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Double Date

(Part 1 from 1)

Although I lost my virginity when I was young, I had been smooching this boy, Darren, my first boyfriend since I was in grade 8. He would squeezed my tits and even give me a blowjob and I would cum like crazy. No wonder my tits were bulging out real fast. I remember fantasizing about shagging cocks and even fucking ever since I understood what sex was all about. So when I got the first chance I went for it. But doing the real thing was a little too much even for me at the start. I guess the boy also was too scared. All in all, I was horny and already shagging my pussy ever since I could remember. Besides my body was growing really fast than the other girls. Imagine when I joined Grade 8, Mum bought for me padded bras saying my nipples were too big and they were showing off through my camisole. So as soon as I put on those size 34 bras, I knew some guy would fuck me real soon. Those padded bras were giving my growing tits a lift like never before, a lot of guys were giving me the eyes, some went further, even to touch them and it did my horniness no good at all.

I remember it was the summer holidays and both my sister and I were recklessly horny. We would have our furtive and clumsy lesbian sex but no amount of kissing, licking and fingering would help satiate our burning pussies. Whenever we could, we would try to even push candles, hair-brush, and brinjals inside each other. One evening, in sheer frustration I told her that shagging and making out with her was no longer enough, I need a real cock inside me and I want it soon like tomorrow. She was feeling the same hunger as well. I told her: “Stef, get someone we can fuck together.” Being the older one and always the initiator of every escapades we’ve had, she replied “If you’re sure, then I’ll ask Russey to bring his friend and tomorrow we’ll go to the woods and do it together.”

“Which friend?”
“Not that Calden, no way.”
“You know him?”
“Yeah, that dork. He’s my classmate, Janet’s brother. No way. I’m not going to fuck that loser. Not my first time at least.”
“Then remember Russey’s cousin, Trell?”
“That football player?”
“Yeah, remember you saw him near school when they came to pick me up last time?”
“Yeah. He’s a hunk. Ask Russey to bring him.”
“Alright. Tomorrow then.”

We planned it well and the next day we bunked our tuitions and went off with these two guys to a secluded place in their car. Both the guys pulled out beer bottles and we all had a swig as we sped off along the highway.

It was nearly 11:00 in the morning when the car turned off the highway at Pike’s Eastway. We parked the car a little away from the country- road to avoid suspicion and then we walked together into the woods. Trell put his hand around my shoulders and made small talk. In fact throughout the drive I was a little apprehensive but as we walked, I felt more at ease and I was getting less and less inhibited and more and more excited. After about 10 minutes or so, we reached a deeply wooded area with a small clearing.

Stef and Russ went to sit in one corner behind a big tree and this Trell fellow took my hand and drew me to the other side of that tree. I was a little inhibited to know that we were back to back from Stef and Russ. Stef, I don’t mind but Russ… Anyway it was a little darker where we were and so we sat down. There were thick bushes everywhere but I could clearly see my sister and her boyfriend already locking their lips and all over each other. Trell started to kiss me and I kissed him back. His then groped inside my T-Shirt and straightaway he unhooked my bra and then he squeezed my left tits really hard. Instantly I could feel my pussy getting wet and I started to burn with deep lust for his cock. As he pulled my top and bra off my head, I also pulled his sweat-shirt off him. His mouth went straight for my right nipples and his right hand started pinching my other nipples. I felt this electricity hit me where my nipples were and I thrust my swollen boobs into his face as hard as I could and I moaned a slow oooh, ummm…

My eyes, out of reflex turned towards Stef and I saw she was topless as well, her big tits sticking up into the sky as Russey-boy was pulling off her jeans. Oh God my sister and I are really gonna get fucked today. We’ll both loose our virginity. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I was so horny and I wanted sex so bad. There’s no turning back at least for me. Because after being with this horny guy in such a secluded place, I would never be able to sleep or eat or study straight if I don’t do it. I need to get a cock inside my wet and hot cunt, no matter what. At that moment, I made up my mind, if this guy chicken out or we are stopped from doing it, I’ll give myself to the first guy who wants me either today or tonight. I don’t care, I was that desperate. If Trell will not fuck me, I’ll even grab Russ who seems ready to fuck my sister.

But almost in cue, I could feel Trell’s probing fingers reaching my crotch area and I spread my legs quickly to accommodate him. I guess that’s the advantage of wearing a skirt. As soon as his knowing fingers touched my clit, I bucked my hips and I clenched my teeth from yelling. Uuuff, Oh God, ummm… He then pulled off my panties and I grabbed his crotch, feeling a hard-on growing between his legs. I guess he could see that I was so horny and ready for him, he got up and started to untie his belt, his shoes and taking off his jeans. I turned my eyes again towards Stef and I saw her on her knees sucking Russ’s cock and jerking it at the same time. His eyes were clenched shut and he seems to be working hard trying to fight off cumming. Oh baby, they’re really going for it. Stef looked like a pro and not like someone who hadn’t had a fuck before. But she’s been sucking cocks for quite some time now and she taught me how to do it.

