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Feet Stories

  • My Cousin's Sexy Feet
    Ever since I can remember, Ive had a secret desire to lick, smell, and worship pretty young feet. I never would have guessed that my first foot fetish encounter would be with my own cousin! THIS IS A TRUE STORY!

  • Licking the Maids Feet
    How I convinced my maid to allow me to worship her feet over and over....

  • Mom noticed my interest in feet
    Son gets caught in an awkward way looking at his moms feet...

  • Laura at 30,000 Feet
    I was seduced by a sexy teenager on a flight once to London, while her mother was sat in the seat next to her...

  • Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum
    Foot fetish, how I cleaned 10 toes of cum...

  • The perfect feet
    The most detailed foot fetish story ever. This strory will make u cum!'I bet...

  • Friends Sister's Smelly Feet
    Why I go to my friends houses...

  • Smelly Feet!
    She wanted to have 'fun'...

  • Mommy and boyfriend
    'Keep playing with it baby, I'm gonna fuck your old 'lady,' Rink offered while pulling his pecker from Joanne's mouth and lifting her to her 'feet...

  • Home gym
    It was Denny who made the first move, and after pulling his friend to his feet by his dick, he kissed him 'softly on the mouth and whispered, 'Let's rub our heads together until we shoot, how does that sound!?!'...

  • Happy Birthday, Stud
    She moves off his lap and positions a small table right in front of him. She sits on the table and puts her feet up on the arms of his chair and pulls her panties aside. His eyes are level with her pussy and he can see the cum glistening on the folds...

  • Lactation room
    'Andy,' 'she asked breathlessly, 'would you show it to me, please!?!' Andy fairly leaped to his 'feet and with shaking hands opened up his trousers and extracted his seven inches of 'thick gristle!!!...

  • Family fun 1
    A mortified Pearl Knight tried struggling to her feet, but one of Linc's strong hands held her firmly in place while the other snaked out and caught Linda flush on the cheek while he ordered her, 'you sit the fuck down and shut up, and watch a real cock sucker at work, you might learn somethin'!!!'...

  • Caught in the act : Mickey
    Mickey half stumbled and half climbed down the ladder while at the same time trying to shove his hard cock back into his jeans, but it was too late for that as he landed right at the feet of the meanest teacher in the whole school, Gwendolyn Hooks!!!...

  • The jungle
    As if signaled by some unknown force, five or six women, leapt to their feet, and began running their hands all over Angela's straining body, paying particular attention to her blonde haired cunt!!!...

  • The academy part two
    It didn't take long for Mindy to bring Nicky to a hard leg shaking orgasm, and as soon as she was finished, she hopped to her feet and exclaimed, 'Hey everyone, I've got and idea, let's have the boys stand naked in front of us and Carol and I will lay back and just masturbate while looking at your big dicks!!!'...

  • Seat of discipline
    All the fight quickly drained out of Zoey's body as she slumped in her chair, and offered no resistance when Sister Grace pulled her roughly to her feet and began taking off her plaid skirt and white blouse!!! 'P-please,' Zoey begged barely above a whisper, 'don't do this to me, I'll be good, I promise I will!!!'...

  • The thrist!
    She was knelling on the floor in front of me sucking my cock. With my pants down around my feet, I held her head wrapping my hands around her long dark black hair as I began to fuck her mouth seriously with my very hard thick cock!

  • Straight-Students-glory-hole
    I could see the floor of the cubicle next door. Resting on the floor was a pair of feet in black boots. Scrunched up around them were a pair of green combat trousers and a pair of white boxer shorts...

  • The Diary (FF, MF, intr, preg)
    By way of introduction, my name is Liz and I was born in 1932. The events I am'about to describe occurred in 1964 when I was 32 years old. I was 5 feet tall, with short, dark brown hair and a thick heavy patch of rich brown crotch hair...

  • Locker Room Foot Loving
    Gorgeous girls in a locker room love each other's feet. And they do other things to each other too...

  • Double treet
    'OK now sit on the edge of the bed. She did and I knelt in front of her. I told Kalsoom: 'You get behind her and help hold her up! Oh and play with her tits! You both seem to like that a lot!' Naila sat on the edge of the bed and I positioned her small ass right on the edge of the bed. I put her feet up on the bed too! She had her knees bent out and open as far as she could and I could see her pussy sticking out at me...

  • True anal story
    Anal ... with my girl while her roomate is only a few feet away...

