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My First Fuck

(Part 1 from 1)

I was at the sweet age of eighteen. Although, I wasn't completely innocent at this age, I was quite experienced with males at this time, but sex with a girl had only been a distant fantasy in my mind of which I thought the opportunity would never arise.

I was at a school friends party with all of my friends; drinking, dancing and having a good time. I had a little too much to drink so I decided to take a seat next to an attractive, middle-eastern looking girl.
She soberly introduced herself and as I was past the verge of tipsy, my reply was late.
Our short, pointless conversation was a blur, but I did notice she was a little bit confident and interested in me for a straight (or not curious girl).
"I've never kissed a girl before," she looked straight into my eyes, "have you?"
A lot of girls at this age had already kissed other girls as everyone was doing it whilst they were drunk at parties (usually to impress boys).
"Yes, I have, I can't believe you haven't." I replied shaking off my hopeful fantasies of anything further happening than a kiss.
"Do you want to go out the back and kiss me for the first time then?" She asked as her arm rested on my thigh.
I was drunk, excited and hoping for more to happen, I eagerly obliged.

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We walked away from the crowds of drunk, dancing teenagers and into the dark, secluded backyard, behind the washing line and against the back fence between some hedges.
I leaned against the fence so I wouldn't fall over and she placed one of her hands above my shoulder, firmly against the fence.
While I was darting my eyes frantically around the backyard to check for onlookers, she already began kissing me.
Thoughts paced through my mind; if she hadn't kiss a girl, how was she so confident? If this is just meant to be a kiss, when do I pull away?
Her kiss had a strong confidence within it. Her tongue was hard and firm, licking my entire mouth, pulling it out and lightly licking my lips before shoving it back in.
As her kisses became more intense, as did her hands. Her fingertips trailed my neck, pushing my hair away from my face and tracing my décolletage.
She pulled against the v-neck of my top, my naked breast dangling out from the dress.

The kissing stopped and she gazed into my eyes for a minute to see my expression.
I felt her tongue lick slowly around my nipple, then she would suck gently on as much as she could.
I pulled the other side of my dress down and released my other breast upon her mouth.
Her hand reached up my dress and rubbed her fingertips up and down my clit, making my underpants more wet than they already were.
By this time, I was gasping for air, horny and wet, unable to make loud noises, fearful for who would find me down here, back against the wall, another girl sucking my breasts.
I ached to have her fingers inside me, but she continued to tease me by rubbing my inner thigh and clit, never reached through my undies.
I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed her hand with mine, and together I put one finger each up my pussy. We looked at each other fiercely as we fingered in rhythm, my wetness seeping down my inner thighs.
"Let me lick you." she said.
I looked around then nodded quickly. It's almost as though I didn't care who saw, I just wanted her to taste my cum.
She pull my dress up to my hips and yanked down my underwear to my ankles.
Her hands slid up my thighs and spread them apart slowly, her tongue following each hand movement.
My pussy was wet and swollen, pulsing with desire.

Her tongue flicked up and down, side to side, all over my clit, then finally she pushed it deep in my hole.
She grabbed my thighs, placed them on her shoulders and I wrapped my legs around her back.
We grinded back and forth, my moans were loud and sharp until finally one huge SCREAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
As I came, I pushed my pelvis muscles and my cum dripped right into her mouth.
I pushed her head into my pussy and she kept licking my tender wet parts.
I was still gasping for air, leaning against the fence with my breasts out and legs spread apart, she stood up close in front of me, holding me up and lastly reached one finger down and moved it thoroughly all around my pussy. Then she pushed it in my mouth and watched me lick all of my cum off her finger.
I had already cum but ached for more, I wanted to lick her, finger her, stick things up her pussy and ass. All of my lesbian fantasies came flashing to my mind, I wanted her more than I wanted anyone.
"I want to fuck you." I confessed to her.
She giggled, "I'm not done fucking you."
She pulled down my dress, gave another kiss on my breast and then pulled up my dress to cover them.
"We're done?" I asked.
"Nowhere near, let's go to her bedroom and find something we can stick up our pussies."

This girl had definitely done more than kiss a girl! She was hornier than me. I wondered what 'objects' she would find to stick up us.
We walked in the house without anyone noticing and snuck into the girls bedroom.
The danger of getting caught by her parents, or her, was exhilarating and made me even more horny.
We walked through the door, she quickly closed it behind her. She pulled me towards her and began kissing me, taking off her jacket.
"Wait.." I said, pushing her softly away from me. I shoved her onto the bed and walked over to the mirror.
I began to slowly pull down each of my dress straps, unveiling each breasts. As I let go, the dress fell to the ground. My undies had not been retrieved from the outdoors so I was bare naked except for my heels. I leaned on her dresser, the mirror behind me, I kept my legs closed, rubbing my thighs hard together, telling her with my eyes to fuck me.
"So what are you going to put up me?"
She got up and quickly searched the room for an object.
A hairbrush.

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