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The Movie Theater

(Part 1 from 2)

“Well, I guess I’ll talk to you later,” Anthony wrote. “I’m going to the movies with Christina.” My heart dropped as I read the instant message. Christina was Anthony’s girlfriend of one year and although he and I had broken up so long ago, I was still madly in love with him. We managed to keep our friendship alive through our first year of college by talking on the internet on a regular basis. We talked about almost everything and had sometimes even discussed our innermost fantasies with each other. Although we spoke uninhibitedly over the internet, I knew that when we spent time together over the summer, he would never even consider cheating on Christina. He had confided in me that he loved her and it had broken my heart. I could never bring myself to tell him how deep my emotions ran for him.
“What movie are you guys going to see?” I asked casually.
american Wedding,” he responded, “I’m going to pick her up and hopefully we’ll catch the 8:15 showing at the multiplex.”
“Well, have fun.” I wrote halfheartedly. He signed off and I sighed thinking about how I was going to be forced into another night with just the T.V. to keep me company. Telling myself firmly that I wouldn’t submit to another night of solitude, I decided to call my best friend Susie. Dialing her number, I thought to myself, “It’s already the beginning of August and I haven’t even had a chance to see him much less hang out with him. I need to see him before I go back to college.” Susie answered on the third ring.
“Hey, it’s Jess. Wanna go see a movie?” I asked with a devilish grin on my face.
After getting ready, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My light blue tank top barely covered my 38 D breasts and I knew that my denim skirt was just the right length to show off my shapely legs without being short enough for everyone in the theater to get a show. I brushed my long blonde hair one last time and brushed some shadow on my large brown eyes before leaving to drive to Susie’s house.

When we got to the theater, we bought our tickets and hung around in the lobby for a few minutes because we were a little early for the movie. I searched the crowds of people for Anthony, but couldn’t spot him. Disappointed, I followed Susie towards the ticket taker.
Once inside the theater, we looked around for seats. It was extremely difficult to find some available ones because it was opening night for the movie and the theater was extremely crowded. I resigned my search for Anthony, knowing that I’d never locate him in the crowded, bustling theater. We finally found a small group of seats that were empty, which was relieving because both Susie and I hate sitting too close to people in theaters. We each had enough room to be comfortable. I cast one last furtive glance around the theater before settling down for the previews.

The previews had just started when I heard someone say, “Excuse me, would you mind moving over?” I looked up and froze. It was Anthony.

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Smiling from ear to ear, I started to get up to hug him when I happened to glance behind him and caught sight of Christina. “Ummm…sure.” I blurted out, still half raised in my chair. I quickly recovered and pretended like I had been getting up in order to move over to the next seat.
“Thanks.” He sat down next to me and I wanted to cry. He hadn’t even said hello. It was as if I was just some stranger occupying the chair that he wanted. I heard Christina rummaging through her bag for something and I looked over. He turned his head to meet my gaze with his green eyes, smiled and winked at me. I felt myself starting to blush, but I simply smiled back.

The movie began and about halfway through it, I suddenly felt something brush against my arm on the armrest. I glanced over without turning my head and saw Anthony’s arm resting against mine. I searched his face for a clue as to what this could mean, but he was staring at the screen, enthralled by the movie. I decided to ignore it…I figured that I was simply hogging the armrest. A few minutes later, I felt his fingers running along mine. I staying perfectly still holding my breath, not daring to move or speak. He turned my hand palm up and ran his fingers from the tips of mine up my arm to the inside of my elbow. I glanced at him once again, but he was still watching the movie, the light from the screen illuminating his strong jaw line and rumpled brown hair. I turned back and closed my eyes, letting his touch send invisible shock waves through my arm into my body. I had not been touched by him in over a year and I didn’t want him to stop for anything.

My eyes shot open suddenly when I felt his hand move past my arm and across my chest lightly. He slowly rubbed the back of his hand across my breast and I could feel the heat of his body on mine. I was getting fidgety and looked past him to Christina. She was holding his left hand, completely unaware of what was happening two seats away from her. I turned towards Susie, who was equally oblivious. His hand became more insistent and started to squeeze my breast with increased pressure. I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused with each caress and soon my nipples, restrained only by my shirt, were erect. He sensed this and brushing across one, he grabbed it between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it lightly. I twitched at this new sensation and mentally begged for more. Christina coughed and he pulled his hand away quickly. I was disappointed and silently cursed her.
After a few agonizing minutes, I felt his hand snaking up my inner thigh. I inhaled quickly, not having expected this. I was already slightly wet from the attention that my nipples had been receiving and this was only making me even more excited. He dragged his hand painfully slow and I wanted to grab his wrist and push his fingers into my waiting pussy. Finally, I felt the very tips of his fingers bush against the top of my slit. I held back a small moan and silently praised my clothing choice. He moved his fingers to the base of my pussy and ran them up the length of my slit to my pierced clit. He pushed his fingers into it and began to move them in a circular motion, making my clit harden with anticipation. I slid down in my seat a little so that I could spread my legs wider.

Seizing the recent availability of access to my whole pussy, he moved his fingers towards my wet hole. Moving the crotch of my panties aside, he slid the tip of his finger into my willing sex. I wanted him to shove his finger into me and finger fuck my pussy so hard, but he was still teasing. He pushed his finger all the way into me, and I could feel it being soaked in my juices. He moved his finger in and out of me, then added a second one. I was tempted to reach over and grab his cock, which I was sure was hard at this point, but I didn’t want Christina to look over and see me. I couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled his fingers out of my snatch and looked down at them. I could see my slickness shining on them in the light from the screen. I looked up at him and saw that he was finally looking at me with a surprised expression on his face, most likely wanting to know why I had stopped him. I pulled his fingers towards my mouth and licked from the base of his forefinger to the tip, tasting my rich fluids. I then closed my mouth around his fingers and sucked all my wetness off his fingers, feeling it drip down the back of my throat like slick honey. His eyes were half-closed with lust. I turned to Susie and whispered, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to the bathroom.” She nodded absent-mindedly, still focused on the movie. I turned towards Anthony and mouthed, “Bathroom.” He nodded slightly and I stood up, edged out of my row, and left the theater.

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