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  • Anyone at home?
    An unexpected visit has unexpected consequences...
    Rate this story, Author : grimsbyal, Main category : Voyeur Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Sep-2013.

  • Dying of Thirst
    Mature White woman has tryst with sonís Asian best friend...
    Rate this story, Author : defyingexpectation, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 24-Jul-2013.

  • Lady secret agent
    An adventurous life of a lady secret agent of a private spy agency. She is known as tigress of spy world! But one mission she can"t forget in her lifetime!
    Rate this story, Author : Trans Sissy, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 21-Jul-2013.

  • The Flag of Truce
    A sports mad girl cannot find love and wants to outdo a spoiled rival, but Eros has other ideas!
    Rate this story, Author : Blondeinheat, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 27-Feb-2013.

  • Stroking outside 2
    Hi guys, did it again last night...
    Rate this story, Author : Jim, Main category : Masturbation Stories.
    Posted at : 21-Nov-2012.

  • Hard at Work
    I got the sudden, intense urge to jerk off at my desk...
    Rate this story, Author : Cockstar, Main category : Masturbation Stories.
    Posted at : 04-Aug-2012.

  • Greyhound suprize
    I had been on the bus for about four hours already with another four or so to go...
    Rate this story, Author : Douglas A Hauer, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 19-Jul-2012.

  • Wife masturbates in car
    As a passenger on a long trip, she enjoys exposing herself and masturbating...
    Rate this story, Author : harcos2012, Main category : Masturbation Stories.
    Posted at : 27-May-2012.

  • A love session in my car!
    Sex is like driving the more you drive the better you get...
    Rate this story, Author : rahil9, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 27-Apr-2012.

  • Licking the Maids Feet
    How I convinced my maid to allow me to worship her feet over and over....
    Rate this story, Author : nice slave, Main category : Fetish Stories.
    Posted at : 19-Mar-2012.

  • He Punished My By Whipping My Pussy
    Joe didn"t allow masturbation. I knew that. But one morning he caught me. And I was punished...
    Rate this story, Author : TigerSex, Main category : Fetish Stories.
    Posted at : 23-Feb-2012.

  • My daughters best friend adria
    Ambers dad had always had a thing for adria. She was a hot & a college cheerleader. He dreamed of havin sex with her...
    Rate this story, Author : Ashley krebs, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 18-Feb-2012.

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