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That Boy

(Part 1 from 2)

Hi, my name is Clara, I'm 20 and I go to college in New York City.

I had just started the new year when I noticed a gorgeous new boy attending some of my classes. He hadn't been there the previous year so I began to wonder who he was since he did look familiar. I asked around with my friends and eventually got the info that his name was Isaac and he just graduated from the military academy in West Point. When I heard his name I almost fainted since I did know him from back in early high school, but he did look dramatically different now. Before he was your typical geek with pasty skin, a gut, and absolutely no reputation, but now he was a good 6'3, perfectly tanned skin and a figure that was to die for.

I became nervous about having to meet him because I did used to tease him about being a geek when I was known as a prep back in junior high and thought he might have a grudge against me still. I didn't know if he even recognised me as days went by and classes ended and even at one point he walked right past me not even acknowledging me as if I was another stranger to him. I began to start watching him when he was out of class. I learned that he spent most of his free time out in the small exercise yard working out and all the other time alone in his room. Me and my friends started to talk about how sexy he looked and Lisa talked obnoxiously as she usually did how good he'd be in bed, and started to go on about how she'd love to have those big strong arms rubbing her as she rode him, a statement me and my friends shut her down for.

We then talked about how he didn't seem to interact much with other students and barely talked to teachers only when he needed to. I spilled the beans to my friends about how I did know him from junior high and how I used to treat him. They all told me I should go and talk to him which I immediately rejected. They eventually convinced me
to go and use the excuse to borrow a book or something else I'd act as if I lost, so I decided I'd talk to him in class tomorrow. I went back to my room which was empty since my room mate was staying at her boyfriends dorm. I dropped my bags down on the floor and lay down on my bed tired. It was late and figured I should get some sleep but I couldn't get Isaac out of my mind.

My thoughts dwelt on his absolute gorgeous body and found myself thinking what he'd look like naked. I decided I'd relieve some pressure and give myself an orgasm so I could go to sleep. I tried to think about other things but Isaac was just too prominent in my mind so I gave up and thought about him as I rubbed my pussy and clit, and surprisingly didn't take long for me to cum over the thought of him fucking me. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face that night for the first time in a long time. I woke up late for class the next morning and was annoyed for I wanted to take some time to make myself look good. It was 15 minutes till class so I had to have the shortest shower and just quickly got dressed in some tight jeans and short white blouse that revealed my belly. I got in some flip flops near the door and moved quickly to the classroom where nearly everyone had already arrived.

As I almost entered the doorway I tripped over myself from moving to quickly but just before I fell down a strong arm came in front of me and stopped me short of my fall but my bag fell down to the ground with my books falling out. I looked up to see Isaac looking at me still as if he didn't know me and he asked in a very sexy voice "You ok?" , "Yeah sorry, I just thought I was late" I said softly, barely keeping a sentence together with his penetrating eyes fixed on mine. He knelt down and quickly got all my books back in my bag for me and handed it back to me, now was my chance "Thanks, but shoot, I left my main subject one back in my dorm" and before I could ask awkwardly to borrow his he said "Take mine, I've pretty much got this class figured anyway" and pulled out the main book (my one I purposely left behind in my dorm for the excuse) and gave it to me. "Thanks so much" I said and he nodded with a small smile and walked to his desk. I stood still for a second in awe at how nice he was and before I looked stupid I moved to my desk and sat down. Class seemed to drag on forever and I just longed for it to end so I could talk to him again.

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It finally ended with me trying not to leap out of my seat to noticeably and walked up to Isaac who was rummaging away in his bag. I noticed the back of his shirt lifted as he leaned over and saw his perfectly toned obliques that nearly had me transfixed at the sight. He sat up as i arrived at his desk to say "Thanks so much" and handed his book back, to which he shockingly replied "No problem Clara" looking at me with a smile again. I was a bit taken aback as he didn't seem to at all recognised me as I said "You remember me", "Yes, or I could just say I saw your name on your bag but that would be pointless wouldn't it" he replied a bit cheekily. I smiled and said "So, how are you?", to which he didn't seem defensive in replying "I'm good, work is easier here than I thought it would be but it's a nice place, how are you?" to which I replied "I've been busy with work and study has it's drag on me, but I'm good overall" being happy to actually be in a conversation with him.

"That's good, spose you couldn't give me a few pointers on which teachers are bad?" he asked with his voice still making me feel all fuzzy inside, "Be careful of Professor Flak, He can be really mean to people who don't do things the right way, but otherwise they are all ok" I answered with his attention seeming a bit distracted as he said "I'll be sure to watch out for him then" standing up and strapping his shoulder bag around chest as he spoke. "Thanks again for the book" I said as he now towered over my 5'4 figure, almost a whole foot taller than me, "No problem, I'll see you later" he said, and with that he walked out of the now almost empty classroom.

