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My first gay road trip

(Part 1 from 1)

So my best friend growing up was Tim. We had so much fun together, playing sports in class, and hanging out together. I never really thought of Tim any other way other than a friend until we finished college and started our lives.
Tim a handsome young man, tall and fit (a swimmer) didn’t seem to have a lot of girl friends in high school. Well he tons of girls that were friends, but not a lot of girlfriends. I didn’t really think anything of it till some friends asked if I thought he might be gay. I was like “no….well maybe”. That didn’t change anything for a while. We just went on being best friends. I guess I started to ask more about his relationship and less about girlfriends.

I must say the more I thought about Tim being gay the more I started to think about being gay or at least being with a man. I would think about a man sucking my cock to start, then after a while of having these fantasts I started thinking about putting a cock in my mouth and what it would feel like. As time went on I still didn’t think anything would ever happen with me and any guy. I wasn’t gay I just used it to help me get off when I was masturbating.

After we both finished up college on the East coast, Tim decided to move to where else, but San Francisco. I was so excited for him. A new adventure for him, a place where he could come out and be gay. Remember Tim still has not told me that he was gay.
After talking about it for a while I decided to drive across country with him to San Fran. It would be one of our last adventures together.

When we loaded up his civic and got on the road we knew the route we were taking, but not too much of an idea where we would stay on the first few nights. Tim had a friend that lived in Chicago who we would stay with for a few days when we got that far, but no plans before that.

So Tim and I headed down the highway just listen to music and talking about life. It was about eight o’clock at night when we decided to find a hotel/motel to crash in for the night. The first place we passed had no rooms the motel to follow still had their vacancy sign up, such got us excited. We thought we may have to sleep in the car. When we pulled in Tim ran in to get us a room. I started to cleanup and get our overnight bags out of the car. When Tim came back he had a funny look on his face. So I asked him what was up.
He said “well the good news is we have a room, the bad news is, it is on a single full bed. And the only two places for like forty mile are full.”
I shrugged my shoulders and smiled “we’ll take it”
“Oh I already did” Tim said with a smile.

So we get to the room on the second floor, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t big. I thought I would be able to get a cot or a couch to sleep on. No way. After discusing how grown up we were, we decided to sleep in the same bed. No big deal, right?
When we got ready for bed I was wearing what I always wear and that was my boxers, Tim on the other hand had sweatpants on. It was the middle of July and the air-conditioning in the motel room wasn’t the greatest. So I asked Tim “what the fuck are you doing man it’s like 85 degrees in here.”

He laughed and looked at me and took off his pants and long sleeve shirt too.

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When we got in bed we were watching TV. We joked about getting porn. We were both a little punchy, because we were so tired but were still having so much fun together. Tim said something to me tiring to be funny and I hit him with a pillow, which started a pillow fight. We went at it for two or three minutes, until he hit me with a pillow and pushed me for the bed. I landed on the floor, but Tim landed on top of me. Our faces were about three inches apart. We both just starred at each other for 20 seconds or so. That was the moment that I knew this trip could get interesting if we let it. After those 20 seconds we both moved on, Tim got up and hopped back into bed. I was still on the floor with a tent in my boxers. I was so happy Tim didn’t stand over me or look back. I got up and went to the bathroom. I needed to calm myself down.

After cooling off for a few minutes and hopped back in bed with Tim. He was in bed looking at the ceiling. Probably trying to cool off too. We just laid there a while. I finally looked over at him and asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me. I thought he would tell me that he was gay. But what came out of his mouth shocked me, a little.
Tim turned his head and looked at me and said “ok so I want to suck your cock, are you ok with that?”
I just stared at him a few seconds and he turned white. He hopped out of bed with his cock erect and sticking out of his boxers. He started to say “I am so sorry….”

When I interrupted and pointed at his cock and said “well that is perfect, because I think I want to suck that!” Tim just stood there, looked down, looked up at me and smiled.

The next part was the most fun part of our friendship yet. He walked toward me and I carefully put his cock in my mouth. I slowly kissed it and put it deeper and deeper in my mouth, moving my tongue all around his beautiful cock. It was what I had envisioned in my dreams. It was about the same size as mine, not to big, but big enough. He put his hands on my head, helping me move in and out. He started going a little deeper and a little faster. I knew within a few minutes I would be tasting male cum for the first time. I couldn’t wait. He was getting harder and deeper and I was loving it. Even when he hit the back of my throat, I thought I would gag, but I didn’t. Oh the feeling of his cock and listening to him moan was suck a turn on. My cock was hard and ready to do some damage inside him.

The moaning got louder and he held my head in to his cock as he came. I could feel the squirts of cum hitting the back of my throat and when his cock came out some cum hit me on the cheek. The taste and the feel of the cum in my mouth was wonderful. It was so warm and creamy. I swallowed it and liked my lips as I looked up at Tim. Boy did he have a smile on his face that must have mirrored mine. He sat on the bed beside me and said “I didn’t know you were gay.”
I replied “neither did I and when were you going to tell me about you?”

I lied on my back and pulled myself to the middle of the bed. As Tim started to answer my question, I stopped him by pointing to my bare hard member erect in the middle of the bed and said “you can tell me later.”
He smiled and sat beside me and grabbed my cock and leaned to kiss me and like the little bit of cum that I missed that was on my cheek. It was a great kiss. He again grabbed me by the back of the head, this time to kiss me. I bet he could taste himself while we kissed.

The kiss and the rubbing he was doing to my cock was getting me to the point of no return so I stopped the kiss and pushed him down to finish me off. Tim had no problem with that. He kissed and licked my cock. It felt so good. The entire night of emotions was about to explode in his mouth! This time it was me that was getting loader and loader. My hands were grabbing onto the headboard, my legs spread apart and Tim did something that just made me blow my mind and my load. He spit on his fingers and lightly rubbed my ass hole. Holy cow! I lost it. All control was gone and was in a full out thrust and moan feast. All over Tim’s face. I must have had a lot of cum built up waiting for this.

What a night that turned out to be. We cleaned up and started to get ready for bed again. Tim asked if we could spoon. I was up for it. I think he just wanted to get this penis as close as he could to my ass, and so did I.
That first night was great! The rest of the trip was something to remember too and so is the arrival in San Fran. Those stories to come. Hope you enjoy!

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