When her hole was overflowing with cum the girls would suck it out. Her mom had so many screaming orgasms that she was hoarse. She pounded the bed and pulled her hair. Sometimes she would squirt a little pee when her pussy was eaten.

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Larry led Peggy down stairs and told her about the new Cadillac he bought.

"I want to christen the back seat" he said.

"Oh, I love to fuck in a back seat" she said.

They were completely nude and went to the car and climbed in the back seat. Larry was fucking his girl friend franticly when a policeman tapped on the window. Larry froze and Peggy was scared to death. The cop could see that the girl was under age. He made them go into the house and put on their clothes. He sent for back up as he thought he had found a high class whore house.

The police took everyone to jail to sort it out. Larry was charged with statuary rape. Everyone else was sent home. Jenny called her lawyer and told him to come over immediately. Peggy was crying. She told the cops that she was a willing participant but it didn't seem to make any difference.

The lawyer was a young man and seemed to adore Jenny. Peggy sensed that her mom was fucking him too.

"I want you to bail out Larry Tate" said Jenny.

"They have set his bail at twenty thousand" he said.

"That's OK, I will go to the bank and get the cash and then I am going to transfer all my money to a Mexican bank."

Jenny had a house in Mexico. She was going to take her daughter and Larry to Mexico. She would forfeit the bail money. Larry would be a fugitive but he would be free.

"If you are going to have that boy jump bail I want nothing to do with it" said the lawyer sternly.

Jenny pulled up her daughters skirt exposing her panties.

"Do you want to fuck this jail bait?" she said.

The nervous lawyer felt the young girls cunt trough her panties. He was hooked. Jenny watched as her daughter was fucked until the mans spent dick fell out of Peggy's cunt.

"I will do anything you say" panted the lawyer.

Jenny gave her car to the Lawyer and told him to buy her a Volks Waggon van. Jenny put a lot of cash into a shoe box. The girls picked up Larry and drove to the small town in Mexico. Jenny had a talk with the Mexican chief of police. She told him what she was doing and gave him fifteen thousand american dollars.

"I don't want to be found" she said.

The man looked at the money and said.

"If anyone from north of the border looks for you I will kill them myself" he growled.

"I have a bonus for you"

"You and your buddies can have sex with me and my daughter anytime you want" she said.

american sex laws were so stupid. You could fuck any girl you wanted in Mexico. Jenny watched Larry fuck her little girl. It was so nice to be in love. The police chief and his friends came over often for a sex marathon. Everyone was happy and they loved Mexico.

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