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Matchmaking Trap- Part 3: Donna

(Part 1 from 2)

Donny rang the doorbell at Deanna's, thinking, well the hell is she? 

"It's Sunday, for Christ's sake, she is normally home, and she said that Chad fishes on Sunday mornings." 

Donny could not help himself. He did feel badly for poor Chad, but the lucky guy was getting to marry Deanna! Donny had little experience in sex, due to his small penis, so he did not understand the alpha male's urge for multiple partners.

Donny was leaning more in the sub direction; he was perhaps a little too sensitive, and despite the fact that he was fucking another man's fiancee, he never considered any other way of life than monogamous marriage to a single babe, as long as she was beautiful and sexy. Deanna was very hot, and Donny long worried that she was way out of his league. Simply put, Donny was an obsessed, pussy-whipped romantic fool. Deanna could do no wrong, as far as he was concerned, so he simply accepted her decision to keep fucking both him and Chad. 

That's not to say that he wasn't jealous. He was just so pathetically grateful that Deanna had seemingly rediscovered her interest in him that he was willing to tolerate anything, even a double standard on her part. He didn't know yet that she only fucked him as a standby, when she wanted sex of some kind, and that he still was not and never would be the love of her life. She couldn't love him, because she didn't respect him. He was a groveling dog, and she knew it.

This one-sided deal took on a new dimension, however, when he rang the doorbell again, and Roberta finally answered the door.

"What are you doing here, Donny? Are you looking for Deanna?"

Donny was very embarrassed and anxious. What was Chad's mom doing at Chad and Deanna's house? Had Deanna been caught?

"Well, I'm, um, uh.."

"Here to fuck Deanna?"


"You're here to fuck Deanna, aren't you?"

"What the hell kind of question is that?"

"Don't change the subject- I know about the 2 of you fucking on the side, and so does Chad!"

"Well, I'm sorry about that, but I can't help it. I'm in love with Deanna! I make love to her, instead of just fucking her!"

"Chad does both, and she prefers his cock to yours, you pussy! He not only fucks her, he does it wildly and roughly, just the way that your ex really likes it! She is bored with your pathetic love-making!"

Donny was shocked. His sweet, gentle Deanna, the love of his life, wanted to be used and degraded?

"That's sick! He's degrading her!"

"No, he is satisfying her, which you'll never do! Guess what Chad is doing to your ex as we speak- don't know? I'll tell you what- see for yourself!"

She led him into the dining room, where Deanna was bent over the table, as she had been the night before, and Chad was spanking her butt rather mercilessly. She was crying, and Donny felt like helping her, but then Roberta grabbed his arms and held him back. Just then, he heard her scream.

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"Yes, I like that! Oh, master, spank me some more! Hurt me again- I'm your sex slave, and I'll do whatever you say!"

Donny was absolutely flabbergasted. Deanna was getting her butt struck by this ruthless pig, and she was not only taking it- she was loving it!

"You see, Donny, Deanna is a sub, not a goddess! She doesn't want some fool pining for her and groveling for her favors. You amuse her, nothing more than that! She loves Chad, not you, and she wants to marry him! He dominates her, and she loves that!"

Upon hearing Donny's name, Deanna looked up, and she bit her lip. 

"Oh, Donny, I'm sorry that I forgot to cancel our session. Too late, anyway, to hide it. Chad and Roberta know all."

"Why do you like that sick stuff- it's perverted!"

"It's what I want, and I don't think that it's bad at all. I like you, Donny, but Chad has shown me a new side of himself, which has made me happier than ever. I'm in love with him, not you. I still want to keep fucking you, however, if you'd like that."

Donny's dick gradually rose in response to that last remark. She still found him attractive! He knew now that she never intended to get back with him, and certainly didn't intend to be exclusive with him. He could either accept Chad's dominant role in her life, and allow Deanna to walk all over him, or give up the sexiest woman he'd ever known. What to do?

"I only want you, Deanna. Why don't you want only me?"

"Because you only have a 4 inch dick, which is really sad for you, but I can't be content with such a sorry penis. Also, Chad is strong and manly, whereas you are weak and effeminate. You're a boy-toy, nothing more. Chad doesn't just want me- he has Roberta too. He's a stud- a real man, who fucks around as he wishes. Face it, you got dealt a terrible hand- a sweet, but too nice personality and a small penis."

"There is one solution for him, you know!", Roberta spoke.

"What's that?", Chad asked, quite curious as to what should be done for such a pitiful case of a weakling.

"If he can't be a great stud, we should help him by making him a hot babe!"

Deanna looked at Donny, and had to agree with Roberta. The answer to Donny's problems lay between his legs. She really felt sympathy for the guy- life must be hard on a man with a small dick. Her future mother-in-law and new, part-time mistress, had the right idea- turn his weakness into an asset, by feminizing him! He already had the sweet, sensitive nature of alot of women displayed many times. (Of course, many women didn't.)

"That's a great idea! Donny, you make a lousy guy, but you'd be a really terrific gal! What of it, Donny? Want to be a woman?"

Donny couldn't believe what he had just heard. They were proposing to solve his problems by changing his sex into one more compatible with his hyper-sensitive, passive-aggressive nature. But, he did have one fear- the pain of losing his dick!

"What about my penis?"

"Would you really miss it? It's only brought you pain, due to its unimpressive size.", Chad pointed out.

"But the pain?"

"You can be given anesthesia. We can do it in stages, anyway, starting with feminine clothes, then female hormones, and finally, the replacement of your genitals with a vagina.", Roberta replied.

"But I'm not gay!"

"You won't have to do it with guys! You can be a lesbian! lesbian sex with me, wouldn't that be more fun for both of us? You wouldn't have to worry about your erection, and if you ever wanted to penetrate me, you could use a strap-on dildo, which is likely to have more impact than a little dick.", Deanna told him.

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