Not to be undone, I pulled down my skirt and there I laid completely naked in the middle of that deep jungle, spreading my legs wide apart, my left hand on my right tit and the other peeling my cunt lips, offering myself to a 23 year old man who’s about to deflower me under an open sky. I felt so daringly naughty but what choice do I have when my body needs sex so desperately. Trell must have been knocked out by the sight of my pink and wet vertical lips because he just rushed down towards my open thighs and his mouth pushed through to give me a tongue right where I needed most. He started sucking my clit and I could feel his middle finger probing the opening of my pussy. As he finger fucks me, his tongue started lapping my soggy juiced-up labia lips and then he took out his finger and instead his tongue took it’s place. He was tongue-fucking me really hard and fast and I screamed as I gushed out my first orgasm Ahhh, yeeeh…Oh God, ummm…

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He came up from sucking me and he cautioned me: Not too loud, you could wake up the whole place…

Oh God, I’m cu…cumming, I ca…ca…came, haah,huh, aah… And even as I said that my pussy was squirting out cum like pee. And right then I knew I must have his cock, no matter what. I looked down at his short and I could see a distinctive shape fully erect. I grabbed at his crotch area and I pulled out a hot, bone-hard, fully circumcised, one-eyed, red-headed throbbing cock. It must have been about 6 inches long and about half as thick as my wrist. I took it straight into my mouth and I sucked it in hard and deep as I jerked it with my right hand. He made a deep sucking sound and he held his breath for so long I thought he would faint. Then we both heard a shrill cry, a gasp and a moan so loud it must have carried half-way through that jungle.

We both turned and we saw Russ on his knees as he thrust his manhood slowly but surely into my dear sister’s spread-out cunt. She had her head and shoulders on the ground as she supported herself on her arms and her waist was half-lifted up to meet her lover’s thrust. We could clearly see her big tits fully swollen with desire as her huge areolas turned crusty and dark brown and her stub of nipples hardening into round buttons. It was such a turn-on to watch my sister being taken for the very first time in a thick jungle by a full grown man. As we watched I still had my finger wrapped around Trell’s fully erect meat and I could feel it throbbed wildly as we watched his best friend pumping my sister. The live sex show got our fires blazing instantly.

I looked at him and I said: “Take me, please give me your dick. fuck my cunt now…”
“Are you horny? Really? You want me to fuck your pussy?”
“Yeah I’m so horny for your cock, fuck my horny cunt now. Gimme your big cock. I want it now.”

As I pulled my thighs apart, my pussy which was oozing juice was fully exposed and I saw him on his knees drawing his hard pecker towards my tiny opening. I saw my labia lips were dark brown and distended from the heat in them. And as Trell brought his cock-head in contact with my labia lips pushing and thrusting it into my virgin fuck-hole, I sensed a deep hunger for cocks and hard-core sex deep inside my womb as I opened myself not just to this first manly thrust into my inside. But at that moment I knew, this was the beginning of me having sex after sex after sex with lots and lots of men. As my cunt felt the pressure of his cock-head piercing and lodging inside that little cramp space, I felt a deep hunger for more, not just for more inches from this shaft that was drilling me but for many more shafts that will be coming after this. At that moment I swore to myself with the first wave of pleasure of being fucked, that I will continue to have sex as much as I can, with as many men as I can.

As the cock sank deeper into me, I felt a little pain but a whole wave of intense pleasure. He grabbed hold of my ass cheeks, pulled my legs over his shoulders and then he thrust his whole rod inside me. It was tight, it was hard and it was wow. I let out: Ohhh, ummm… yessss… fuck me more, more….
Huuuh, Ummm…

As he thrust it in I could feel the heated pleasure building up. I could feel his hardness growing inside my cunt and I started going wild. I bit my fist and I controlled myself from screaming as I could feel my orgasm building up. This was like nothing I felt when I masturbated or done anything with anyone, even with that oaf, Darren. Imagine he could have fucked me two years before but the bum chicken out. Anyway, it’s better this way with a real man like Trell.

He widened my thighs for a better opening and this time while kissing my face, my lips and my neck, he started thrusting really hard and fast. I kept on murmuring: Yeah, yeah Trell baby, faster… ahhh, uuhh… yes fuck me, fuuuck me, yeeaaah… Even my hair felt electrocuted, my face was flushed, my mouth was dry, my chest was pounding, my nipples and my tits were buzzing on their own, my stomach was growing tight, my abdomen was hardening up. I couldn’t feel my hands and legs. They were all over him and my pussy… my pussy, oh my pussy was like it had a life of it’s own. There was a fire burning inside and it was spreading all over my body and as it engulfed my brain, I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know if this was dying but I wasn’t afraid. I was ecstatic, I was raging with power-rocking pleasure and then I felt myself rising as deep inside my cunt I felt a deep explosion. I saw lights, sparks, stars. I heard waves-like sound, deep moan and then…

When I woke up I saw all three of them shaking me and Steff telling them: It’s okay, she used to cum really powerful cums like that. She faints when she get multiple orgasms. And then I felt my pussy throbbing with a ringing pulsating pleasure as I kept on squirting tiny pee-like liquid. I sat up and the place where I laid was soaking wet with my cum. I spread my legs and all of them could see me still cumming. I was making hiccupping sound that won’t stop. In fact I had been crying the whole time from powerful, intense pleasure.

I was no longer a virgin. I’ve become a woman who is on a quest for more sex…

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