BBWs triumph in special Royal Rumble

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Needless to say, there was nothing these puny men could do to save themselves now in this cage match. Each of the girls had a man's head tucked into their tights and pressed up against their asses, and the rest of the man pressed by her bra-piece up against hher back.

The humiliation of this position was full, and the ladies enjoyed walking around the ring with men tucked into their asses and the fact that with every step they made, the male faces were pushed in deep into a woman's ass.

But after a while, walking around alone was not giving the crowd what they wanted any more, they wanted to see these big girls come down hard on these men. And this was exactly what was about to happen.

Before it got really heavy for the doomed males, thye were gently and playfully pushed into the corner buckles.

But then, one by one, the women leapt into the air and dropped their massive asses right on the male faces that were attached to them:

The very curvy 404 lbs Big Suzy Roundass landed fully on her male victim's face and chest, crushing both instantly. As he was still alive though, 14 more stand ups and 14 more leaping sit drops followed, until her loser of a face-cushion was no more, and the crowd were lovin' it.

The sensational and seductive 396 lbs Victoria Ballcrusher too landed on her vicitim. Because she leaned back more, her back was causing more damage to his chest than anything else, so after just four drop landings on him, she then removed him from her clothing, stood over him, and started squshing his balls under her feet until they popped, first the one and then the other.

The Mega Cheeky Girls, the 421 lbs brunette Rachel the 446 lbs blonde Samantha,
both simultaneously sit-dropped onto their victims, who went "oof!" in a big way. By the 5th drop, one of the victims was already fatally injured with nine crushed and pushed in ribs and a disfigured face, but in order to keep the synchronicity going, both did eleven more big butt drops just to finish their victims off properly.

Big Suzy Roundass celebrated her win by pooing in the corner of the ring. Then she and Victoria Ballcrusher picked up the poo and turned to the final two, the unallocated men. Their right hands were holding huge heaps of girl shit, which they then pressed hard into their begging faces. They continued to smear in more poo and to rub it in hard all over their faces, while also squashing their balls & testicles with their other hand until all four went pop. The crowd was euphoric.

And the phenomenal 647 lbs Charlene The Squashassassin manged to kill her seat-cushion boy in one single landing, and so she was offered the honour of finishing off the two remaining shit-covered and flattened men too, which she did with one single drop onto both of them (lying side by side) at the same time, reducing both to pancakes, to the great pleasure of the energized all-female audience. She then dropped her ass 17 more times, so their remains would become wholy unrecognizable under the girl power of her ass.

What a surprise and a treat this had been for the crowds and for the superstar girls too. The girls helped each other up, and they stood full-weight on the defeated men crushing their remains hopelessly under their feet as they stood on them, arms raised in the air, triumphantly and very satisfied with themselves.

And before the crowd could leave, it was announced that there was going to be 'twice as many men being squashed next week, so do come back' and so EVERYBODY decided they WILL come to see this fantastic event next week too

It's sold out, everybody's cheering and chanting slogans related to squashing men. Bambi is wearing a white silk minidress. This gorgeous ring announceress begins to address the capacity crowd.
"Tonight you will see foolish 110 lbs fools pitted against our glamorous super warrior queens. First up this week is a 20 man Royal Rumble!" - There's a big cheer. It will end when ALL the males have been defeated. We have inserted our gorgeous BBW gladiatrixes in 1st, 4th, 8th and 15th positions. Entry positions 5, 7, 14, 16 and 17 are all aspiring male wrestlers from the light weight and fly weight divisions. The rest of the entry positions 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, get this" she chuckles and throws an invible ball down in front of her "are all slender men in their best suits and groomed hair who think they are here for a blind date game in which they will meet their match. Hah" She laughs and steps on the invible ball, crushing it like a cigarette under her foot.

"There will be one entrant into the ring every two minutes, and the entry way walk is a flowery and romantic red carpet with candles, statues and fountains on either side and a giant red curtain at the end of it" By the curtain are three downward steps, but they look like the first three of a longer sequence. What they can't see is is that there is a big drop as you step through the curtain and fall off the third step and into the ring.
The big screen shows this approach as the entrant would see it, suspecting nothing until it ends with a fall into the wrestling ring. The crowd errupts with laughter, which evolves into a chant of "squash all men, squash all men!"

"So we are all set to go now. ... The first match is ready to get underway.
First of all, let us introduce the beloved, the fantastic, the sweet, the amazing, the man-crushingly vibrant, vivatious and ever so beautiful curvy blonde 647 lbs Charlene The Squashassassin! She is undefeated, with 83 opponents having met her in the past, all 83 of whom have been thoroughly squashed. Her hobbies are squashing men, crushing men, sitting on men and treading on men until their demise" A HUGE cheer goes out to the biggest star of them all and the biggest and deadliest girl of them all. She is loved, adored and admired by all.

"And now let's all welcome our first hunky man of the day, weighing in at 92 lbs, looking adorable in that hat, and from a ranch in Oklahoma, it's Sam the cowboy!"

Sam the cowboy makes his way toward the ring. He is very excited about meeting a girl in this dating game. He has spent the whole morning at the hairdressers, and he falls through the curtain and into the ring, landing on his back and in the shadow of the beautiful curvy blonde 647 lbs Charlene The Squashassassin.

When he sits up from lying on his back and sees her in front of him, he lifts his hands up to plea for mercy. In response, Charlene The Squashassassin lightly taps him back over onto his back with her two finger tips.

Then just as he again lands on his back, Charlene leaps into the air and lands right on top of him. Her ass is so huge in relation to him that it completely covers his whole cheast and his whole head, one cheek on each. The impact from the landing makes all the wind go out of Sammy's lungs: Urgghh. Then she gets up, stands over him, shakes her ass about in front of, above, and just inches away from his face. Then she leaps into the air and lands right on her target, leaving nothing left of little Sammy but a squashed grape flattened mess.

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