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Boy Fight Stories

  • The Adventures Of Pranay, Chapter Two: The Pool Boy
    Pranay seduces a pool boy.

  • Nannas - Texas cowboy - pizza boy
    He rang the door bell and she opened it. The obliviously nervous boy had on a white shirt and a pair of jeans. He didn't look bad if you overlooked his pimples. Carl opened the car door of his big Cadillac for Nanna like a gentleman. Nanna was delighted that she was going to corrupt this polite boy all by herself...

  • A Boy's Lust
    18-year-old boy cannot control his urges...

  • Mama's Boy
    boys help his mom...

  • Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 02
    His sister gets kinkier...

  • Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 04
    Brother gets punished...

  • The boy on the boat
    23 year old Mick has signed up to crew Jake's boat in the Aegean islands. Jake is an older gay man and part of the contract involves sex. That's o.k., Mick has fallen for Jake. Trouble is, he's never had ... with a gay man before...

  • The Boy Next Door
    My neighbor, Sara, came over in a panic early this week. Her mother had taken ill and she had to leave for the city to tend to her needs. She asked me if I could look after her 18-year-old stepson, David, just for the night...

  • Naughty Neighbours 1: Bad Boy on the Block
    As Andrew arrives on Fuck Street he is welcomed with a blowie with a second sesion of the slutty blonde who is hungry for more...

  • That Boy
    A girl falls for a guy she never thought she would...

  • A Boy No More
    Mum teaches son sex...

  • Five little Boys
    This Story is about five small boys who go camping together and all have gay sex

  • Harassment
    XXY, just three little insignificant letters in the English alphabet, that is unless that was your chromosome designation and not the normal XX or XY!!! XX equals girl, XY equals boy, while XXY equals what!?! For Sula it meant being caught in a permantent limbo between male and female, with oversized male genitalia and a woman's breasts and hips with no discernable body facial or chest hair!!!...

  • The school for girls : part one
    Quincy gave one mighty push trying to free herself from her restraints, but right away she could tell that is was useless to fight it, so when Harriett Taggert clipped off her pink panties, she didn't even bother putting up a struggle!!!...

  • Seat of discipline
    All the fight quickly drained out of Zoey's body as she slumped in her chair, and offered no resistance when Sister Grace pulled her roughly to her feet and began taking off her plaid skirt and white blouse!!! 'P-please,' Zoey begged barely above a whisper, 'don't do this to me, I'll be good, I promise I will!!!'...

  • Young Guns
    A boy discovers his sister is not quite what she appears to be...

  • Falling in Love with Mom
    A boy replaces his father after his Mom and Dad divorce...

  • To Me, I was Just as much at fault.
    We hear a lot about older guys and younger girls then we hear about Female teachers subduing male students and loosing court battles just to have the boy marrier her when he gets of age. Society as a whole needs to look a Relationships thru the EYES of the unwronged...

  • Son and mother: A Love Story
    A mother and son, who live an unusual lifestyle, fight an irresistable love for each other--for those of us with true incest fantasies...

  • Gang banged in rugby dorm
    A sexy young boy goes for a shower in a Youth Hostel when some Rugby players arrive who, seeing his effeminate ass, think they took the wrong door. Later he gets ganged after loosing a game of strip poker...

  • The Outsider and the Rebellous Gir.
    A strange boy suddenly shows up in a pristine community and a sympathic girl becomes obsessed with him...

  • Three Days Of Lust
    Three girls meet this boy who wants to be more than friends. Check it out!

  • Young Office Love
    A young office boy and his boss both have sexual fantasies which involve each other. Jean his boss eventually takes the initiative...

  • World's Best Mom
    An only boy raised by his long divorced mom is given the single most incredible gift possible on his 18th birthday...

  • My super rich boyfriend's gift
    I got a surprise present from my boy friend. I guess the surprises keep things so hot between us...

  • Shy Indian Wife's Massage
    Shy Indian wife received a massage a good massage from a 21 year old boy in a beach resort while the husband watched...

  • Dangerous Obsession : Part 1
    A mature woman decides to look after an eighteen your old stock boy from a broken home againts the wishes of her husband...

  • Not What I Expected
    A boy's incestual fantasies take a different twist...

  • The Jaylynn Chronicles: The Truth about Last night
    Jaylynn visits her aunt who has a new boy friend who is quickly interested in jay and makes his move...

  • African Prince : Chapter 3
    A young black boy has sexual fantasies about the white girl next door, but ends up in bed with his mother instead...

  • The Girl of His Dreams
    A teenage boy lusts after his sister. He is jealous of her new boyfriend who is a complete jerk. One night after his sister comes home from a bad date he makes his move. Her reaction is much better than expected...

  • The boys from Belteguese : mf fantasy
    They were just an ordinary bunch of guys really, except that they were cloned from a humanoid body found in a fifty thousand year old glacier. And they did have one other thing in common -- whatever or whoever they didn't like just wasn't there anymore...

  • Aurora and her boys
    Aurora moves in with 2 bi sexual men and begins to experience a new sexual world, and yes this is only the first part...

  • Boys night in
    Sue finds out she's just an animal at heart...

  • The boys fun
    Fictional story...

  • Kala and me
    55 year enimical lady makes love and satisfies lust of 18 year boy giving him heavenly pleasures beause lust turns enimity into love...

  • Summer Escapades Series - Chapter 1
    Summer Camp can be fun when you have the right combination of boys to play with--Cum and relive my memories...

  • Puppies
    The boys and mom go to a show, then the 'after-party'...

  • Nick's divorce
    Father and son talked about many things. They smoked weed and Jason got high. Nick put a porn tape in the VCR. He smiled at his son as the boys eyes got wide when he saw a big black mans huge prick...

  • The Brotherhood
    A story of two young buds and their initiation into the Brotherhood of boys becoming men...

  • My Son, My Lover
    A mother fights feelings for her son...

  • Its not my fault
    Well, she really should have not ditched us. boys will be boys...

  • Earning Her Grade : Part 2
    A beautiful young college girl fights to resist her lesbian professor but instead becomes a submissve slave to her professor's domination over her mind and body...

  • At home with Melody
    Melody discovers the best ... can be had at home...

  • At Home with Melody Part One
    Shy beautiful college girl Melody masturbates at home. Thinks of bother. Mother and father start having disturbing thoughts...

  • Shackled
    oth men began to geyser their cum together and they both groaned as it shot 'from their peckers. Hearing her two slaves grunting in orgasm pushed Mistress Ryan 'over the cliff and she too was crashing in to the rocks of her own cum!...

  • The guidance councelor
    She said,''let me put my one foot up on the desk, there, now you can see my vagina!!!'...

  • Hidden surprise
    She Males

  • And still champion
    The two studs eyed each other carefully, trying to take the measure of the other, when almost like lightning 'Duke leaped on the startled young man, and after only brief struggle forced him down face first on the table, 'and without so much as a word of warning, rammed his nine and a half inches of hot steel into the stunned 'man's rectum!!!...

  • Plumpers
    Becky grabbed her huge pair of bikini panties, and shoved them into her mouth to muffle the sounds of her impending orgasm!...

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