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The Lusty Father-in-Law of My Best Friend

(Part 1 from 1)


Hi Guys! I am Karuna. I am from Bangalore. I live with my husband in an apartment flat. The apartment block has 4 wings and I live in wing 1. Let me give my CV to you guys first. I am 23 years of age, my skin is the color of honey and wheat, my deep brown hair run up to my mid back, I have a round face, and the eyes are black. I have a nice figure (38B-28-36) you guys would call voluptuous and I am 5’5” tall. I think that the above description is enough for all the naughty guys to undress me and fuck me in their fascinations, right? Right, let’s get back to the subject. I love to wear sarees though I wear jeans and t-shirts too. My favorite colors are white, black, turquoise, green and red.

I have many friends in the apartment blocks and my best friend Reet, also my age, lives across in wing 3 of the block. Her husband comes home once in a while as he stays in Kerala, working for some company there. Reet is a natural red head, about 5’3’ tall, a lissome figure, cute face, and a fair skin. She loves to wear black outfits; it even goes well with her skin tone. Now, she works for some local enterprise as a receptionist and has to stay out all day. With her lives her father-in-law, Tushar, who is a handsome and jovial guy. He is 5’10”, about 40, has a good physique and ruggedly strong features.

Today morning, Reet called me up to say that she had to leave for 2 days to Mysore for some training and that I was to do the cooking for her father-in-law. I assured her that I would. It was around 9 in the morning when she called. I finished the work at home by 11.30 and went to Reet’s place. I was wearing a black saree, with a sleeveless blouse. The blouse was quite short, enough to cover my top and gave way to a good display of my prized midriff. Ok, let me give you some more background first. I had occasions to chat up with Tushar when we met in the society functions or sometimes in the evening when I went out to the open garden meant for the apartment blocks. We used to have long talks and I liked him as a person. I found him to be an enigma, at times his actions made me think he was horny about either me or Reet or both and at times he was incomprehensible.

I rang the doorbell. He opened the door and smiled at me. I smiled back at him as I entered the house. I found him staring at me, which made me conscious and pleased me secretly. We sat and talked for a while, then I said, ‘let me fix up something for your lunch.’ He said, ‘will you join me for lunch?’ I said, ‘I don’t mind. My husband won’t be back until tonight. He said he was having some important meeting coming up and would be held up in the office till late.’ I went into the kitchen and fixed up a quick lunch for us. As my cooking was over by 12.30, we sat for another chat. I noticed her was ogling my assets, it made me desperately conscious, I kept adjusting my apparel and shifting my position. He asked me after a while, ‘hey Karuna! Has Reet ever shown you around the house?’ I thought now where did this topic come from all of a sudden. I asked warily, ‘no, why?’ he said, ‘come let me show you around.’ He tucked my hand proprietarily under his as he led me around. The room layouts were similar to my own house, but the interiors were done tastefully. I liked and made a mental note of some modifications to be adapted in my house.

He showed me into his room at last. I entered the room and he entered after me. I didn’t know he had locked it. There were two doors leading some place inside. I didn’t have such a thing in my house so I asked him, ‘Why the two doors?’ he said proudly, ‘You see I am a photography enthusiast and have a special small darkroom at a loss of a big bathroom behind that door.’ He pointed out the door. That explained it, he had one door leading to the bathroom and one to the darkroom. He made me sit on his bed and said, ‘let me show you some pictures I clicked.’