I realised I didn't have a class for the rest of the day so I decided to go back to my room to clear my thoughts seeing as I was just in a conversation with someone I had never thought would make me feel like that. I walked in and and began to mildly hyperventilate at what just happened, I had never felt this way before and I came to realise that I was hot for Isaac which shocked me since it was hard to believe that the boy I had known was now a very big and very sexy guy. I calmed down and walked back out to meet with my friends in the cafeteria. When I walked in I saw a group of guys my age all in some uniform (which I realised was the west point military academy outfit) all sitting around a table eating and laughing at each. As I got to my friends they told me that it was the parade day for this college and that they were doing some demonstrations later today, remembering they had set up stages on the Grounds.

My friends remarked at how fit they all looked. Then I saw Isaac walk in and over to them saying "The boys are here, hooah" to which all of them said "HOOAH" loudly getting all the cafeteria's attention, and they all stood saying "What's up, Capper" to which Isaac was saying there (what I guessed were nicknames) greeting them all. He sat down with them and they all began talking and laughing again. "Well your friend sure knows those guys Clara, maybe you can convince him to assign them to each of us" Lisa remarked obnoxiously again. Lisa had always been a bit of a skank for the jock type guys she knew but rarely, if ever had sex with them, which made her known as a big tease to everyone.

Barely anyone was looked at by Isaac and his friends but everyone was glancing at them as they sat there talking. As people started to leave for classes, a man in (what I was guessing again) a camouflage suit walked in and over to them telling them to move to the main Grounds. Isaac stood and shook his hand and I heard the man say in a heavy southern accent "How's civy life treatin you son" to which he said "I'm always itchin to grab my diploma and start servin sir, think about it everyday". The man then said "I'm sure it'd be ok for you to join our demonstrations today Private, we could use your exceptional close combat skills to show around to these city folk" and I was immediately silently begging for him to say yes so I could maybe have a chance at seeing him with his shirt off "Id be fine with that" making me jump for joy in my head, "Great, I'm sure the boys will lend you a pair of grips just don't go now and do to much damage to em" the man said, "I'll try sir" Isaac replied jokingly. He followed them all out the cafeteria side entrance and I said to my friends "We should go see what this things about" making them all grin and Lisa agreeing "Yes, I would love to see what those boys could do with there hands". So we all stood up and left towards the Grounds.

As we got there the guys from the Academy were all beginning to start doing obstacle courses and other stuff that had been set up but I was just anxious to see when they did the fist fighting demonstration. The day wore one and more students came and sat down watching what they were doing. Then eventually they were all called to this large mat where she saw Isaac standing now in some Military boots and pants and still had a shirt on but it was very tight so I could see his completely ripped abs and chest which nearly made me fall over from being weak at the knees. The man I saw earlier announced the match between the now clearly visible Isaac and a more muscular guy but still the same height. They walked up to each other and grabbed arms before the match. Then the match began with Isaac standing still very casually just looking at the other guy. Everyone went quiet as they watched, then the other guy suddenly bolted towards Isaac and attempted to punch his face, which Isaac quickly blocked and returned a punch to his opponents face and brought him to his knees gripping the guys arms behind his back causing the guy to yell "Submit" and Isaac released him. Everyone cheered at such a quick victory and I just was dazed at seeing Isaac there looking so sexy as he stood. He grabbed arms again with the other guy saying "good match" and other guys started pairing up. After about half an hour the demonstrations ended, and I realised every girls eyes were on Isaac among some of the other really cute boys.

He was saying his goodbyes to the guys as they were packing up and he began to head back towards the main dormitory back in his other clothing except I realised his shirt which made me quiver at the sight of his now naked chest and how perfectly tanned it was. He carried his shirt in his hands I guessed to keep the sweat of it. As he walked he had numerous girls checking him out from a distance which he ignored and kept walking. I don't know if I was insane but I suddenly ran up to him and said "That was cool Isaac, really good" and he smiled and said "Not what you expected huh?" making me blush a little hearing his voice talk to me again. I tried to hide my love of hearing him speak by quickly making an excuse to go back to my friends but I said "We should hang out some time" and he replied "That'd be great" and said walked away, making me watch him as he walked. I spent the next few hours with my friends until it got dark and went back to my dorm. I knew my room mate wouldn't be home since I saw her today and she told me I she was going to her parents and wouldn't be back till next week. For some reason I had a small suspicion I was being watched all day but never managed to catch anyone staring at me so I let it go.

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