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Mother Abuse

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

The doorbell rang. Robert had hoped Bill would had left before this, but their conversation had dragged on, both had lost count of time and it was now well past midnight.

Robert went to open the door. He was almost certain about what he was about to see, and he didn't turn out wrong. As he opened the door the smell of alcohol struck Robert in the face. He saw a cab standing in front of the house. The driver, an old black man, holding his half conscious mother at the elbow.

"This your mom, girl?"

He nodded and reached into his pocket.

"That'll be eight fifty.

He gave the man the money. As Robert took his mom by the arm to lead her in, the pitiful eyes of the driver, about to turn back, followed him. The door closed behind them.

"I think I'd better go," Robert heard Bill's voice behind him. Burning inside, he turned around. Another pitiful glance awaited him. Bill's glance fell from Robert to his mother.

"Yeah, sure..."

Bill hesitated a moment, but felt he'd better be quick, opened the door and vanished. Thank god, Robert thought. Leaned against the wall, Melissa was blabbering something half hearable. Robert urged her to move, she didn't resist much. They walked through the corridor, into her bedroom. Melissa almost fell onto the bed.

Now Robert had become good at this. Her shoes went off first. He managed to take her blouse and skirt off pretty quickly. The stockings. Now that was a bit of a problem, but northing's impossible. Soon Melissa was left in panties and a bra. Robert sat down and looked at his mother, lying semi naked on the bed totally drunk. He was to used to this really. The first time he undressed her made him so horny, he spend the whole night jerking off. But not anymore. He was actually mad at her, but his anger ceased down. All right, it was Billy after all. He had seen this happen before, and he had nothing to be ashamed of in front of his best friend.

Robert looked back at his mom; she had fallen asleep, half lying on her belly, her feet still on the floor. Slowly Robert reached out and touched her bare leg. He moved his hand up and down her thigh, then touched her panties, and with a light movement, slipped his hand under them. As he stroked around lazily, Robert smiled to himself. He deserved this at least. Still, he didn't go on with this much longer. He got up, pulled the covers aside and moved Melissa up so that she was lying on the bed. She moaned, but didn't wake up. After a short hesitation, he quickly undid the hook of her bra, turned her around and pulled the bra from under her. Robert spend a quick moment looking at his mother's naked breasts. Almost obstinately it seemed he spend the time ticking away the seconds in his mind, rather than looking. Then in a rash move, he pulled the covers over her.

Robert looked around the room. The bra was still in his hands. He picked up the dresses from the floor, and as he was about to put them somewhere something struck him. A wicked smile suddenly appeared on his face. He stood in the middle of the room for a moment, then he switched the light off, and walked out, with the heap of dress in his hand.

A short corridor lead to the kitchen. Robert went there, flipped the switch and dropped the dress right in the middle of the kitchen. Not without some enjoyment, he kicked them around the floor bit so the different pieces got scattered. Finally Robert walked into the living room and brought the plates, coffee cups and full ash tray left over from the evening and laid them on the kitchen table.

A final look around to see if everything was ok. Enough for today, light's off, he strolled off to bed.

* * *

It was somewhere past eleven, when Robert woke up. He turned around lazily and looked at the clock. Slowly the past day's events came to his mind. Again, he was struck by a burst of anger, but he calmed down shortly after. Another short moment to remember the previous day and he suddenly sprang up and walked to the door. He looked out, everything was still. Then he noticed his mother's jacket, in the end of the corridor, where he had kicked it. He smiled and went off to the bathroom. Some five minutes and Robert was back in the room to get dressed. He then went into the kitchen and switched the coffee machine on.

Some fifteen minutes had passed. Robert was almost done with his coffee, and eating the last of his biscuits, when he heard some noise from his mother's bedroom. He tensed his ears, she was getting up all right. He hard her walk around the room, then the door of her bathroom open and close. Minutes later her bedroom door opened and she slowly walked into the kitchen, dressed in her light robe.

