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What To Tell My Daughter

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

What To Tell My daughter

Chapter 1

There I sat, at the kitchen table, looking into the eyes of my 18 year old daughter. Twenty minutes ago she walked into the basement and saw something I had hoped nobody would ever find out about. She was supposed to be in high school for another 2 hours.

ďI know that youíre confused and upset. But I will try to explain, if you will let meĒ I told her.

ďWhat is there to explain? I saw my mother, naked in the basement, getting her brains fucked out! I saw you cheating on my father. I saw you begging a black man the fuck youĒ she yelled at me.

ďHow could you do that? Hell, you wonít even let me date a black person! And there you were fucking oneĒ she continued.

ďItís not that simple. Itís never that simpleĒ I said. ďSit back down and I will tell you the whole story. Itís worse that even you might think.Ē ďHow the hell did I let this get this out of control?Ē

It was hard looking at my daughter at that moment. She was so much like me, something I had always been proud of. Both of us were the same size and shape. At 5í1Ē and 110 lbs we both were in very good shape. We both had long blond hair. My breast and butt are a little bigger than Cindy, but she turns a lot of heads with what she has, even at 14.

With a tear in her eye, she sat back down and told me to try and explain what I was doing. I told her that I would start with some basic history. I knew that she knew most of this stuff, but I needed a starting place that would help her see how this all got started.

She already knew that her father was raised in this neighborhood. She knew that this house was his boyhood home. She also knew that his parents, her grandparents, were killed in a car wreck when she was 3 years old. They had left us the house. I told her that, at that time, we werenít poor but getting this house made all the difference for us. It was paid off, so we saved a lot of money each month. It meant that I didnít have to work while you and were so young.

At that point I moved into details she knew very little about. I told her that the neighborhood had changed a lot from when your father was a boy. The neighborhood was an even mix of black and white and was considered upper middleclass. When we moved back to the neighborhood it was mostly black and was now a rather poor place to be. I explained to her that I had not been raised around anything other that white people. I wasnít sure what we getting ourselves into.

Your father knew enough of the locals to feel comfortable here. He told me that the rules in a place like this were very simple. If the people in this neighborhood liked you they would go out of their way to be friendly. If they didnít like you, thought that you might be prejudice, or were scared of them, then they could make your life a living hell. Just relax. Theyíre people, simple as that.

He was right. We met several nice couples but it seemed that it was mostly the men in the neighborhood that came around to visit with your father. I got comfortable about everything except one. I told her that one of her fatherís oldest friends kept hitting on me. He made it very clear that he would like to ďwelcome me to the neighborhood, the black kind of way.Ē I didnít know what that meant exactly, but I wasnít interested.

I followed your fatherís advice and did everything I could to say no, but to not piss him off. He was a very important man around here. I wanted no trouble. I would put him off by asking him things like ďwhat would your wife sayĒ or ďI feel very welcome here with things the way they areĒ.

I explained to Cindy that she had just turned 5 and was starting a special pre-school program we found for her. Cindy said that she remembered that school and how much she loved it. I told her that this was when the trouble and the mistakes started.

Chapter 2

We were attending a block party on a Saturday night to celebrate the end of summer. All the parents had gotten together and hired several babysitters to watch all of the kids so that the parents could drink, party, and stay out as late as we wanted. It was so much fun. I guess I had a few drinks. I wasnít drunk or anything, just feeling good. Your father was past feeling good, he was flying high.

That was when Bob, Mr. Johnson, started in on me again. I was getting very tired of this. So instead of being nice I just, point blank, asked him what it was going to take to get him to stop hitting on me. He was a little surprised by my outburst. He recovered quickly and told me that if I would have sex with him just once that he would stop. He looked like he meant it. I donít know why I said yes to him, but I just wanted the harassment to stop.

Cindy asked me why I hadnít told Dad what was going on. I told her that I had told him on several occasions. He told me to be firm, but friendly when telling him I wasnít interested. Your father said he would talk to him but Bob used to bully your dad when he was in school. I think your father was a little afraid of him. Bob did a lot for your father, when he wanted too. I donít think he ever did talk to him, which only encouraged Bob all the more.

After I realized what I had agreed to, I went to find your father to help me. He was so messed up that he was no help at all. I had no choice but to let Bob have his way with me or really piss him off. I was so scared.

