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Being caught masterbating

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a short but hot story for those who love Voyeur and love to Voyeur.

I was staying at this hotel and I had gone to explore the hotel, it was late at night say about 3am or better. I had noticed about 8 girls at the workout room talking about sneaking into the pool. I was already turned on because the person I was with at the Hotel was on her period and didn't want to fuck and I was horny as hell.

I ran to the pool and climbed over the fence and got naked and layed out on the beach chair and started playing with myself. A few minutes go by and I could see an hear the girls climbing over the fence on the other side of the pool. I just keep wacking away and I heard a girl say OMG theirs a guy masterbating. They all gigled and hit behind the supply shed watching.

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I stroked my cock so hard and moaned so loud an cummed all over myself. It was a great feeling knowing that people were watching me jerk off. When I came all the girls started clapping and saying WHOOOOOOO NICE SHOW!!!! I guess they were all buzzed or drunk and I got up and said thank you and they came out and ask to see some more.

I didn't think I had it in me but I managed to rub another one off for them and this time they were right up in front of me surrounding my chair. Some were showing tits and ass and were all geeking that I was jerking off for them.

I still had cum all over me from the last time and I used it for lube and when I blew my load 2 of the girls were dared to lick it off me and they did. I probally would have pursued to fuck them but jerking off twice in a row made my cock raw.

The only bad part is, some of the girls were taking pics and video of me jerking off and the 2 girls sucking the cum off my cock and stomach.

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