He brought out some albums and showed them to me one by one. They were really nice pictures. I had finished the third album when I noticed there was one album which had a lock on it and a special receptacle had a key hidden. It was the slipping out key that drew my attention. I picked it up and was about to open it up when Tushar crept up beside me and said, ‘now dear! That’s a special and my most cherished collection I have kept for the last.’ I put it down and patiently leafed through the other albums, five in all. Then I looked at him and he nodded that I open up the last album. My curiosity had got better of me so I impatiently opened the lock with the album and fumbled with the intricate catch. I was so engrossed with the catch on the album that I didn’t see him strip off his clothes and creep up on the bed behind me, with only his trunks on. Finally I was able to open it and when I opened the album, I felt that somebody had punched me in my tummy. It was Reet posing for him in the nude. The pictures were artistic, but it came as a shock to me. I turned some more leafs when I came across the pictures in which Tushar was making love to Reet. I was blushing up to my chest, and was turned on like mad. I looked around for Tushar, and was startled when he gave a cough behind me. I looked back to see his bare shoulders near me and his face just above my shoulder. Before I could say or ask him anything, he kissed my lips and pulled me in his stronghold up on his bed. I couldn’t understand what was happening. When he was through with his kissing, I was turned on very much, but was unsure what to do next. He said, ‘Karuna, you do have a sexy body. Do you know that the moment you stepped in the house, I was hard for you?’ he pulled my left hand to his trunk, his right hand around me in a strong grip. I could feel the enormous bulge. I was totally excited now. I slid my hand in his trunk and held his erect cock, its head had already pushed the foreskin back. I pulled the trunk down a little to reveal his cock; the head was an angry red. I couldn’t control myself at its sight and fisted it. It was rock hard and thick, at least two and a half inch, best of all it was hard for me and my pussy, which got wet at the sight of his angry red cock.

He pulled the saree off my chest and massaged my chest as he put his lips on mine for a hot kiss. I stroked his cock while we kissed and his hands on my chest made my nipples hard. They were getting uncomfortably painful as they were constricted inside the confines of my strapless bra. I kept on with the stroking of his dick, my grip tightened on it as he kissed my chest and my cleavage. His warm tongue found its way down my cleavage. Uuummmm! Rehashing this to you guys has already made me wet, just imagine what my condition would have been when it was actually happening. I was practically leaking. I was his whore, I was his slut and I wanted him badly now. (Guys! Right now I am playing with my boobs while telling you this, oooohhhh! How I want him again...!!!)

He opened my blouse and pulled the saree off my hot body. I was wearing a black strapless bra and balck panties. He had his camera ready and clicked a snap of my hot body. He buried his face in my breasts. My grip was so tight on his dick that his pre-cum had made my palm sticky and hot. He bit the top of my soft breasts, maybe he was too eager to do me or my grip was too tight, he came in my hand. I rubbed all that cum on my thighs. He sighed and we kissed again.

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He caressed my bare shoulders, his touch warm on my body. I could feel him getting hard again. his hands slid back to the clasp of my bra. It sent shivers across my body and I drew even closer to him, my breasts pressing closer to his chest. He was nearly hard again. He snapped off my bra and cupped my breasts in his able hand. He sucked on my erect nipples, biting them as he did so. I came hard, drenching my panties. I gave his dick full benefit of my tight grip and stroked him slightly. He smiled and bit my nipples hard. I pushed his head back playfully and got up to bend down over his dick. I kissed the head of his dick lightly, then a little harder. He pushed my head down, and my mouth got wrapped around his enormous dick. I sucked it, my head bobbing up and down on his rod. I could taste his pre-cum soon, I took his dick out and stroked it lightly and licked off his pre-cum. He spattered my mouth with his thick cream. I sucked him dry, and wiped off the cum sticking to my face and licked it off my fingers.

He pushed me back to the bed and pulled down my panties. I waited as he clicked off snaps of my naked body. He was hard while doing so. I grabbed him by his dick and pulled him close to my mouth. I sucked him again; he pumped his dick in and out of my mouth. Then after a while, he pulled back and parted my legs, his mouth near my dripping cunt. He gave my cunt a french kiss, I was overjoyed, my husband never tried this on me. Tushar was giving me an oral sex. He fucked my cunt with his tongue, running the clit above the hole of my cunt with his fingers. Ohhhh! It was such an erotic feeling. I was sodden with juice again. I soon came in his mouth and he ate up my cum.

