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Son and mother: A Love Story

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Colin was eighteen. Oddly, he had seen very few people in his lifetime. And of those few, the one he’d seen the most was his mother.
The boy lived in a remote mountain cottage overlooking some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Some might find that highly erotic, and had Colin had any idea what that meant or entailed, he might have felt the same way. Like the cottage, Colin was secluded as well. He lived a peculiar existence: the main thing that nourished him was his mother’s breast milk. Food, occasionally, suited his palette better than the delicious milk of his mother’s tits, but most days he sucked on his mother’s boob rather than enjoy any other tasty drink or food. Another odd factor in his life was that he and his mother, Sarah, never wore clothes, save on very rare occasions (say to go to the grocery store or any other necessary location). Colin enjoyed this: he was comfortable and healthy.

He, of course, had no idea that he lived unlike the vast majority of the population, but had he known, he probably wouldn’t have cared. And after one specific day, he wouldn’t have traded his life for another at any price…

On that day, Colin and his mother woke up rather late, himself on his mother’s tanned belly, and his face nestled in between her massive, luscious tits. He was curled, his hands at his mother’s sides. Originally, his mother woke before him, watching her son grope along her thirty-four-year-old body. She enjoyed the feel of his hands near her buttocks and his face buried in her tits. As she grew more aroused, her nipples became erect and she felt her clitoris peek out of its home within her. She moaned softly in pleasure, but as she reached down to stroke herself, her son awoke and began to suck on her tit in a half-asleep motion. Although this intensified her pleasure tenfold, she dared not finger herself for fear that her son would ask what she was doing. God, she thought to herself, I never knew that this lifestyle would lead to these feelings! But she knew that she hadn’t been with a man in over ten years, and she was excessively horny.

Colin was up soon after he had finished as much of the milk as he could. He kissed his mother swiftly and headed off the king-sized bed and out the bedroom door. As soon as he had exited, he noticed a peculiar feeling in his groin. He looked down to see that his penis was as hard as a rock. Well endowed for a sixteen-year-old, he had in his possession a cock of a bit under seven inches. Never before, however, did this strange feeling come over him. He wanted to return to his mother and continue to suck on her tits, although he wasn’t hungry. He at first considered talking to his mother about the feeling and his hard-on, but discarded that notion soon after. Instead, he made his way to the play room and picked out a book to read.

Sarah lounged lazily in the bed, reveling in the sexual pleasure her son had given her, unbeknownst to him. She fingered herself for several minutes before rushing to the bathroom to sit on the toilet to finish her orgasm there. She tried to quiet her moans, but the pleasure was almost too much to handle. She managed a few half-yelled “Oh yes!”es before her climax died down to a more manageable level. She was up in a flash, to the kitchen, where she prepared her first meal of the day.


Sarah ate her sandwich quickly, and joined her son in the play room. She watched him from across the room lovingly, as she did often with a motherly gaze. But today she couldn’t help but stare with desire.
Oh, God, what that hard cock would feel like, pulsing deep within my pussy. How I would moan as he pushed deeper and began to stroke in a slow, steady rhythm. I would arc my back with pleasure and beg for more from my handsome son, ask him to enter my holiest orifice with greater speed… her mind wandered deviously until she had to leave or suffer another bout of irreparable horniness. She too grabbed a book and began to read: an erotic novel that would better focus her sexual desires.

Colin was aware of her staring at him, and for some odd reason, his dick began to grow harder. He didn’t understand the fundamentals of sex, and his desires left him dumbfounded. Not actually reading, he was watching his mother out of the corner of his eye. Never before had he noticed the voluptuous curves of her body, the huge tits she carried, how they bounced lovingly, buoyantly with every step she took. Her nipples, despite all these years, remained upswept and beautiful. Her legs were shapely and enticing, and her ass swelled in such a manner as to make Colin desire to run over and….what, he did not know. But he continued to stare anxiously. Her belly, although not entirely taught, offered a few extra pounds that made her twice as enticing. Again, her tits juggled and seemed to offer to Colin, enticing him to suckle them eagerly. He tried to concentrate on his book, but it was impossible. Finally, she left, and his penis went somewhat limp and he could read again. He still could not get the lustful image of his sexy mother out of his mind’s eye.

When lunchtime came, Colin grasped his mother’s breasts lovingly, caressing them as he’d desired before. He sucked the milk slowly, savoring each of the thick streams. He noticed his mother twitching almost nervously as he continued. He felt, but could not see, her hand glide down to her vagina and begin making circular motions in tandem with his caressing. He stopped his sucking and asked her about it. His mother seemed off-balanced as she replied, “Well, when men lick and suck on women’s breasts, they get really excited, because it feels so good.” 
Colin nodded thoughtfully and asked, “So you want me to keep on?”

