Disabled, But Still Able with Mom

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100% fiction!

He wondered at the time if he would ever have sex again. It was in November that Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed. The following summer his questions were happily answered by two different women. The first was the personal care attendant he and his mother had hired. He was amazed when the second was his mother herself.

Pam had been at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. The water was running and she thought she heard a strange noise. It sounded like it was coming from her son’s bedroom. Nine months earlier he had broken his neck and was paralyzed. Now he was in the bedroom and the 26-year-old personal care attendant they had hired was helping him with a shower. But the noises Pam heard were unique.

She turned off the water and listened for a second – nothing. She put the plate in the dishwasher and flipped on the water to rinse the next plate. Just then she heard the sound again. She was going to ignore it but decided to stop the water one more time. She stood there holding the plate and staring into space with her ears listening closely. There it was again. Without the water running it was obvious what she was listening to. That was Marlene, and she was moaning.

She set the plate down and did not know what to think. Her mind was a blur. This 26-year-old woman was in there taking advantage of her baby. But she knew better. She knew he was now a 19-year-old man. That first night when she came to his side after breaking his neck she asked him if he had had sex before. He told her he had and she was ultimately relieved. Like most other people, she figured his sex life was completely over beginning that night. Like Brian, over the next several months she learned quite a bit. It turns out that he could be sexually active. Nevertheless, she constantly worried that simply because he is in a wheelchair he may never be able to find a partner.

So now as she stood in the kitchen and listened to the moans continue, she started to smile. Not only was her son having sex, but it seemed that he was doing a pretty good job. It was then that the smile on her face changed. It changed because her thoughts began to wander even more. What was going on in there? She started to imagine her son with Marlene's pregnant naked body on top of him. That thought actually turned her on. She should not be aroused in the least she told herself. But yet she could feel the juices start to flow between her legs as Marlene let out one of the loudest moans yet.

She turned the water back on and continued to rinse the dishes. She wanted to stop what she was doing and focus all her attention on what was going on in the bedroom. Nevertheless, she made sure to finish her task at hand. Once all the dishes were in the dishwasher, she closed the door and started the cycle. Now the kitchen was clean. She knew she should go upstairs, take off her nightgown, and take a shower. But instead, she slowly walked down the hall towards Brian's bedroom.

She stood there and gently placed her ear against the door. From here she could hear Marlene breathing heavily and the moans were now consistent. My God, is she that easy to please, or is he that good? She was ashamed to even think like that. She now pictured his cock. The last three months she routinely had seen it. She still remembered the first time she undressed him after the accident. She remembered her little boy but now he was a man and she was taking off his clothes. Psychologically, it was sad. In so many ways she had to deal with the paralysis of her son. Now to be his caretaker as well as his mother was difficult. She was a nurse, so on that note it made it easier to simply approach his personal care professionally. In fact in most cases early on that was the case.

Yet now time had moved on, and she had begun to accept the situation. She also realized that ultimately a sex life was going to be possible for her son. She found herself sometimes embarrassed as she began to find herself thinking about that more and more often.

She thought back to the time that she pulled off his underwear the first time. She was rather amazed to see a full grown cock. It was semi-flaccid at the time, but it reminded her that her son was now a man. Of course, at the time there was nothing sexual about her observation. During the last four months as well, she simply cared for him and never thought twice about the fact that he was nude much of the time.

Now she stood outside the door and things were different. The combination of curiosity and her arousal overcame her. No longer were there any nerves or hesitation. She opened the door slightly so she could peek in. She looked in and was comforted by the fact that Marlene’s back was to the door. Pam obviously knew she would be on top, but she was relieved that she was not facing the door. She watched as Marlene rocked up and down on top of her son. She could see the sweat glisten off of Marlene’s back. In a strange way, even that aroused her. She had never had any attraction towards women; but the way Marlene’s bare back looked down to the top of her ass was a beautiful sight at that point in time. She then began to imagine her pregnant belly as it bounced up and down above her son. She wanted to see more. She had seen Brian’s penis so many times in the last month, but now she just had to see it in all its glory.

Right then, Marlene lifted too high and his cock fell out of her dripping pussy. She lifted her ass higher hoping to quickly place it back into her cunt. It was at this point Pam saw Brian’s cock. It fell back against his belly. It actually made a noise when it hit his abdomen. She looked closely and it was shining with the residue from Marlene's pussy. Marlene took this moment to almost stand up while she readjusted her footing. During this time, Pam could not take her eyes off of her son’s member. So much so she quickly realized that perhaps she opened the door too much. He pulled it back close as much is possible still leaving her an adequate view of his cock. Did he see her? She doubted it.

Her lascivious thoughts continued. She knew they were wrong, but she couldn't fight them. Neither could the rest of her body. She felt the juices flowing between her own legs. She no longer was hesitant and instead moved her right hand down to lift up her knee length blue nightgown.

The nightgown was in her hand just long enough for her to move it out of her way. She let go so that her hand could then slip under the waistband of her panties and on top of her hairy mound. Standing up she was not able to rub her clit from side to side like she preferred. But she was so hot and horny that simply moving up and down sent waves of excitement up her back and down her legs. She had not felt like this in years. She wanted this feeling to last forever.

She continued a slow and methodical pace up and down. Her other hand began to tweak her very erect nipple through the material of her nightgown. Just then she watched Marlene grab Brian’s dick again and guide it slowly back into her slit. While watching intently, Pam made sure she shoved her middle finger into her own hole with the same timing. She imagined that it was her sons cock coming home to Mom. The motions of her finger mimicked Marlene's with every stroke. Her incestuous fantasies continued as she watched this practical stranger fuck her son.

