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How my panty fetish began

(Part 1 from 1)

This story begins like many others young dum and full of cum, my stepmother would put me to bed and then get in the shower. Use to be I would fall asleep listning to the sound of the water. As i got older i would stay up and right after she got out of the shower and my stepmother and father went to bed I would get up and watch tv, but one day I noticed, the most beautifull pair of cotton panties with the biggest wettest stain I have ever seen in panties. My curiosity got the best of me so I checked it out to see " you see I dident have many girlfriend and i was dieing for some pussy dieing" well befor i knew it I had the panties pressed to my nose and I wackin like a crazy munky

What started out just a few times turned into a panty raiding fool. I would get home from school and go into the dirty panties out carry them to my moms room and get all the clean panties' and dump them all over her bed. I will never forget how hard I got off just looking and feeling all the cotton and silk panties rubbing all over my body. This went on for quite some time, Wile everyday I would get all her panties and jerk off to them over and over I always thought my mother knew but was never forsure so one day i decided to wear a pair of her really dirty panties all day. "I have never been so horny in my life just knowing my moms dirty panties were rubbing all over my penis and i was sitting here talking to her." well shortly after me starting to wear her panties and raiding her dresser, i found a little red spiral bound note book of all the sex stories my mother had written down about herself, 3 somes, 4 somes, and masterbation. kinda a sex jornal I would sit and read all the stories and imagine me fucking my mom over and over in every hole I just couldent resist it was my stepmom it may have been just a way of getting to her. just the thrill of not getting caught

the story goes on and on me wearing and jacking off to her. I started to sleep in her panties and my mom would come in to wake me up and the rush of not knowing would get me off everytime did she see me or not. Then one day i was sound asleep and my mom came to get me up joking she pulled the blanket off the bed and there I lay, naked except the blue panties she had worn yesterday wraped tightly around my already swelling cock, I had been caught. She made me get up and go take them off right now. I jumped up and ran the bathroom and quickly took them off, and went back in my room my mom was gone I was so imbarresed. I couldent even thank where was she was she telling my father, was she mad. Then she came into the room and she said it was ok she had known for a long time, that I was stealing her panties but dident know what i was doing with them whe looked at me and said explain, I want to know. I told her "i had been smelling them and cuming in them i just cant help it" she said "you are a young man and u need to stop but i must say i have never been as horny ever befor as then when I found out the idea of you loving my panties, makes me so wet have you noticed how wet i have been. I had to agree her panties were so sticky latly she told me not to do it so much but I did more now that I could see she liked it.

one day I was wearing my moms panties and i was already horny and she sent me to her closet to get some candles. I found a box I had never seen befor. I opend it and there were 3 vibrators and a bunch of polaroid pics of my mom. I slamed the box and pushed it back in the hole it was in, in discust. Got the candles as i walked back to the living room I got so horny and I knew I had to see those pictures the next day i played sick from school "i was a senior. " and I waited till everyone left the house and went first thing to the box of pics. I spread all my moms panties all over the bed, and opend the box of toys and pics and began licking all the dildo and smelling the sweet pussy smell still left on them. while going though the pictures i decided to play a game I would take the same position as her and masterbate i looked through the pics and did as they did when i came across one she was in the doggy position with her panties still on just pushed to the side, and a little red pencil vibrator burried deep into her anus. I looked over and there was the little red dildo so i agreed my self to play now follow the rules i put on the same panties as she had on.

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Then slowly began working the sex toy in and out of my anus. {guys dont knock it till you try it there is butttons you can hit in there nothing else can.} I jacked off into the crotch of her panties and put everything back. My anal curiosity soon got the best of me now not only was I geting my self off to my moms panties I was using sex toy to ram deep into my ass everyday but befor mom got home it was all back to normal except now and then wearing her dirty panties all day. one day i got off school right away ran to the laundy basket I gave her dirty panties a good smell and put them on went to her room got out all the goodies, and began to get my self off. Just as i got really into it I was starting to bottom out the vibrator my mom came walking into her room. I was facing the wall and dident see her. She went and took off all her clothes down to her panties and came back to the doorway she squated down and began to rub herself, more and more watching me drive her dildos in and out of my ass. I heard a low moan and jumped up ill never forget after I stood up the vibrator came falling out.

I began to appoligize till I realized she was in her panties and they were so wet you could see through them. She was rubbing them even harder she stood up and said "if you are going to be using my toy you might as well be using them on me." she crawled up on the bed and laid down on her back and spread her legs wide open. I began by licking the guts out of her and driving dildos in and out of every hole but we never did penis to pussy i just masterbated her driving an assortment of toys and many other thing into her pussy and ass later that day after many time her getting off I got her off in a huge orgasam. she looked at me and said you have been getting me off all day it is your turn and she began to rub softly on my dick, still coverd in her silky panties. little by little she began to suck on my dick "the best I have ever had." I laid back and she stopped she said did you think I forgot and she pulled out the biggest dildo she had she said "you fucked me now i fuck you."

I was nervous I had never gone that big but she was really gentle she continued to suck my dick and started with the smaller dildo working my asshole with great percision it was everything i could do to hold back a huge cum. Slowly she worked her way up in size till i was doggy style knees on both sides of her head and she was raming her dildo in and out of me, while I smelled her soaking wet panties and she sucked on my pulsateing dick just talking about it makes me want to cum I'll never forget I leaned my head back and arched my back just as I was on the edge and she pushed her didlo deep into me I then shot the biggest load I have ever shot all into my moms mouth it felt like it wasent going to stop as soon as it would start to stop, she whould give the dildo a quick twist and I would be right back filling her mouth again it never happend again.

But i knew she still remembered because on the day when her panties were really wet I would find them hanging on the edge of the laundry basket so they were easy pickins for me i stole them and went to my room. and got off to them day after day mom if you ever read this i hope it makes you as worked up as it dose me just thinkin about it and so now today i still steal my moms panties so I can get my self off over and over.

still today i love panties!

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