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The perfect feet

(Part 1 from 1)

It was her birthday, this new girl who was apparently interested in my best friend. I had been with them in almost all their 'dates', before they had probably started pseudo dating.

Sammy was 5'4, just had the right amount of flesh on her body, making her look neither very slim, nor plumpy. She was fair, straight black hair, big eyes, juicy lips, a hypnotising cleavage that would be visible in almost everything she wore. Her assets were very shapely and practically impossible to be sucked in one go. She had her navel pierced, and her legs were hairless, soft lickable thighs, and if you would believe me-the most elegant, beautiful, soft, shapely and neat feet ever.

She was so perfect! Her feet were size 8, super smooth and fair, with long toes and slightly grown nails, which were always painted. Her feet were angelic, beautifully curved, and not the slightest of dirt on them.
Everytime my best friend Ash was out with her, and i was along, i just kept gazing at her feet.

I have always had a foot fetish, ever since i remember. I have masturbated infinitely dreaming of footjobs or foot slavery.

On Sammy's birthday, we were there at her place. It was a crazy party, with all the make outs, grinding and bisexuality. I was only trying to feel some drunk girl's thighs or touch their feet all the time.
It was four now. The animals had gone back home, and Ash had accompanied some other guys to get some weed and stuff.

I was eventually sitting with Sammy alone on the terrace, with the shining moonlight reflecting on her pretty face and her black nailpaint shining softly, making the princess' feet look all the more heavenly.
We were talking about random issues, then love, and finally about sex.

Sammy told me about her experiences in bed, the positions she loved and how she hated blowjobs. My penis had begin to harden, and i did not hesitate anymore to keep my hand on her feet. She did not notice it, or she might have been too drunk t realise that i was massaging her left foot slowly by now. She was probably enjoying that too, because soon, i gathered the guts to take her leg in my lap, and i was feeling every inch of her foot. From the ankle to the shaft to the fingers, i was doing it all.

"Are you doing that intentionally?"she asked. As if a kid scolded or warned, i removed my hand and said ''no, i'm. . umm. . sorry''.
I never knew she was a little bitch, unless she stretched her leg again, and this time placed her toe on my chest, above the two open buttons. She moved her soft foot and the long fingers down to my belt and said ''i'm not too drunk to notice that you have been feeling my feet ever since we are having our talk''.

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This time, i did not resist. ''yes, you have the most amazing feet i've ever seen, and i want to do so much more'' i said.
The most delicious woman now lied on her back, and gave herself to me!

Without wasting a minute, i held her left foot close to my lips, and slowly started eating it like an ice cream, using my lips and a little toungue every time. I sucked her ankle, then the shaft, licked it, holding it like a pecious gift, i took her toe in my mouth and sucked it, in and out if my craving mouth. I slowly took all her fingers one by one and then opened my mouth wide enough to stuff more than half her foot in my mouth.

The same was done with the other foot, and then both together. She was fully supportive and played with my face with her other foot whenever it was free. She made me sniff it, and placed it on my neck, shoulders, and chest.

I was so hard by now that i wanted to shag off like a wild beast. As i took my hand down to unbutton my jeans, she shook her head and said ''let me do that for you''. To my surprise, she unbuttoned my jeans as she lied down on the terrace, with her feet alone. I just kneeled down, near her legs, as she slid her foot inside my boxers, and grabbed it with her right foot toe and finger. My throbbing warm thick penis' top was now between her soft toe and first finger. She spread the precum around the top of my penis, and now brought the other foot into play, and started moving her feet around my penis. My penis was still just semi erect, and was slowly gaining erection.

My dick was now between the space made by her feet arches. She gained momentum and soon my fully erect thick black cock was making splashing sounds as the precum added some lurication. The sight of pure soft beautiful curved feet around a black cummy dick was heavenly. She must have given me the footjob for a good 2-3 minutes before i was ready to cum.

The slut had not had enough, she got hold of her glass kept on one side and asked me to make a drink for her. I know what she meant, and i held tha glass under my penis, as my hand took control for the final cumshot, and there it was-thick warm load of cum in her glass.
She got up now, i held her by one hand for her support. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, as i poured my sperm in her mouth. She kept her mouth open as imsaw the cum move inside her mouth down to her throat.

A few minutes later, we were french-kissing, as i heard my best friend Ash coming with some others who had gone to get weed.

We separated apart, and all the time when we were smoking weed, we were lookin at each other, and the slut continued teasing me with her foot movements while everyone else were totally unaware!

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