Licking the Maids Feet

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Hello everyone. I would like to share one of my recent experiences with you all. Since this is my first time ever delivering my story i would like to share my best experience.

A 20 year old maid by the name of Ritu joined work at my house as a helper in the kitchen. She was quite pretty and had a decent slim figure. Her skin color was tropical but she had slightly whiter face and feet. From the moment I saw her I knew I would never mind licking this girls feet. But I was very afraid to approach her as I'm too scared to reveal my foot fetish, so scared in fact that I never made a move for the first two months that she stayed at my place. She had a room upstairs at the top floor of the house where she used to sleep at night. I would often gather the courage to just go upstairs in the middle of the night and smell her feet, but I would always coward out at the last moment. So it went on for a while...

Then one week into 2010 I came home very drunk on the last day of my winter holidays.I reached home by 2'0 clock and everyone had slept by then. My mum opened the door for me and I went straight to the first floor and in my room. I wasn't thinking straight at all and felt very horny at the time. The alcohol just made me reckless and I tip toed straight to the maids room upstairs. She was fast asleep and I wasted no time and just reached lightly for her feet using the light from my mobile. I carefully removed the blanket and felt the sole of her foot. She was wearing socks !!! I cursed my bad luck. I knew that if i tried to remove her socks she would definitely catch me. So i just smelled her socks and kissed her feet lightly just a few times and then left.

From that day on I made it a habit to do this every time I got the chance. After a few days I got lucky when i reached her bed and saw that she wasn't wearing any socks. Very carefully I put my face flat against her foot and just inhaled her smell for a whole minute. It was my first time actually sniffing a girls foot and I enjoyed it too much. I couldn't control myself any longer and started to masturbate with one hand making as little noise as possible. I put one toe each just slightly in my nostrils and pressed my lips at the base of her toes. Enjoying every second I masturbated over there in that position. Suddenly looking up at her face I saw that she was looking at me but closed her eyes instantly as i looked at her.

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The whole world turned upside down for me. I knew that I was a dead man if she said a single word to anyone about this. Specially in a country like India where people wouldn't understand a fetish and probably just label me a sick freak and a loser. Also i was worried the news would spread like fire amongst everyone in the house and even outside. I belong to a well off family and have two other people working in the house too who come in the morning and leave at night. If they heard about this I was surely done for.

I just got up and went to my room silently. I was up the whole night dreading the morning but the next day she acted perfectly normal. She didnt do ANYTHING to hint that she had seen me last night. I understood then that she didn't want me to realize that she knew what was happening or else I might confront her or I might have her fired from her job. So both of us started pretending nothing happened and life went on. Till one day when she was asked to sleep in the room next to mine as her room did not have air conditioning and the weather had become very hot. That room did not have a bed but just a very big mattress on the floor.

She started sleeping there. I was very tempted but knew that it would be very risky. So this time again one night after a few round of drinks I came home and just went to her room and silently lied down by her feet. Her cool dry skin against my face was incredible!!! I was feeling too reckless and just started kissing her feet again. I thought that if caught I would blame it all on the drink. I started kissing and smelling her feet all over and slightly rubbing my lips up and down her arches. I suddenly felt her withdraw her foot for a second and i became totaly still to avoid getting caught. Then she pushed her foot back into my face and started snoring loudly. I was in heavennnn !!!!! I understood that she was only pretending to be asleep so as to not confront me with this. This was perfect for me as I knew I was not doing it against her will and also knew that she would remain silent. I just put my face down and put all her toes in my mouth and started sucking them.

After a minute I moved to theother foot and started sucking each toe individually. Then I licked her foot from bottom to top a few times. I was just content to stick my tongue out and keep rubbing it on her feet for as long as i could. As this was my first full fledged foot licking opportunity i came in my pants even without rubbing my dick anywhere. I still didnt stop i put my face under her feet and rested her feet on my face and spend 10 minutes like that. Then i started to smell the top part of her feet and her ankles and soles. I started licking them too. From her movements i knew it was tickling her a bit but i didnt care. I lifted one foot in my hand and just put the whole sole in my mouth and sucked and sucked.

After that there was too much saliva on the left foot so I picked up her right foot where there was still some of her foot smell left. I literally french kissed her foot, the arch of her foot as if it were the lips of a goddess. With one hand I held her foot and with the other I started to masturbate. Ohhh the feeling is indescribable. I came in a few seconds but i kept licking her feet. Before i left I went again to her left foot and pulled each toe individually apart and smelled and licked in the middle of it. Then I kissed her foot gently once more and made my way to bed feeling more elated than I can ever remember.

I now had access to foot worship in my home as many times as I wanted with a beautiful girl. I knew I was extremely fortunate. FOr those of you who have foot fetishes know how difficult and rare it is to find someone who you can do this with and who would never tell another person. I'm 23 and this was my first ever experience in foot fetish ; I wanted to make the most of it. Over the next few months she did ask me gently about my foot fetish and I did confess it to her. Our relationship got even better and I had some amazing times after that. They are the most memorable experiences of my life which I will soon share with you guys.

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