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Woman With Needs

(Part 1 from 1)

I would like you to meet Josie but don’t ever call her that to her face. Joe is her name of choice. She is a 25 year old auto mechanic from back hills West Virginia. Her story begins when she moves to New York to the big city life. Now I want you to know that Joe was a simple but beautiful woman with brown eyes and long brown hair which she never let down. She was sexy in her own right she was no super model but she had a pair of legs to die for. Growing up where she did she never had the normal girl life she was always considered “one of the guys” so needlessly to say her love life was pretty much nonexistent. Cars were her passion and she always drove her classic Oldsmobile 442 with purple and blue flames on the hood and down the side. Let me tell you nobody could tune like her a car and she had that car purring like a kitten. She had always had fantasies about men even though most women think she is lesbian. Her one main fantasy was to meet a man and have wild uncontrolled sex on her car. I know what your thinking this would be a normal mans fantasy but Joe is no normal woman.

Joe adjusted to her new city life and within a couple of years had made some friends but still had no man in her life. Joe had never had sex before she was a 27 year old virgin. Her best friend in the big apple was her co-work at the auto shop Kevin whom she was attracted too until she found out he was gay. Kevin whom she confided in regularly knew she needed to let go of her inhibitions and go out and find a man at a club and hook up. Kevin was bound and determined to find his hot rod momma of a friend a man to have a good time with so her started to take her out to bars to meet people. Each time she went out she was more and more open. Joe started to realize what she was missing out on and she started to have a burning desire to get laid. One night at a club she hooked up with this hot guy sitting at the bar his name was Darren. She was surprised that he loved the fact that she was so into cars and motorcycles. Darren was a 6ft well built man clean shaven and dirty blond hair.

She was strongly attracted to him and the conversed for a long time getting to know each other. The music was jamming then a slow song came on and he asked her to dance. She had never really danced before but she loved the song being played by Enrique Iglesias Hero. While dancing Joe started to feel something let loose inside of her she had never felt this way before about anyone and she looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately she couldn’t believe she was doing it. Darren was surprised because she seemed shy and apprehensive. They stayed at the bar until it closed and walked out to her car. Darren was tipsy and stumbled slightly while walking. He was amazed by car and she knew he shouldn’t drive so she offered him a ride home. Joe couldn’t believe it she was giving this total (hot) stranger a ride home. Joe started the car and slid the car into gear and laid rubber for half a block out of the parking lot she was a wild woman in a fast car.

Joe pulled into the parking garage where he lived and parked her hot rod. There conversation during the ride was typical and she felt a little disappointed inside because she wanted him to make a move on her. Joe wanted this man… no Joe needed this man more than anything else she has ever known. Darren was a nice man and was being completely gentlemanly like but she wanted more. He started to say his goodbyes and he tried to get out of the car and the door wouldn’t open. She had forgotten to tell him the door latch was messed up and needed to be opened from the outside, so she hopped out and went around to his door. When she opened his door he immediately stood up and they were face to face with noses almost touching she could feel his breath. Joe’s heart was beating wildly she just wanted him to grab her and make love to her right there on her car.

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She didn’t know want to do she couldn’t control herself any longer and she leaned forward and kissed him. He immediately pulled her closer and passionately kissed her. Joe’s mind went wild every fiber of her being wanted this man inside of her. They kissed for a while and Joe wanted more so she made the first move and started to kiss his neck and chest. Darren immediately responded and started to touch her breast softly. Joe was in pure ecstasy and she could feel her wetness for him moisten her panties. She unbuttoned his shirt every so slowly exposing a well defined chest and abs. He couldn’t be more perfect in her mind. She started to suck on his nipples and he moaned in pleasure. Joe was so aroused buy this she was on the verge of an orgasm and he hadn’t really touched her yet. Darren now fully aroused was feeling her breast with much more excitement. He raised her Harley Davidson tang top and slipped it right off exposing her size C breasts. Joe was so aroused she didn’t even care that they were in a public place and even though it was late someone could see them and a matter of fact it turned her on even more.