Robert sat, watching amused, as she stopped in the middle of the doorway to look around. Her face was utterly blank, she looked as if she hadn't slept a whole week. Melissa looked down, moving her glance from the jacket, on which she was nearly standing, to the blouse, her skirt, and the bra, which lay right in the middle of the room. She looked totally confused.

"Good morning Robbie," she finally said.

"Morning Ma," Robert sipped the last of his coffee. Boy, she must be really bad, he thought as he looked at his mother. Melissa finally stepped into the kitchen, keeled down and picked up her the bra. She then walked over to the fridge stove which was next to Robert's chair, and leaned herself against it.

"What happened yesterday?" she asked, still holding the bra, apparently not knowing what to do with it.

"Well, you came in drunk..." he said looking up at her, as she was standing just next to him.

"I know that."

"Billy was here."

"Billy?" she asked hesitantly, "Did he see..."

"Of course he did," Robert cut her abruptly. He watched the nervous expression of her face with a sort of satisfaction. Melissa looked around with her lost glance once again, probably trying to tie things together. She finally took a biscuit and began chewing it.

Robert watched her for a second or two. Suddenly he reached out and lay his hand on her thigh, just like the last day, only above the dress. Melissa shuddered slightly and made a faint movement to push him away, but she didn't say anything. Robert was used to his mother's hang-overs, he had done this before and he was almost sure that she liked it. Not too pressing, he caressed her lazily.

"So you don't remember anything huh?"


"Billy and I were sitting here, when you walked in," Robert said, slowly pressing on the movement of his hand.

"And?" Melissa looked around nervously once again.

"And... You came in throwing your jacket on the ground."

"What? I..." Melissa's teeth cluttered as she looked at the jacket in the end of the corridor then at the rest of the dresses on the floor. Robert now moved his hand further up, so that it pressed between the wall and his mother's ass. Melissa didn't even notice this, she was looking stunned at the bra in her hand.

"U-huh," Robert struggled to keep the tone of his voice constant, "And the rest too."

Melissa let a loud desperate moan. Her hands dropped helplessly, as she stared at the floor. Robert looked at his mother's helpless face, more lost than ever, with a feeling of satisfaction. Boy, was he loving this...

But... Robert was far from over with her. Suddenly, with a rash movement, he pulled his hand away from her. His lazy mood had vanished in an instant. With an energetic move he thrust his hand under the gown. He almost grabbed Melissa's leg, just above the knee, then slid his hand up, again going over her thigh and straight towards the ass.

"Robbie!!!" Melissa shrieked. She tried to push back. His hand was now firmly clutching her ass, his fingers losing themselves in the cloth of her panties.

"Robbie, hell, what are you doing!"

"Ah, come on Mom, you go around showing people your boobs, don't I have a right to play around with you a bit?"

His fingers had found their way under her panties. Melissa was pushing pack, but wearily, without much effort. Suddenly Robert grabbed her arm with his free hand, and pulled her down, so that she fell into his lap.

"Robert, please!"

He took no notice of her pleas. Now that she was seating on top of him, he could play around freely with both hands. He fondled both her legs, running his hands up and down her thighs.

"Now Ma, I haven't even told you all the stuff you were blabbering yesterday..."

"What?!" Melissa cried out amid her faint attempts to push her sons prying hands away.

Robert wasn't hasty to answer. Instead, he suddenly stopped playing with his mother's legs and moved up. With a quick motion he pushed the two sides of her robe apart. She had no bra on, just as he had left her the day before, and her breasts opened themselves to him. Now though, he didn't shy in observing them.

"Ah, Robbie!" again Melissa tried to cover her breasts, but Robert held her hands apart. He then began fondling his mother's tits, simultaneously moving her body up and down by raising and lowering his knees under her.

"Robbie, please," Melissa moaned, "You've seen enough of me already, haven't you?"