Bob came and took me by the arm and lead me back to our house. Most of the men sitting around with your father saw this and just smiled. I think they knew what was about to happen.

When we got back to our house Bob asked me what room would be best? I told him about the basement. We had a bedroom set up for visitors down there. It was much but it would do. When we reached the bottom of the stairs Bob turned me around and kissed me. He held me tight with one hand and started undressing me with the other. I was so scared. I just stood there while he stripped me naked.

He carried me to the bed and laid me down. We didnít have a lot of time so there wasnít much foreplay. He spread my legs and started eating my pussy. Bob was 6í4Ē and weighed at least 225 lbs. He could easily eat my pussy and reach his hands up and play with my breasts and nipples.

Cindy asked me why I was going into all of the gross details. I replied that if she wanted to really understand what she saw downstairs then she would need to know these facts. She shook her head and I continued. I told her that there were a couple of details that she needed to remember about me. The first was that your father was a very good lover. He knew just how to make a woman feel. He also had a nice size cock. He had 8Ē and really knew how to use it. I thought I was the luckiest woman in the world. The second fact you need to know is that I go totally nuts went I have my pussy eaten. To me it is the best part of sex. I get lost in my emotions. It makes me so hot.

So, here Bob was eating my pussy and playing with my boobs. I came in less than a minute and kept cuming until he stopped eating me. I was half drunk and horny as hell. I needed sex!

Bob stood up and took off his close. I had always wondered if the stories about black men true. Well, when Bob removed his pants and underwear I found out that those stories were true. Bob was as big as your father but he wasnít hard yet. He walked over to the edge of the bed and pulled my face to his cock. I was so horny I didnít care. I opened my mouth and sucked him in. He started to grow the second my tongue touched his cock. It grew and grew. I later found out later that Bobís cock was 12 ĹĒ long and as big around as a beer can. When he was hard I could only get the head of his cock in my mouth.

Bob removed his cock from my mouth and climbed onto the bed with me. I told him I didnít think I could handle his cock. He laughed and said most women say that but as long as he goes slow I would be fine. I was so wet from him eating me and me cumming that it didnít take much effort for Bob to get the head of his cock into my pussy. I really knew I was in for a real fucking as he inched his way into my pussy. I had the most intense orgasm before he got half of that monster in me. He really started to push his way into me and began to pump in and out. Each time he pumped in he went a little deeper.

I was moaning and screaming with pleasure and pain. He finally got all of his cock in me. I couldnít believe that it would fit. He really started to pound my poor pussy. I lost count on the number of orgasms I had. Bob wasted little time in cumming. He filled my pussy with tons of cum. We lay together for a few minutes to get our breath back. When Bob pulled out of me my pussy made funny noises.

Bob got up and started getting dressed. I still couldnít move. Bob said he would see me back at the party and disappeared up the stairs. What Bob and I didnít know was that Dwayne, Mr. Allen, had snuck down stairs and had watched Bob fuck me. I needed a minute to recover and laid my head back and closed my eyes. I thought Bob had come back for seconds when I felt someone climb onto the bed. My legs were still hitched up and he had easy access to my pussy. He entered my pussy and filled me up in one stroke. He started pounding my pussy good and hard. It took no time before I started cumming again. I opened my eyes and was shocked to find that it wasnít Bob fucking me. Dwayne was working my pussy over good. Again I lost count of the number of orgasms I had. My mind wanted him to stop; my body was hoping he would never stop. I kept hearing someone begging Dwayne to pound my pussy. IT WAS ME.

Dwayne came quickly and pulled out of me. He dressed and left before I could recover and start complaining. I was drunk, somewhat in shock, and total fucked out, and exhausted. I made myself get up. I worked my way slowly to my bedroom. I tried to take a shower but my legs just would work well enough. I gave up and just went to bed, naked and leaking.

A few minutes later I awoke to noises coming up the stairs. It was Bob and his son Charlie bringing your father home. They laid him on the bed and turned to leave. I told Bob that I needed to talk to him and asked him to call me on Monday morning. He smiled back at me. I know he thinks I want another ride, but I wanted to tell him about Dwayne.