He started to suck on her hard nipples and she was so turn on she had and orgasm right then. She held it back only letting out a slight moan not wanting to have to explain her virginity and having the chance of him stopping. She ripped off his shirt and started to unbuckle his belt. She could feel his massive hard on pressing against his well fitted jeans. She undid his zipper and exposed his fully erect 8 inch cock. Joe was amazed that he didn’t were underwear. She dropped to her knees and started to suck his dick right there in the parking garage beside of her car. Even though Joe have virtually no sexual experience she was handling herself quite well. After a few minutes he stood her up and started to undo her pants. She was so wet for him her juices were dripping down her thigh. Joe couldn’t believe all of this was happening right in front of her was a completely naked man that she knew he was going to fuck her in a parking lot on her car just as she had fantasized about for years. He slowly removed her pants and slipped two fingers inside of her she was the wettest woman he had ever felt. Joe moaned in pleasure not caring if anyone heard. He caressed her gently finger fucking her until she cummed.

She couldn’t believe it her second orgasm and they hadn’t even had sex yet. He slowly moved up her body and started to kiss her passionately she could feel his cock touching her clit and she needed him badly. Darren slowly picked her up wrapping her legs around him and placed her on the hood of the car and slow inserted his dick inside of her. He couldn’t believe how tight she was almost like a virgin. The instant Darren inserted his dick into her vagina she had another orgasm but this time she didn’t hide it she screamed in pleasure. Off on the other side of the parking lot a man which they had not seen was not feverishly watching them and masturbating to there erotic love making. Darren couldn’t believe how hot this woman was she was so wet and had orgasmed immediately. He fucked her slowly at first because she was so tight. Joe hurt a little while he fucked her but he was so gentle and slow that soon it didn’t hurt any more. Joe wanted him so bad she started to say “fuck me harder”. Darren immediately started pounding this hot rod chick. In and out in and out as fast as he could and she was screaming in pleasure. Joe was so into their love making she had no inhabitations and started to play with herself and orgasmed right away. Darren could believe she orgasmed again and was playing with herself so he slowed down he didn’t want this best fuck of his life to happen to quickly. He turned her over and started to fuck her from behind. Joe couldn’t believe how deep his 8 inch cock penetrated her she was in pure ecstasy.

All she saw was purple and blue flames on her beautiful car and a stud fucking her into obliveration. Darren pulled out and took a quick breather so he wouldn’t cum and kissed her up and down her spine while doing this he slowly inserted his finger into her ass hole and she moaned a little but didn’t resist. Daren slowly put more and more fingers into her ass until he thought she was ready so he slowly press his cock inside of her every so gently. Joe who probably would have never let anyone fuck her in the ass was so into this man and the moment he could of done anything to her and she wouldn’t of stopped him. It hurt quite a bit when he first pressed his 8 inch dick inside of her ass but she wanted it and wanted it bad. He started to speed up as it got easier to move in and out he couldn’t believe this woman. He fucked her ass faster and faster and Joe start to scream with excitement as she cummed again. Darren knew he was getting close to blowing his massive load into her ass. He just start slamming his dick inside of her faster and faster. The whole car was rocking with their movement and a slight squeak came from the shocks. He fucked her harder and harder he was so close now he could feel his love juice swelling inside of him. Darren pounded her ass as fast as he could and then he couldn’t hold himself back. He shot his massive load right into her tight ass and he screamed in pleasure he had never had and orgasm so powerful. He slumped over her huffing for breath while their quivering sweat-ridden body’s touched. A minute later he pulled out and saw his cum trickle out of her ass. The faced each other and the both of them heard something and turned and saw the man in the corner shoot his load onto some poor persons car. The both giggled and got dressed.

Now I told you Joe was a woman with needs and boy did she ever get those needs taken care of. Joe left that parking garage with an experience better than any fantasy she had ever had. She went home a changed person never to be the same and she knew that there would be more sexual fun to come in her future……..

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