I was satisfied but not entirely. I wanted more. He was not finished with me too; he tickled my thighs, breathing down to my pussy. I was quivering like jelly. He tickled my belly and navel with his tongue. His breath was hot and added to the tickling sensation; I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on their edge. He smelled my armpits, thank god, I was wearing a perfume that many of my friends told me was good enough to make men mad to smell me, not that it required any perfume on my part to draw them that close, my body was enough for that. He smelled me appreciatively and bit me on my neck. I said, ‘be careful not leave a love mark on any of my visible body part, got it Tushar?’ he laughed and said, ‘don’t worry! Ask Reet anytime about my art of lovemaking. She gets her share of sex not only from me, but also her boss. I guess not she and her boss would be getting cozy in some hotel room. Her boss is a horny guy, always trying to screw Reet on some excuse or the other. I think his wife has gone out of town, so he thought up that idea of taking her to some training to Mysore and took her to some hotel and maybe he is screwing her like a whore.’ I was surprised. I never expected Reet to be such a slutty girl. I laughed and we kissed. I stroked his cock till it was the same angry red again. (My! It makes me hot all over again when I remember his tool in front of my face. Uuuummmm! I wish I could suck it now or better, I could feel it inside my wet pussy. Believe me I am so wet, I am saturated.)

I said, ‘Ok, I can’t wait any more. Ram your penis inside me and screw me like a whore.’ He said, ‘a moment please.’ He setup the camera on some stand and the camera was a specialized one as it took timed snaps of our long drawn out lovemaking. I said, ‘Tushar, you are a very naughty guy!’ he grinned shamelessly and pushed his cock inside my soaking wet and waiting cunt. I gasped with pain and pleasure. He was too big and due to his thickness, it felt very tight inside me. He fucked me rhythmically; in-out, in-out and I matched his movement by moving my pelvis. It was divine. I came on his cock within six strokes from his cock. I shrieked with pleasure. This was my third orgasm, but what was this? He hadn’t let go. He was fighting for control. He held me by my waist and efficiently turned on the bed, with my cunt still impaled by his cock, turning my body in the process. I was now on top of him. He guided me how to fuck in this position because this was a new one on me. He held me by my waist and I stabbed my cunt on his dick, moving my body up and down on his cock. (AAAAAHHHHHH! I just remember my pussy was stretch to its maximum and he had penetrated me to my utmost depth, I didn’t know this position could achieve such a penetration. Wish somebody was here to penetrate me to that extent again...) My inner muscles were getting such a strong pressure due to his monster that I felt another orgasm build inside me. I wanted my orgasm to be long and I rocked my body harder. My breasts jiggled and bounced, he squeezed them hard, I screamed loudly with the pain in my pussy (due to his big thick dick) and on my breasts (due to his hands squeezing them as if they would erupt into juice and deflate like a balloon). I bent forward to be kissed by him, his tongue explored my mouth, but this time he drilled my cunt savagely to drive me to a climax. I was panting and gasping all the time, he pulled me down to suck on my mouth-watering tits, but his cock continued to drill me. I came with a loud gush on his cock; my orgasm was a long drawn out and intense. I marveled at him as he held back again.