  • Mountains of Rubber, Chapter 4, Hanging Around
    Up in Mz Dominica's mountain cabin, Daniella gets in tune with nature wearing remote-control rubber panties that stimulate her body in response to every tiny sound. After a 'hot' lunch at Dominica's booted feet, there are preparations to make, for an evening out dressed 'en femme.'...

  • The Ice Fishing Trip
    Sitting on the floor at his feet, I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and started jacking myself off for him...

  • Mountains of Rubber, Chapter 8, Knotty
    Dan/Daniella kneels at Mz. Dominica's feet, while She changes his/her associations with the laces that held Annie's red leather outfit together. The brainwashed slave learns that those long cords can be used for MANY things -- not just tying things up!

  • Hubby's Rival Turns Me On

  • My College Tennis Babies
    My lifelong fetishes for female body fluids and sweaty feet got satisfied when my college tennis girls decided to reward their beloved coach with their bodies ...

  • A Helping hand
    As I stood on the edge watching the waves hit the cliff face a hundred feet below I knew their would be no turning back once I took my first step. With a tear rolling down my cheek I closed my eyes for the last time, took a deep breath and stepped off...

  • Teacher's Toes
    Edward fucked his teacher and worshiped her feet like there was no tomorrow...

  • Billionaire Valley & It's Bitches : Part 5
    I notice Rose's pussy lips had swollen, and were turning red. Rose put her feet on the sofa,and open her pussy wide. I could see her clitoris, each time she touch it she would tremble...

  • Bi Foot Fetish Blowjob
    The story of how I gave a blowjob to a guy with a foot fetish while he was sucking on sexy female feet...

  • Just a day before the wedding
    Cheating Wifes
    Just before my best friends wedding, his girl friend gets cold feet and me and my wife help her out...

  • The Girl School Janitor : Part 2
    The black janitor gets trampled and forced to worship the feet of unseen white girls...

  • His Foot Goddess
    Learning to move from one who likes feet to being a foot slave isn't as easy as he thought it would be...

  • Addie's Babies
    Horny, lonely grandmother seduces grandson and unwittingly gets herself pregnant; later, son also manages 'to impregnate his mother, with his grandmother's connivance... (ffm, preg, feet)

  • The Fat Lady and the Nun
    Freaky ... at the hands(and feet) of a kinky nun...

  • Don't call me Mom - Call me Charlotte!
    Masturbating mother gets swept off her feet...

  • The Pact
    A woman's cold feet results in a deal with her fiance, in which both of them get interracial exceptions to their otherwise exclusive relationship...

  • The New Yorker
    My husband and I had fantasized about doing a threesome with another girl and when we went to New York to see the Broadway shows, we met a blond hottie that swept me off my feet and made the fantasy a reality...

  • Flight to Shimla
    Deepak has ... at 35,000 feet...

  • A Dom & A Fem
    Rachel was a starting 'forward on a women's professional basketball team out of Chicago, and Coach Jim 'Danvers had worked them to death after last night's embarrassing home loss to Detroit...

  • After school
    Tommy stared out the class room window, his mind a thousand miles away from 'the from 'Silas Marner', the seventh hour literature assignment for the day...

  • Along The Path
    As I sat on a rock 'eating a banana, I heard a giggle coming from a thicket about thirty yards farther off the 'trail, it sounded like a female laugh, which was followed by another noise that sounded 'more like a groan.

  • Behind bars
    Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut 'behind her. For the next three years this would be her home, the Sexton Correctional 'Facility For Women. How could have she been so stupid?!? ...

  • Black and white 2
    The Japanese girl came over and offered to suck Edward's cock, which 'he gratefully pulled it out and stuck it into her delicate mouth...

  • Claire # 1: the seduction
    Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her 'upscale suburban home and into the big four wheel drive Ford Explorer...

  • Claire #5: the switch
    Just as Doris was turning to leave, 'Claire's pussy erupted in a earth shattering orgasm, causing her to fall backward against 'the refrigerator as her cunt began to spasm uncontrollably!...

  • Fired
    Glenda bored in harder on the hard little clit, making Sybil's body shake 'with anticipation, the on rushing orgasm now only seconds away! 'Oh Glenda, my sweet 'little pussy,' moaned Sybil loudly, 'I-I-I'm cumming so fucking hard!!!'...

  • Foreskin
    Jimmy' asshole was a mixture of pain and 'pleasure, the two becoming intertwined together, indistinguishable as the massive cock 'pounded in and out of him!...

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