"Don't be stupid, Ma," Robert's hand squeezed her tit, "I see those boobs of your's each time I have to get you into bed."

Melissa opened her mouth to say something but stopped. Instead she just looked at him helplessly, as his hands alternated between her breasts and ass. Too numb, to feel her son's swollen crotch under her, she was trying to understand where would all this lead.

"What did I say yesterday," she finally said with a long sigh.

Now, Robert had to improvise here. He didn't envision all of this going so far. Still, he had improvised several times now, and it brought him immense pleasure. Amid the excitement of playing with his mother in that manner, he was also turned on by the way he was exploiting her.

"You said..." Robert's hand ran up Melissa's inner thigh and stopped right at her panty, "You said something about Jason."

He chuckled to himself as he observed Melissa's expression grow ever more tense.


With his other hand Robert cupped her breast, then pressed her tit between his fingers.

"I'm not quite sure," Robert said slowly, as his fingers squeezed her tit, and his other hand pressed over her panties.

"I had gone out for a moment, Billy was here with you," still slowly he tried to emphasize this. Still he hardly managed to keep his voice steady, praying he could pull this last one off.

"Well Ma, I didn't quite catch your words... Billy must have heard you better, but I guess it was something about Jason not fucking you."

He rolled the word 'fucking' meticulously, pronouncing it almost like an Englishman. His heart now rushed. Robert didn't know who the hell Jason was. He had heard a bit of Melissa's phone conversation with a friend, he was pretty confident that last night she, together with a couple of ladies, some of her friends, had been around this Jason. This was all he knew, but just a little something told Robert that he was playing the right card.

Melissa let a long, loud moan of despair. Just a look at her face and Robert knew immediately that he had done this last trick. Suddenly the rest seemed so trivial. With a new rush of adrenaline, Robert pushed himself a bit back from under her, so that he could undo his pants. In a second his large, swollen dick poking out, almost from under his mother's leg. At first she didn't notice it, but as he started stroking it, at the same time continuing to fondle her, her eyes turned toward him.


"Ah, please," his voice had now lost the slight nervous tremble it had before. All that was left now was the sheer sexual excitement.

With his newly found confidence Robert suddenly grabbed Melissa's hand and pulled it towards his crotch. She almost didn't resist, and Robert pressed her palm firmly over his dick. Something new and exciting suddenly rushed through his body. The feeling of his mother's hand pressing against his hard dick was just overwhelming.

Robert let go of Melissa's hand, but she didn't move it. She was just looking stunned at him. Robert licked his finger and pressed it against his mother's tit. His other hand was stroking her thigh.

"Robert, please... This is wrong!"

He didn't say anything. All he could still feel was his mother's hand pressing against his dick. Suddenly he realized he could also feel it move a bit. He could sense her fingers fold slightly - as if she was couping them around his dick. Robert glanced at her face. He could sense her effort - she was trying to hold herself back but could hardly manage. All that had happened in the past minutes was enough to overwhelm anyone in Roberts place, and sure enough, it was only due to his unnatural ability to retain control, that he manage to remain cool when his body was wildly pumping adrenaline into his blood. Still, the sight of his mother forcefully holding herself back from stroking his dick was almost too much. A shiver past through him. Robert closed his eyes. It seemed that he was going to cum right there. Another shiver, his heart pumping, then it passed. He opened his eyes. Melissa hadn't noticed anything, she was just looking down bluntly.

Now that Robert had regained his relative coolness he couldn't let this one go.

"That's it Mom, you're doing it, you're stroking me," he chuckled loudly. Melissa let a sudden long moan.

"Come on Ma, do it for real, give your son a handjob," with a swift, certain motion Robert's hand dug under Melissa's panties and pressed against the wet pussy. His fingers were now finding their way into her slit.

"No Robbie, this is very wrong," Melissa moaned, but she had already lost all control. Her fingers were now stroking Robert's shaft from to bottom.

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