Pam did not close the door until shortly after Marlene's orgasm. She had watched almost the entire session and lasted long enough to see Marlene collapse on top of her son. She also witnessed the deep and passionate kiss the two of them shared. It was at that point she pushed her finger deeper into her pussy than she had all morning. Nevertheless, she still could not satisfy herself appropriately standing in the hallway. She pulled her hand out from her panties and let her nightgown drop back to her knees. She quietly closed the door behind her and snuck back into the kitchen.

She stopped briefly at the kitchen counter to regain her senses. The feelings she had outside that door as she watched her son fuck Marlene were better than anything she had felt in a decade. She still was tingling all over. But she was ashamed. She tried to put this out of her mind and go about her business. She grabbed a rag and wiped down the counter even though she knew it was already clean.

"This is ridiculous," she told herself. And she went upstairs to shower like she had planned before she heard Marlene's initial screams.

She entered the master bedroom and quickly went into the master bath. It was warm and comfortable. The carpeting felt reassuring on the bottom of her feet after standing on the tile outside the door for such a long time. She stood outside the shower area right in front of the bathtub and started to fill it with water. She turned and began looking in the mirror across from the tub.

It was morning. Consequently, she had no makeup on, nor was her hair done. Yet as she looked in the mirror she was proud of what she saw. She turned 42 the previous December, but her body looked the same as it did in her 20s. She was very careful about what she ate and always watched her weight. Her black shoulder length hair draped somewhat over her face and she pushed it back. She looked closely at her face in the mirror. Even without makeup, she realized she was still attractive.

She then stepped back to look at herself in her nightgown. There was nothing special. It was a simple blue nightgown that hung to her knees. She realized she needed to see more. She immediately pulled it over her head and threw it to the side. She doubted if she would ever wear it again. She wanted to always look good and sexy from now on. Both for herself, but deep down inside she knew she was doing it for Brian.

Her nude body reflected back at her in the mirror. She definitely approved this view much better. She was not tall. She only stood five foot four. Even in the nude, she was still very proud of her body. Her belly was still tight with little to no fat at all. She turned around and saw that her ass had no cellulite or extra tissue. Her legs were obviously bigger than they were ten years ago; but overall they still looked good as well. Those were the areas she always was obsessed with. She worked hard to keep in shape.

But now she was looking at herself in a different way. Was she still attractive? Was she still sexually appealing? It had been a longtime since she thought about that. She still had her back slightly to the mirror and now looked at her ass in a different way.
"Still tight," she thought to herself.

She turned back around and began to thoroughly evaluate her chest. It did not take long because there was not much to evaluate. Pam never did have much of the chest. In a way, that always made controlling her weight easy. But it had been a sense of frustration throughout her life. As she got older it did not bother her much; but now she looked at her breasts and wished she had more. Recently it had begun to bother her more because her 18-year-old daughter was a D-cup.

She continued to look at her breasts. Even more noticeable as she stared was how unbelievably big her nipples were. They protruded out so much. They actually looked like big red fingertips on the end of her boobs. Part of it was because of her arousal, but even normally she has to make sure to wear the right bra and keep them under cover.

Lastly, she looked between her legs. The dark brown hair mixed with black was thick and furry covering her entire pussy. Throughout the 70s it was popular to have a lot of hair down there. She remembered all of her husband's Playboys and they even attended the nude musical "Hair". None of those women were shaved. However when Marlene climbed off of her son, Pam was able to admire her naked body. She was stunning even though she was six months pregnant. It was difficult to see beneath the pregnant belly, but Pam noticed how clean shaven Marlene was. She knew she should probably trim or shave; but why bother. She had lost all interest in her husband, and she figured he was the only who would ever see from here on out. Little did she know what the future would hold.

Pam continued to examine herself in the mirror. Now, instead of simply examining her pussy with her eyes, she brought her right hand back down to begin its exploration. There was no doubt she was still unbelievably turned on from watching Brian. She felt so taboo. Watching the two of them have sex was appealing to her; but it was her son and what she wanted from him that aroused her the most.

She rotated and turned off the running water. She stepped into the hot bath and it almost hurt at first; but within seconds, it felt wonderful . She slithered down into the water and laid her head back on the tub. She turned on the Jacuzzi jets and immediately brought her hand back down to resume where it left off. She now was able to move her hand from side to side and thoroughly stimulate her clit the way she liked. It was not going to take her long to reach orgasm now. She began to continue her thoughts about Brian. But now her thoughts became more lascivious. Instead of remembering what it looked like as he was fucking Marlene, her mind began to wonder how she could seduce him herself. She now imagined her body straddling over her son while his cock entered HER hairy cunt.

It was her turn to now moan. She herself had always been loud in bed. Of course, it had been so long since she had a reason to make any noise. It had been a longtime since she even had masturbated. This was her time. She was going to fully satisfy herself right here and now. She let go. She didn't care. She began to moan very loudly. It startled her. She quickly thought about the fact that Marlene and Brian may hear her. This realization only made her rub her clit that much faster and harder. She actually started to scream in ecstasy now. Purposely making enough noise so that her boy and his lover would know what she was doing.

After thirty more seconds of her rapid pace she was on the brink of one of her biggest orgasms in a while. At just the right moment she jammed her thumb deep into her pussy and it contracted tightly around her digit. Again, another extremely loud moan and scream came from her mouth purposefully. She knew the two of them were directly below her and there was no way they did not hear her as she pleased herself immensely. She shuddered from head to toe and the inside of her vagina contracted numerous times around her thumb. She then lay there in a daze while the warm water continued to envelop her and the jets flowed freely all over her body.

"That was the perfect end to this fantasy". She told herself.

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