Chapter 3

The next morning was Sunday. We were able to sleep late because the babysitters were not supposed to bring the kids home until around 10 am. I worked on fixing breakfast, but it wasnít easy. I had a mild headache from the beer. But the rest of me was a total wreck. My legs felt like I had run 10 miles. My pussy was so sore that I couldnít touch it. My stomach area hurt too from all of the powerful orgasms. I couldnít be sure, but I had lost count at 15 orgasms in 45 minutes. I would swear that the whole thing was a dream if it werenít for the pain. It had hurt so bad to pee that morning that I put off taking a shower. I knew that I smelled of sex. I had dried cum streaks all the way down to my knees. Those two black men must have shot a gallon of cum inside me.

Your father wasnít in any shape to notice my condition. His headache was massive. He walked around the house all day long with sunglasses on and an ice pack on his head. I told Cindy that she got such a laugh at the two of us. She had found ways to make loud noises just to watch her father jump. The day past quickly and uneventfully.

The next morning I got you ready for school and your father took you on his way to work. I was glad that I didnít have to get dressed and go out. I was still sore and tried not to walk around too much. I also wanted to call Bob. I thought it would be a good idea to tell him about Dwayne. I didnít know what to expect but I hoped Bob could help stop Dwayne from shooting off his mouth.

Just as I was picking up the phone to call Bob there was a knock at the back door. I looked out the window and say that it was Bob. I let him in, half expecting him to try and get in my pants again. I couldnít have been more wrong. Bob looked very upset and start telling me how sorry he was about Saturday night. He said that he wasnít sorry that we had sex, that he wasnít sorry that he had been dogging me about it for months, but he was sorry that I had agreed to do it just to get rid of him. He explained that he had never forced anyone into having sex with him. He kept saying that he was sorry. It was clear that he didnít know anything about Dwayne.

I stopped Bob and told him that Saturday night was in the past. I said that it couldnít happen again but that I had enjoyed it much more than I should have. Bob smiled until I told him that Dwayne had watched us and that he had fucked me after he had left. Bob went nuts. I told him that it hadnít been rape exactly, but that it wasnít something that I had wanted to happen. He had taken advantage of the situation and I was scared that he would come back wanting to do it again. I told him that while my mind was saying no, my body begged him to never stop. I didnít know how to live with that fact, but I couldnít let that happen again.

Bob told me that the best thing to do was to let him handle it. Dwayne had a big mouth and probably already told all his buddies what had happened. Bob said that the good thing about it was that nobody believed that big mouth. Bob said that he would talk to Dwayne but that the best thing to do for now was nothing. I really didnít have a choice but to let Bob handle.

I asked Bob what this protection was going to cost me. He looked hurt, but responded by saying that he had told me that he would never do anything with me again that I didnít ask him to do. He got up and left without saying another word.

I thought everything had gone back to normal. Nothing happened for the next four days. I had left several messages for Bob to thank him for his efforts. He didnít return my calls. I found out on Thursday night from your father that he had gone out of town for a few days. I only hoped he had talked to Dwayne before he left.

Chapter 4

On Friday morning, around 10 am, I was in the basement doing the laundry. I heard a knock on the basement door and I opened it. It was Dwayne and one of his loser friends Tom. I never knew Tomís last name. Dwayne just walked in past me without even saying hello. He looked pissed off. He ordered me to tell Tom that he had fucked me on Saturday night. I played dumb. That only pissed him off more. He yelled that nobody believed him. I asked him why they should believe such a lie.

Dwayne said that I had loved it and had begged him to keep doing it. He said that everybody would believe him after today, he had a witness. Tom looked shocked at that and wanted nothing to do with what Dwayne had planned. But he didnít leave either. He just watched as Dwayne pinned me against the wall and started undressing me. He was so big and tall. All he had to do was to grab both of my wrists with one hand and lift me almost off the ground. He used the other hand to strip me naked. I fought as hard as I could but it was useless. As soon as I was completely naked Dwayne picked me up and carried me over to the same bed that he had fucked me on Saturday night. I begged him to stop but he didnít care. He climbed on top of me in a 69 position and began eating my pussy. He kept trying to stick his cock in my mouth but I managed to avoid it, for a while.

I reminded Cindy how I reacted to having my pussy eaten. I had a tear in my eye as I told her this. I tried so hard to fight him off and to not give in. I told her that it pissed me off when men seem to think that women became babbling idiots when you get them naked. But I couldnít help how my body reacts to oral sex. The more he ate me the less I complained and the more I moaned. The more I moaned the easier it was for Dwayne to get his cock into my mouth. When he managed to get it inside real deep it wasnít going to come out until he wanted it too. I kept turning my head from side to side to try and get his cock out of my mouth. But the more I move my head the more of a blow job I was giving him. When I stopped thrashing my head around he start moving his hips and fucked his cock into my mouth.

