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Ever since the day I could remember discovering sexuality, I liked dick! big dick, thick dick, fat dick, small dick, it didnít matter, I liked them all! I was a born bottom and Iíve probably had over 2000 different dicks fuck my ass, but even that wasnít enough. I needed more dick. So I set out on one of my usual prowls, I hit the End Up club where anonymous sex was always guaranteed. Upon arriving, I ordered a drink then slipped off into one of the back rooms. I stripped, neatly folding my clothes and placing them on a small corner shelf whose real purpose I never really knew. I knew it wouldnít be long before dick started lining up outside my door (not just outside my door mind you, but all doors) so I got prepared. I poured ľ bottle of lube down my crack and spread it liberally about, sticking one finger up my ass to make sure my hole was ready for action. When satisfactorily lubed up, I lay down on my stomach, propped up on my elbows and sipped my drink until the first dick came along. Within minutes, the door opened, and I was in business! He was a somewhat muscular bear, not too pumped up but not all flab either. He was neatly groomed and furry all over and his dick was thick. He fucked between my ass cheeks until he got real hard, then he slipped his fat stump in my ass. He was short, but he was sweet as he pumped me with short thrusts. I lifted my ass into him to try and take him deeper, but it was to no avail, his dick was hopelessly short. He was a nice start to the evening, however, as heíd spread me wide with the diameter of his cock, and really thereís not a dick out there I wonít take. The middle-aged bear made nary a sound while he kept pumping me. I could hear him slapping against my ass with determination, then a few small spurts of cum shot up my canal and before I could turn around, he was gone. "Oh well," I thought as I took a sip off my drink and looked around for my enema kit. While I picked through my bag, I heard the door open again and at that moment I found it. "Iíll do that," said the strong voice that just entered, and the dark haired, blue eyed stud with the strong jaw lifted the apparatus from my hands. I got on my knees, and drew my head down to the tabletop so my ass was pointing up for him. He flushed my ass like a fireman flushes a gas tank in car during a fire hazard. The fluid burst into me, filling me up and spurting back out like a geyser. He seemed impressed with himself, he continued this while slowly moving the wand up and down in my rectum. When he was finally satisfied with his work, he slapped my ass and instructed me not to move. I heard the squirt of lube from a tube, then the sound of his hands rubbing together. He spread the warm goo over my ass and jumped up on the table. Quickly, he buried his dick in my upturned ass and started fucking me like a madman. The fluid still in my rectum splashed out during his first few slams, and that seemed to excite him. He dug his fingers into my ass as he slammed down into me as hard and as fast as he could. Clearly, this man had more holes to fuck and he couldnít waste even another second on mine. He didnít cum, but I heard him groan as he jumped down from the table. He quickly redressed, thanked me, and slipped out the door. I rolled over, lit a smoke and waiting for my next dick. It was black, and it was beautiful. A stunningly attractive black man walked in next, he flashed me a toothy smile that made me melt. It wasnít often I invested in these dicks that fucked me, but this man was hard not to notice. He got undressed casually, stripping down entirely naked, unlike most dicks who just dropped their pants and went about their work. I couldnít believe the physique on the guy, he was absolutely stunningly gorgeous. He knelt down to suck my cock, an extremely rare activity on a bottom. Normally I just wanted to get fucked and that was it, but I just let this man have what he wanted. He sucked me off for a while, and when I couldnít take it any longer, I lifted my legs over my head and grabbed my ankles invitingly. The man took his cue, he stuck his massive cock fully up my ass and I hadnít felt a dick like that in a while. Indeed, this was a treat. He took my ankles from me and spread my legs wide as he fucked me slowly at first. He was standing and my ass was at the edge of the table, he slid his shaft entirely out of my ass with every stroke, then penetrated deeply and fully with each inward stroke. After a while, he pinned my knees back to my chest, lifting my ass up slightly from the table. Now he really started to fuck me. Deeply buried, he jerked his dick hard inside me, hard ramming, short thrusts at first, then longer ones. When he really started to fuck me hard, he leaned over me, pinning my legs between our chests and he held onto the tabletop for leverage. His dick was so far up me it drove me insane. He ripped into me with a stamina like few before him were able, and he was relentless. After absolutely tearing into me for what seemed like an eternity, the man finally shot his load. Endless streams of hot cum spurted inside me, I couldnít believe how long he came. It spilled out onto the table and he still wasnít finished. With one last contorted look on his face he grunted home the last of his wad. Dick still inside me, he collapsed against me for a few minutes and exhaled deeply. His dick was still hard inside me and I couldnít believe it! He lay there for a few more minutes, head turned to the side, dick still thick in my hole. Then he raised his head, looked me in the eyes with a smile and said, "Ready to go again?" I was too excited and stunned to say one word, so when he rolled me over on to my stomach, dragged me to my feet and bent me over the table for another good fucking, I just smiled to myself and thanked my good fortune.
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