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Guy with horse dick

(Part 1 from 2)

My name is Kamatchi and I am a 22-year-old college senior.There is this guy I am friends with,
his name is Gajakolan, and we usually hang out in each other's dorm room.I have been friends
with Gajakolan only about a year, but I recently got to know him a lot closer.
One day he told me he would meet me at my room for a few hours of studying, and I arrived back
two hours earlier than planned because my class was cancelled.I went inside my dorm and was on
my way to my room. I opened the door and got the shock of my life.

Gajakolan was there, totally naked, stroking the biggest dick I have ever laid eyes on. Now, I
am not a slut, but my attractive figure, blonde hair and blue eyes have gotten me a good share
of hot guys, but never did I see a penis this large.
"Oh my God, Kamatchi. What are doing back so early?" he asked in shock.

My jaw had almost dropped to the floor in amazement of his equipment. It was completely erect,
but so big that it just stuck out from his body at a 45 degree angle.Gajakolan was trying to
cover up his giant boner with his hands, and eventually reached for his clothes and got dressed.
I didn't manage to even get out a word. He said he had to go, and left without us even studying.

I decided to dig up some dirt on Gajakolan so I could better explore this situation. I wanted
to find out more about his dick, and I asked one of his ex-girlfriends, who was in the same
chemistry class as me.She told me Gajakolan's nickname, and I decided I would ask Gajakolan
about that nickname the next day at our study session together back at my dorm room.The studying
went fine at first, with neither of us bringing up the events of yesterday.Gajakolan was too
embarrassed and I was still in shock.

"Padmini said your nickname is Mr. KUDHIRAI? Now why would the girls call you Mr. KUDHIRAI?
I asked.Gajakolan looked at me in great surprise.

"Well, Kamatchi, this is kind of embarrassing to be talking to a you about, he said.

"Not as embarrassing if I told everybody I caught you jerking off yesterday?

"No, no, please no Kamatchi, don't tell?

"Well, then, tell me why the girls call you Mr KUDHIRAI.

"Um, well, Mr. KUDHIRAI is the horse. And, um, well you see, I have a really large penis, and
um, so do horses, so one of the girls I knew, Vidhya, came up with Mr. KUDHIRAI because she said
my penis was as big as a horseís. I stared at him in shock.

"I see, I said.

"Iím sorry Kamatchi, that will never happen again," he said "I just got horny thinking about
and I was alone, and it will never happen again...

"No, Gajakolan, Iím sure it wonít I said.

"Can we keep studying now, Kamatchi?

"Of course, Gajakolan, right after you do something for me. I want you to pull your pants down
for me.

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"Yes, I want you to pull your pants down for me. I think that is the only way for me to forgive
you for jerking off in my room. I want to see that big dick of yours.

"But, Kamatchi, I donít -

"Gajakolan, would you rather be known as the jerk-off guy, or Mr. KUDHIRAI?

"Alright, Kamatchi, he said.

Gajakolan came over to the side of the desk so I could see his crotch area. He then undid his
belt, pulled down his jeans, leaving an overstuffed pair of briefs to cover his private area.
The bulge was a size of a grapefruit.

"My, my, I said. I think you better take your underwear off too, to let that monster hang
loose. Gajakolan then pulled down his underwear, causing his huge penis to flop out and dangle
down past his thigh.

"Oh my God, I said.

"See Kamatchi, it is so huge it is kind of uncomfortable for me to keep it constrained all day

"Gajakolan, I have never seen anything like this, I said.

"Iím kind of special, I guess. I havenít seen any other ones this big in locker rooms or
anywhere. Gajakolan's penis was a phenomenon, a thick, heavy hunk of meat that hung halfway to
his knees.

"Does a huge schlong feel uncomfortable when it is hanging in your pants?" I asked.

"Being a woman I can only imagine. I bet it feels really heavy when you walk. Also, how the
hell do you hide it so well so that there isn't a big bulge in the front of your trousers?"
Gajakolan was so embarrassed, and I was loving being in control like this.

Kamatchi Continues her story...

A few days ago, Gajakolan came by to study for the afternoon, thinking it was going to be just
him and I.Well, I decided to let my girlfriends in on Mr. KUDHIRAI's little, or should i say
big, secret.So I invited over my friends Vidhya and Padmini.I told them to wear really short
shorts and tight tops so we could tease Gajakolan unmercifully.When he came over, he comes in and was so surprised to see the three of us hotties waiting there for him, and he's like "wow, i must be the life of the party." We all let out girlish giggles.
"What is so funny?" he asks.