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I lost track of time, but it couldnít have been long before I cam for the first time. It was very intense. A minute or two later a second and stronger orgasm hit me. I almost passed out. It was Dwayneís movements that brought me back to reality. He was about to cum in my mouth and I knew there wasnít anything I could do about it. I also knew that I was going to have to swallow his cum because there was no way to get his cock out of my mouth or any way to spit it out. His cum hit the back of my throat. He kept cumming. He filled what little room there was left in my mouth and I had to swallow in order to breath. But once I started swallowing I had to keep swallowing. He shot at least 8 or 9 times into my mouth. I was swallowing the last of his cum when my third orgasm ripped through me. When we were done cuming we both just lay there motionlessly.

I felt a second set of hands start to move me as Dwayne climbed off of my body. I was moved up onto my hands and knees. I donít know when or what part of what just happened that gave Tom the idea that I was having a good time. But when I opened my eyes to see who was moving me I say that Tom had removed his clothes and was now putting his cock in my face. He wasnít as big as Bob or Dwayne. His cock was about 10Ē long and skinner. I had no intention of sucking his cock. I just wanted this mess to stop. I kept my mouth closed as best I could. But Dwayne did me in when he stuck his hardening cock into my pussy from the other end. My mouth shot open to let out a cry of pain and pleasure. But as soon as my mouth opened it was filled.

My pussy was still tight, but not as bad as Saturday night. Dwayne went deeper with each stroke until he had his entire cock in me. It still blew my mind that anyone could get a fat 12Ē cock all the way into my tiny pussy. But I felt his balls hitting my clit each time he pounded into me. Tom was trying to do the same with my mouth. He kept pushing deeper until I would gag. It didnít take long before I was cumming again. Tom took full advantage also. He really pushed hard with his cock into my mouth. The next thing I knew my nose was buried in pubic hair and his balls were hitting my chin. I heard him tell Dwayne that he was in all the way, that ďthe bitch is deep throating meĒ. That must have excited Dwayne, because both men pounded my pussy and throat. It felt really weird having a cock in my throat. I could feel every inch of it. I knew he was ready to cum before he did. I couldnít taste anything but I still felt the need to swallow.

As soon as Tom finished he pulled out. Another orgasm hit me and Dwayne followed it by cumming himself. I was wasted and couldnít move if I wanted to. I felt Dwayne pull out of my soaked pussy. Tom wasted no time filling me back up. He was different though. He would fuck for a minute and then pull completely out. When he was out he would rub his cock on my clit and on my asshole. I had no idea what he was doing until he started pushing the head of his cock into my asshole. All of his other movements had been aimed at getting my asshole lubed up for him. I begged for him to stop. The pain was unbelievable. He just kept going deeper with each stroke. I knew he was all the way in when he started to pound me. My legs gave way and he fell on top of me. I thought I would die and was never so glad when he cam and pulled out of my ass.

Dwayne and Tom continued to take turns on me all morning long. They each fucked me three times and shot off into my mouth two more times. My ass had been fucked, as had my throat. I may have missed a few but I made sure to keep count of the number of orgasms I had. If my memory was correct I came 17 times in the three hours that these two men fucked me. I was embarrassed at how my body had reacted to this assault. But on the other hand I had never felt so alive. The only reason they stopped was because of the time. They knew that school was about to let out and parents had to be parents, including them. They got dressed quickly. Tom thanked me, if you can believe that. Dwayne just smacked my on the ass and said I would see him soon. I looked at the clock and realized that I had 30 minutes to get cleaned up and to pick you up from the school. I donít know how I managed it, but I did. Nobody seemed to notice anything different about me. All I knew was that I needed to get through the rest of this day and find Bob ASAP.

Chapter 5

Bob called me on Sunday afternoon. I told him that Dwayne and paid me another visit and that he had brought company. I could tell that Bob was pissed even though he was quite on the phone. He told me he would take care of it. He was cussing as he hung up the phone.