“Oh yes,” was her response. Her words preformed magic on Colin, and he continued his gentle squeezing with twice the fervor. Eventually, his mother rushed off to the bathroom abruptly, and while she was gone, Colin noticed a milky liquid coming from his penis. Upon touching it, tingles went up his spine. He did this several more times. He liked it.


Nighttime came not too far afterwards, and the two settled in for bed. As usual, Colin began his nighttime meal and to his delight, his dick became hard yet again. He continued to suck and massage while Sarah sighed, moaned, and squirmed. But he felt like he was missing something. Finally, he asked if he could rub his mother’s vagina rather than her. After a short hesitation, she agreed. His hand met hers and she guided it down to her dripping twat. Several methods she showed him, and he caught on quick. Soon, flurries of pleasure were lowing throughout her and suddenly Colin’s hand became very very wet. “What’s this?” He asked.
“Those’re Mommy’s juices.” She took his hand and brought it to her mouth, where she licked off one of his fingers. “Mmmmmm.” She continued, licking off every delicious drop of her cum. “Your turn I suppose.”
“Mommy, I don’t understand…”

“You will soon enough,” Sarah said seductively. She reached down and took as much of her juices as she could and pushed her son roughly down on the bed before her. His dick leapt up, eager to be pleasured. She took his member in her hand and he gasped sharply. 
“Oh, Mommy, that feels so good!” He moaned as she slid her slippery hand down his penis. “Oh God, that’s great, Mommy.”
She continued his assault, and the strokes became faster and faster, her juices smacking and dripping along his penis. More and more she stroked, and she was surprised how long her son lasted before he pulsed and contracted, cum gushing out into Sarah’s waiting mouth. “Uuuhhn,” Colin moaned again and again. “Mommy, that feels so good! Keep going, uhhhnn.” His cum spurted out three times before he shuddered with pleasure.
“Did you like that, sweetheart?” Sarah asked lovingly, lustfully.

“I never knew you could make me feel like that Mommy. Can we do that again?”
Sarah pondered a moment before she answered. “No.”
Her son’s hurt look pained her to watch. “We’re going to do something that feels even better!” His eyes lit up and his cock lengthened again. My God, she thought, he’s got one helluva sexual appetite! She straddled his midsection, her glorious, tanned thighs clenching her son’s sides. Her massive tits bobbed and swayed in such an alluring manner that Colin looked up at them lustfully. “I want to taste your tits Mommy.”

“Soon enough, son, soon enough.” And then she lowered her dripping pussy onto his cock. The moans of intense pleasure from both herself and her son were in unison. They were loud and lust-filled. “Oh God, Colin, your cock feels sooo good wrapped in my tight, wet pussy! Fuck me! fuck your mother! Fuck me!” Sarah bounced ecstatically, pleasure coursing through her beautiful body in crashing waves. Up and down she bounced, her tits slapping her belly as her pelvis met her son’s. She moaned, almost yelling in the wonderful sex into which she now was fully engaged.

Up and down she rode his cock until Colin too moaned several times. His mother’s round tits waved invitingly, and he longed for them to lower to he could suck them. His dick felt so good, the delicious pressure running up and down its shaft with intensity and enticing heat. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Mommy, Oh, I want your tits, Mommy, I want to suck on them so much…uh, uh, oh, mmmmm.”

Obediently, she bent over, tightening her buttocks and pussy around his manhood, stroking more and more, until she nearly climaxed again. Her son now suckled her tits lustfully, sucking hard on each one of her erect, lovely nipples. “Shhhh,” she said through her moans, “Mommy will take care of you any time you want. She loves your hard cock in her tight vagina. Suck on her, oh, uh, tits. Suck on them hard, you naughty boy, suck…suck. Fuck your Mommy’s hole and drink her milk, ooooh, mmmm, mmmm.” She moaned one last time, clenched her luscious round ass cheeks once again, and shuddered as she released her glorious fluids around her son’s member. Simultaneously, as Sarah tightened her muscles, Colin released as well, cum flowing out of her tight hole in unison with her own. Sarah savored the feeling, and slowly removed her swelled pussy from around his limping cock, and he took her breast again. Eventually, his breathing slowed as he finished off her milk, and he fell into a tired, deep slumber. Sarah grinned into the dim room and said to herself, Oh, that was the beginning. My son and I will share many good fucks over the years. Oh yes, many good fucks…

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