"Gajakolan," I said. "Your dick is the life of the party! We don't give a shit about you!"
Gajakolan's face turned bright red. I was finally starting to get even with him for jerking
off in my bedroom, but I wanted to keep embarrassing him even more.
Then Vidhya blurts out "Gajakolan, I hear you have like the biggest schlong in the world! Why
don't you whip that bad boy out!"
All three of us started laughing, and Gajakolan didn't know what to say.
"Gajakolan, take your pants off right now!" I demanded. "My girlfriends want to see your big
"But Kamatchi-"
"Don't but Kamatchi me," I interrupted. "You have to be naked in front of me and my friends at
all times, or I am going to tell the whole dorm you were jerking off in my room!" Then Gajakolan
was like "Don't you think it's unfair I have to be naked and all three of you hot girls get to
keep your clothes on!"
"Unfair as hell," Vidhya said with a laugh. "But we make the rules. Now let's see that horse
Gajakolan took off his shirt, shoes and socks first, then his jeans, then his boxers. Vidhya
and Padmini let out a collective gasp upon seeing Gajakolan's horse-like cock, which hung almost
halfway to his knees in its soft state.
"Holy shit!" Vidhya said. "It's GREAT!" Padmini shouted.
The four of us walked into my room to study, and we had Gajakolan sit on a stool so we could
all gaze at his big dick while we studied.I laid down flat on the bed to tease Gajakolan with
a view of my butt.
"Kamatchi, please let me see your ass!" he pleaded.
"No way," I teased. "All the ladies keep their clothes on. You, on the other hand, are nude
for us." Padmini's eyes were glued to Gajakolan's dick. Realizing this, he started to get an
"Kamatchi, Vidhya, look at his dick," Padmini giggled and said. "It's getting hard."
Gajakolan's dick, once resting on his right leg, started snaking out like a fireman's hose,
getting thicker and longer and inching out til it started bobbing in the air in front of him.
He tried to walk it off, but it just made it worse, causing it to bounce up and down like a
jack in the box.
"Nice dick!" Vidhya shouted. "It's like a dancing dick!"
"You never gave me an exact measurement," I said to Gajakolan, who was trying to cover his horse
cock with both hands. "Why don't you measure that monster for us."
Gajakolan was finally starting to enjoy getting all of the attention of us ladies, and he
grabbed the ruler from my desk and put on a little show for us.I told him to put the end of
the ruler at the base of his cock, where it meets his body, and put it along the shaft.
Gajakolan did exactly as told, and found the head of his penis to extend almost exactly an inch
past the end of the ruler.
"What a whopper!" Vidhya said with amazement.
"Hi, Mr. KUDHIRAI," Vidhya says with a sexy smile.
"Girls, seriously, I have so much studying to do for tomorrow," he says.
"Oh, what's a matter, that big schlong of yours can't come out and play?" I said, staring at
his crotch. "Shhhh," Gajakolan interrupts. "You're gonna wake people up. Come on inside, but
all of you keep it down."
We all went into Gajakolan's place and made ourselves comfortable. Padmini and I sat on the
couch and Vidhya laid down on the floor.Gajakolan went to get us all a beer. Padmini gets this
mischievous grin on her face.
"Did it take you all day to fit your dick inside those jeans when you were getting dressed?"
she snapped back.
Gajakolan knew what was coming, and before we could even ask, he got up and started taking his
clothes off. "I think he's finally getting the hang of it," I said. "He knows every time he is
in front of us, he has to strip. Or we will tell everybody he jerks off in other people's dorm
Isn't that right, Gajakolan?" I said, pinching his cheek."Yes, mam," he replied laughingly.
Gajakolan got down to his boxer shorts, and we all pointed to the bulge going down the inside
of his right leg.
"You wear it on the left side?" Padmini asked."What?" he asked.
"Your dick, you wear it on the left side, down your boxer shorts, is that how you keep it
hidden?" she asked.
Gajakolan replied that he switched sides each day out of superstition.He took off the boxers,
and his big schlong was in full view of us all once again. Gajakolan kept standing in the middle
of the room, his dick right at eye level for us.
"Gajakolan, why don't we have a beauty contest for you, and the judge will be your dick," I said.
"However big it gets for each of us gals will determine the winner."
Gajakolan couldn't believe how drunk we were, and how much attention we were paying to his cock.
First we showed off our legs, and when it came to Padmini's perfectly-rounded, tanned thighs
(which I am a bit jealous of), there was no contest. Gajakolan could not hold it any longer,
and his schlong started snaking out in front of him, growing rapidly until it bobbed in the air,
stabbing the air with vigorous jerks.
"You want to kiss my feet?" Padmini asked our horse-dicked friend.
Gajakolan didn't even answer, and went down to the ground and starting sucking on Padmini's cute,
tiny feet.He could only dream of getting to kiss her thighs.
"Please, for God's sake, one of you take your clothes off for me," Gajakolan mumbled with a foot
halfway in his mouth.
"Mr. KUDHIRAI, you know the rules, we all have boyfriends, and you are just our entertainment,"
Vidhya said.It was getting really late, and we demanded that Gajakolan jerk off for us.
"I have to warn you," he said, standing up. "This is gonna be a gusher."
He started stroking it slowly, getting it up to its full potential. It looked as big around as
my wrist, with a huge purple vein going down the center of the shaft.He stopped after about a
minute, stood up, and jutted out his lower abdominal area to emphasize his proud possession.
His dick was so big it didnít stand up completely straight.It was over a foot long.
"My God, now thatís a huge boner, Padmini said. "Where does he get all the blood to fill it up.
"We then told him to start whacking, and he better shoot a big load for us. I couldnít take my
eyes off his prick.He got both hands around the mighty stalk and starting stroking, moaning out
load and staring at Padmini's thighs.
"Right here, baby," Padmini whispered in a sexy tone, rubbing her legs, "make that big horse
dick shoot a load right here."
"Kamatchi, please, finish the job," he begged. "Put your hands around my cock." At first,
I declined, but with encouragement from my friends and pathetic begging from Mr. KUDHIRAI,
I said okay. I walked over, and put my hands around his horse cock. It was so big around my
petite hands could barely go around its girth.
"Ooohh, does that feel good baby? I whispered, starting to stroke his dick. I started with
long, slow strokes at first, looking into his eyes and whispering in his ear. After a minute
of this, I increased the speed of my strokes, pumping his cock up and down hard and fast. He
kept moaning and I could feel his cock tense up a bit, like he was going to come, so I decided
to tease him a bit. I took my hands off his prick and flashed a naughty smile, telling him to
rub his big cock against my perfect ass. I turned around and stuck my ass out, and he started
grinding me from behind with his humongous dick.

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