On Monday morning Bob showed up at the back door. I asked him inside but he said I needed to come outside with him for a minute. As we came around the back of the garage I say Dwayne being held my two other men. Bob and Dwayne were very big men but these two guys were awesome. Both were at least 6í7Ē tall and weighed more than 300 pounds. Dwayne looked scared.

Bob asked Dwayne if there was something he wanted to say to me. He told me that he was sorry about Saturday and Friday. He said that he would not be bothering me anymore. Before I could answer Bob said ďIím sure that you wonít. But to make sure you donít forget or that any of your stupid friends decides to pay the lady a visit let me make sure you rememberĒ. With that, the other two young men started beating the hell out of Dwayne. I tried to get Bob to stop them, but he said that I didnít understand the streets. This message needed to be sent. Or would you rather have black men knocking on your door ever day looking for a quick fuck? I wanted neither and managed to get Bob to stop the beating.

Bob got into Dwayneís face and told him that I belonged to him and nobody touched his woman but him. Dwayne shook his head in acknowledgement and ran out as soon as he was freed. Bob thanked his helpers and walked back inside with me. I was pissed at what Bob had told Dwayne. I donít belong to anybody except your father. He explained that it was the only way to protect me now that Dwayneís stories had a witness. He said it wasnít any big deal. Just agree to have lunch out in public every so often and everybody will believe what I told Dwayne.

Bob was right about a lot of things. The whistles and catcalls stopped when I was out shopping. There were no other surprise visitors. And it was kind of nice having a simple lunch out with Bob every other week. Everything at home was ok too. I told Cindy that she was loving school. Your father was happy at work and at home. The only problem I had was that I was horny all the time. I made love with your father every night for the next two weeks. I couldnít get enough. The sex was good, but it wasnít the same. I told Cindy that this is what I meant when I said that ďwhen you open the Pandoraís Box you canít close it back upĒ.

I explained that I had had sex four times, on two days with black men, and had cum more times on those occasions that I had in years. I also explained that I had never had such strong orgasms until then. Sex with your father was great and I did cum. But it was a plain vanilla kind of orgasm. I used my fingers to get off almost every day. I think that was why I enjoyed having lunch with Bob. There was always a possibility that I would have a big black cock inside me again. It never happened and I always felt guilty, but it didnít change things.

Things changed for me on a Saturday morning about two weeks later. I was buying the groceries at the local market. I didnít like the look at the zucchini that was on the shelf. Robbie was a young black kid that worked in the produce department. He was about 18 and was very good looking. I knocked on the produce department door and stuck my head through. I asked Robbie if he had anything fresher. He told me to come on back and he would show me what they had in the cooler. It was innocent enough until I noticed that he had a huge lump in the front of his pants. He didnít say or do anything, but I couldnít seem to take my eyes off of it. I guess I had a weird look on my face because Robbie asked me if I was ok. I surprised myself with my answer. I told him that I was ok, but told him that I should be the one asking him that question. I smiled and pointed at his hardon. I am normally not that bold, but I was getting horny just looking at it.

I didnít know that a black man could blush but there was no mistaking it. Robbie was lost for words. He tried to apologize and actually looked scared. I asked him what had gotten him hard like that. He said that he had heard all of the stories and begged me not to tell Mr. Johnson. He was really scared. There was something about this situation that turned me on. The two previous occasions had not been my idea, not within my control. Here, I was in total control. I toyed with Robbie. I asked him if I could see his cock. I thought he was going to turn and run, but I grabbed his arm and made him stay. I unzipped his short pants and reached in to fish out his cock. He was so hard that I had to unbuckle his shorts and pulled them and his underwear down in order to get his cock free.

I told Cindy that I could only guess, but that his cock appeared to be bigger than your fatherís and Tomís. It was not as big as Bob or Dwayne, which would make Robbieís cock was about 11Ē. It felt silky to the touch, but very very hard. The more I touched it the more uncomfortable Robbie got. I told Cindy that I now know that this is why I was acting that way. I needed to be in control of something. Combined with my continuous horny state and this all made sense. You should have seen the look on his face when I put as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I started to move my mouth up and down. He moaned and then said that he didnít understand. Mr. Johnson said to leave you alone. I stopped sucking long enough to tell Robbie that this was my idea. I told him that the stories he had heard were most likely true, but I was forced to participate. I told him that Bob wonít hurt him as long as he keeps his mouth shut and I donít tell him.