He slid out of me, I felt a relief down there as my bottom was now numb with pain (but I wanted his dick to stay their all the same). He sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me. I went forward, he made me kneel and pulled my mouth to his dick, I sucked him greedily, he tasted good, with my cum covering him and his pre-cum mixed with my juice. He even smelled musky. It drove me mad with lust. I bit it lightly, my teeth rubbing close to the red hot head of his dick, as if I would like to bite it of like an apple. He spanked my cheeks with his dick. I giggled. He said, ‘it feels gummy. Clean it with your mouth.’ I licked and sucked his cock clean, I even licked his balls. I bit on them, I was feeling savage (why was he not coming inside me, and kept on holding back as I stretched out in pleasure of my enormous orgasms?). He pulled my hair and I cried in pain. He said, ‘come, honey! Sit on my lap, facing me.’ I obeyed him. I wrapped my legs around his back and my arms around his neck, as he slid into me again. I liked it. Our naked bodies pressed close, it gave me a feeling of intense intimacy and deep rooted pleasure. He moved his back up and down to thrust in and out of my fatigued cunt. I put my palms on his shoulder and stretched back to feel his penetration on the bottom of my tummy. He gently increased his pace; I dug my nails into his shoulder. He gave a boost to his thrust as I did so. I scratched him on his shoulder and made a scratch on his chest, I drew blood. He laughed and said, ‘you vixen.’ And then he unleashed a renewed force inside me. I balanced my palms on his shoulders again. My cunt was receiving a vicious punishment and I liked it. I moved my bottom in circles as he punished my cunt. He liked my move too as he pulled my hair and bit my breasts in savage approval. He kissed my middle, the sensation made me gasp. He buried his face in my midriff, my hands holding the back of his head and he kept kissing my midriff. His cock was unrelenting and I was still making gyrating motions with my cunt on his pole. One of his strokes was so hard that I climaxed like anything on his cock. This time even he could not control and erupted into a spout of sperms deep inside my waiting cunt. He didn’t take me off him. Instead he hugged me tight and rocked to and fro, his face buried between my neck and breasts.

I got off him as I felt his cock go limp and kissed him on his lips. I said, ‘Tushar, you have been very naughty today. You deserve to be punished.’ He laughed and I walked out naked into the kitchen, he followed me into the kitchen. I was warming up the food, he grabbed me from behind his hands on my tummy and navel, I fisted his cock as he humped dryly against my ass. He was ready for me and as soon as I turned off the flame, he made me prop my body on my hands against the kitchen slab and grabbed me from behind. His hands on my tummy and navel, he entered me from my behind, his rod searing through the soft flesh of my cunt. He then pulled my right leg and placed it on the counter. His cock never got out of me. I placed my right hand on his shoulder and he placed his left hand below my waist for support. His right hand cupped my right breast as he thrust inside me. I knew this time he was using me for his pleasure only so I let him go his own way. He blew another load inside me and out of excitement that he couldn’t last longer inside me, I came too. (You think you can make he come so often?)

We kissed and he took his cock out to spank the cheek of my ass. I laughed and placed the food on the plate. He sat on the sofa, I sat on his lap sideways. We had our lunch and I could feel him hard again. His cock was grinding against my ass. He didn’t even allow me to put the dishes in the sink. He laid me on the sofa and stretched my legs apart to make my ass hole visible. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel his hard pole near the opening of my ass. He pushed his cock inside my ass, tearing it apart as he entered my. I shouted, ‘Ohhhh yeah, fuck my ass. Tear it apart... oh god! This is so nice.’ To add to that, he inserted two fingers into my cunt and finger fucked it. I came in no time flat. (Keep the count: orgasm number 7, not bad, Ehhh?) He filled my ass with his cream. I walked into his room again.

He got the signal and followed me inside. I waited for him as I lay on the bed. He stroked his semi-erect dick and said, ‘Karuna! You are so insatiable.’ I laughed and beckoned him. He offered his cock for me to suck. I sucked him and then he didn’t play for it anymore and gave it to me immediately. He crushed me under him as I went under his cock again, He was so fierce this time I scratched his back badly. His thrusts inside me were fierce. I knew I wouldn’t last. I came hard on his dick and he too came deep inside me, embedding my fertile cunt with his seeds. (OOHHH HOW I LIKED IT!!) I went home after dressing up.

A while ago, Tushar called up to say that the pictures had come off really well and were highly inflammable.

I am alone now, with a dildo inside my pussy as I relate this story to you. My hubby called that he would be very late and I have called Tushar for dinner, after of course a detailed discussion of the pictures taken today. I guess you know what I mean. :-) ;-)

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