I went back to sucking on Robbieís cock. He relaxed enough to put his hands on the back of my head and started pumping. Being young and oversexed, it took Robbie no time to fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked from both sides of my mouth. I stood up and wiped my face clean while Robbie regained his composure. I told him that I wished I had time for him to fuck me but that we both had things to do. I told him he would get a chance later. With that, I picked up a fresh zucchini and left the produce cooler. I quickly finished my shopping and returned home. As soon as the food was put away I went up stair to make myself cum. I sure was glad I hadnít forgotten about the zucchini. It felt wonderful.

Chapter 6

As soon as I saw you and your father I felt like such a slut. I had no idea why I was acting that way. I love you and your father. I didnít want to cheat on him or endanger our life together by causing your father to divorce me. But I wanted to cum like I had cum before. It wasnít that your father didnít take care of me sexually. I needed something he couldnít give me. Until today I had managed to fight these urges. I didnít know what I would do next. I didnít trust myself. It was all I could do to make sure that the two of you didnít see my panic.

What I needed was someone to talk to about this. The only person I could think of was my old college roommate. She was a good friend and I trusted her to keep her mouth shut. She had screwed around quite a bit back in college. I also knew that she had fucked a few black guys too. I was lucky in that she hadnít moved too far away. She lived in a small town about an hour away. I called her and set up a meeting for the next weekend. I told your father that I would be sending the night and getting caught up with old times. The truth was that I wasnít sure how long it would take to take this out or how much free time she would have. She was married and had two little boys.

I arrived at Paulaís house at noon the following Saturday. I spent some time with her family, getting to know her husband and kids. Later that afternoon Paula and I went out shopping. We found a nice quite place at a restaurant she knew, so that we could talk. I told here everything that had happened in the last few weeks. She took in my story and just smiled at me when I had finished. She knew that I had been tight legged in school. She found it quite funny that I had found the pleasures a black cock could bring. She wasnít much help to start with. After she got over her laughter, she did help me talk it out. She said that it had been difficult trying to stop fucking around when she got married. She said that two things had helped her let it go. The first was that she had screwed around enough that it wasnít new anymore. She said it was still fun, but she had regained some control over when and with whom she would mess around with. The second thing was that she had met her husband during that same time period. He knew what she was doing and loved her anyway. She stopped messing around because she wanted too, not because he made her. He wanted her to quit, but left it up to her as to how and when to make it happen.

I asked her if she regretted having to stop. She said that she would be lying if she said she would love to have a nice big black cock between her legs again. She said that she wouldnít do anything to spoil what she has now. That made me feel better, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But what was I going to do about my situation?

Paula said that I was going to have to live out some of my feelings. She said that she could see how upset I was. I told Cindy that Paula could tell how much I loved her and her father. However, she said that I had experienced something special. Those black men had made me cum so often and so hard. I hadnít responded like that to sex with anyone else. She said that those experiences were too new and would be almost impossible to ignore. She said I would have to work my way through this, one way or the other. She said that there was one fact that I wasnít going to get away from. That fact was that I enjoyed the sex and that I would continue cheating until I had worked all these feelings out. If I acknowledged that I enjoyed having sex with those men, then I would gain some control over this and I might not get caught. If I denied my feelings, or tried to ignore them, I would have no control over what might happen. No control means that I would, sooner or later, get caught. We called it a day. I had a lot to think about.

Chapter 7

By the time I got home my head was spinning. I had spent most of my free time thinking about what Paula had said. I couldnít tell if she was making sense or I was going crazy. The only thing that was worse than my confusion was how horny I was, all the time. Your father screwed me three times that Sunday and I wanted more. I fingered myself two more times and was begging for more. I hardly slept that night.

The next morning I decided to call Bob and get myself properly fucked. He couldnít get over here fast enough. I hadnít told why I needed to see him. I guess he thought some other asshole was making a pass and he was going to have to kill the dumb bastard. I wished I had a camera with me when I told him that I was horny and wanted to fuck.

After he got over the shock of what I had said, he scooped me up in his arms and took me to the basement. He almost ripped my clothes off. I guess he thought that I would change my mind if he didnít get me naked fast enough. I blinked twice and I was naked, on my back, legs spread, and Bobís head was buried in my pussy. I cam almost immediately.

Bob wanted to mount me right after eating me, but I stopped him. I had actually enjoyed sucking Robbieís cock so much that I pulled Bob to the head of the bed and took in as much of his cock as my mouth would allow. I had forgotten how big he really was. I had three inches of his cock in my mouth and had both of my hands stroking him, at the same time. He must have been very excited because it took no time for him to fill my mouth with cum. I swallow as fast as I could but more ran down my chin than went down my throat.

I told Cindy that when her father finished having sex he would go limp. That was normal. But Bob stayed hard. He mounted me a little too quickly and the pain was awesome. He couldnít control himself. The first time he fucked me he took lots of time getting his huge cock into me. Not this time, he was all the way inside me in thirty seconds. I loosened up quickly. All those other cocks had done their damage. God, I love how big his cock was and how full I felt. He pounded my poor pussy. I would have been moaning like hell but every time he slammed into me it took my breath away. I tried to keep count of my orgasms but that was a waste of time. It felt like it was one long intense explosion. I had three of those type explosions before Bob pumped my belly full of cum.

While I knew he hadnít fucked me for an hour, it sure felt like it. We lay together until we could catch our breath. I was surprised that his cock stayed inside my pussy even as it went soft. After we had rested for a few minutes, Bob wanted to talk. He wanted to know what had changed. He said that he was surprised to hear from me and was shocked when he had heard me ask him to fuck me. I explained about what I had been going through the last few weeks. I also explained about my visit to Paula. He laughed when I told him about Robbie. I told him that I was going to play this out and see where it goes. I thought my sex life was great until I had a giant black pole stuck into my pussy.

Bob got up and took a quick shower. When he returned he said that he had an idea that could make my life much better. He said that he had noticed that the house and yard needed lots of attention. I told him that we did the best that we could, but money was a little tight. He said that he knew a few men in various trades that could come by and help make this old place shine again. He said that they did good work and that they all had something else that I needed. He smiled and his hand traveled down his body until it reached his big cock. Then he said that they all loved white women and would be glad to work for pussy.

I made it quite clear that I was not a whore. He agreed and told me I didnít have to do anything I didnít want to. He said that I should set up a meeting with each of the men and let them see what work needed to be done. While they are checking out the work I could check out the men. If I like what I see then schedule the work. If you donít want to be with any of them just let me know and I will find others that you will approve of. He said it would all be in my hands. You control who you fuck, when it happens, and how often it happens. I told him I would think about it. Then I smiled and asked him what his finderís fee was. He smiled back and let his hand travel down his body to his going cock. I slid to the end of the bed and sucked his cock into my mouth.

Chapter 8

Over the next two weeks I interviewed a landscaper, a painter, an electrician, and a heating and a/c guy. To speed things along with my story I told Cindy only the highlights, until something very important happened. I think she was more comfortable with that. I also think I was making her horny, but we wonít go there.

While I did feel more in control than before, I was still out of control. I wanted to get past this as soon as possible. I thought that if I could get enough black cock I would find the balance that my life had been missing. I decided to interview each of the men that Bob recommended. I figured that I would find a few that I would like. Little did I know that my pussy wanted them all.

The landscaper offered to treat the lawn once, to mow it every week, to clean up the leaves in the fall, and to trim the trees and scrubs as needed. He told me that Bob had said I would be paying for this in an unusual way. I blushed, but shock my head in agreement. He just smiled and said that he would be bringing a three man crew each Wednesday. We did have a very big yard to take care of. He said that he would want me to take care of all three men. He said that two men would be working outside and one would be ďworkingĒ inside. I blushed again, but agreed. I hadnít counted on handling that many men in one day, but what the hell. The sooner I got over this obsession the better. Instead of signing a contract he took me downstairs and sealed the deal with an 11Ē black pen. He was big, strong, handsome, and he fucked the hell out of me for almost an hour.

The painter agreed to paint the inside of the house except the basement. He also agreed to paint the outside of the house and the stand alone garage. He said that it would take four men about two weeks to complete the job. He wanted me to take care of his entire crew each day that they were on the job, himself included. He said that it would be difficult to control the men and the quality of their work unless each man got treated the same. He said that job was so large and costly that he would like to visit me once a week for the next six weeks to cover his expenses. I was concerned about this last wrinkle. What if I decided to quite fucking around before then? He knew that was a problem with me and offered me the option of allowing his crew to visit me on rainy days, when they didnít have any work. I agreed to that option, but only two additional visits. We sealed the deal in the basement. That was the day that I got butt fucked for the second time. I swore that was the last time I would ever allow that to happen again. These men were too big for that kind of action.

The electrician saw that I needed some minor repairs, some wiring upgrades, and I wanted additional outlets in the bedrooms and the basement. He also did telephone work and would add an additional jack in the basement and in Cindyís room. Most of his work was labor, so all he wanted was to fuck me on the two visits it would take to do the work. He said that he would like an additional visit to cover the materials. I sealed the deal with a blowjob in the kitchen. He was in a hurry to get to another job. His name was Decker and I liked him so much that he visited many more times than the work required. He cock was 13Ē long but not very fat. I was surprised when he worked his cock into my throat and face fucked me. I really liked how that felt and allowed his to come by as often as our schedules would allow. I was spending a lot of time on my back those days.

The heating and a/c guy was nice too. I would only need him on an as needed basis. I told him I would take care of him each time he had to come out. He agreed, with one addition. He said that if I needed him at night or weekends, he would want to visit me twice for each of those visits. I agreed.

Bob introduced me to a mechanic too. I got so used to setting up deals for services that I set up a few on my own. We needed to solve a bug and ante problem in the house. One quick fuck in the basement and the problem was solved.

The more I talked the more Cindyís mouth hung open. She asked me if there was anybody in the community I hadnít fucked. She laughed when I told her that I hadnít been with the priest or the doctor. Cindy laughed and said that they are both white. I laughed back. Cindy wanted to know more.

Chapter 9

I told Cindy that arranging a schedule that allowed me to not get caught and yet take care of all of my promises was the difficult part. Most days were spent with me seeing 2 or 3 different men. I started at 10 am and stopped when I needed to get cleaned up and go to pick you up. Sometimes, when things got backed up, I would do two or three men at a time. I got to where I loved having a cock in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time. Cindy was shocked at how whorelike I had acted.

I told her that I loved every minute of it. The yard men usually finished their work quickly and come to the basement for some entertainment. Those days always turned into a gangbang. The painters got very little work done the first few days. Without anyone to supervise them they all wound up in the basement. I spent a lot of time with a cock in my mouth, pussy, and each hand. Five hours would pass in what would feel like minutes. On most of those days one of the men would have to help me get cleaned up. My arms and legs wouldnít work well after taking that kind of fucking.

Things settled down after the bulk of the work was completed. I set up a schedule that was more manageable. Bob and the paint foremen would visit me on Monday. Each would spend enough time to fuck me twice each. Tuesday was the day that the electrician would visit. I saw more of him than I had expected because he was able to help us replace our aging appliances. I also would have the HVAC guy visit me if he was due. Any odd ball fucking I wanted to do was done on this day too. Wednesday was my shopping day. Between shopping, laundry, and other weekly chores I had little time for fucking around on that day. I also needed the rest. Thursday I would be visited by the landscaping crew. That turned out to be my favorite day. I loved getting gangbanged by these big black men. There was supposed to be only a three man crew, but often when we were done fucking there would be as many as five or six guys getting dressed. The only thing that would happen on Friday would be the paperboy. I got him to come by on Friday mornings to do some odd jobs and to collect for the newspaper.

Cindy stopped me and asked me to repeat myself. She couldnít believe that I had fucked the paperboy. I said that he was a delightful young man. He was 18 years old and got to take a few periods off from school on Fridays. He would come straight to my house to collect. I always had him collect first because he was young and could fuck all day long. Cindy said that she remembered him coming by all the time.

But Cindyís big question was about to come. She said that I had explained how this got started, but that was 9 years ago. She wanted to know why I hadnít stopped. I told her that I had slowed down. I told her that I still see Bob, the electrician, the car mechanic, and the HVAC guy. From time to time we need work done on the house and I pay for it with pussy. I told her I didnít stop because I never got tired of it. It was almost like a drug and I was hooked. I told Cindy that I had no plans on stopping. It was now a part of my life and I loved it. If she told on me then our life as she knew it would change forever. I said it was up to her.

Cindy didnít tell on me. As a matter of fact Cindy cut school on more than one day to spy on me. She would sneak back into the basement and watch me get gangbanged. I didnít know she was doing this until one day the men caught her. I guess that was the day she got black fucked for the first time. I couldnít stop it and watched as each of the five men took a turn with her, but thatís another story.

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