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Friends Sister's Smelly Feet

(Part 1 from 1)

This all happened last night.

My friend invited me over to his house for dinner as he only lives a few doors down from my place. I accepted his offer as he has an 18 year old sister who is extremely hot with huge tits and a pair of feet to die for.

I got to the front door of his house where I noticed she had left 4 pairs of her shoes there, and I could smell them from 5 meters away and I have the biggest fetish for dirty smelly feet and shoes so I knew I was in for a good night.

During the dinner I sat next to her, she had not showered and her feet smelled so dirty and sweaty, I could not keep my eyes off her, she was wearing a low (and I mean low) cut singlet and because we are all so close she didn't even bother wearing a bra so every time she moved they would bounce and I would get instantly hard with due to being able so see straight down her shirt.

That night we were all a little tipsy and they offered to let me stay the night so my parents didn't find out (she has awesome parents) and of course I accepted their offer instantly.

later that night I got up to pee and as I entered the bathroom I heard someone in the shower, I peeked in and saw the sisters singlet and used panties sitting on the floor. I started to wank watching her fully naked body in the shower but I knew that she would see me so i closed the door and knocked saying I needed to come in. "one minute" she called out and then walked out with just a towel covering her body.

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I stayed in the bathroom a while trying to come to terms with how good what I had just witnessed was when I noticed she left her panties on the floor. I picked them up and started smelling them. They were like heaven, the crotch was wet and there was a musky odor that I loved coming from the ass area.

I decided to keep them with me for when I got back to the room I was staying in when I peeked into hers. She was asleep in her pajamas with her feet hanging off the bed and the pair of dirty, amazingly smelly high heels she was wearing throughout dinner that I was smelling.

I entered the room cautiously and positioned myself at the end of her bed. I gazed at her feet for a while until I built up enough courage to finally lick them. They were beautiful and salty with perfect toes. I became more courageous and started to suck her toes very hard with the dirty high heeled shoe under my nose and the crotch of her panties on my penis.

It was a good half an hour until the smell of the shoe, the sucking of the toes and the thought of her naked in the shower caused me to accidentally blow my load all into her panties.

I started to freak out as I had earlier grabbed a clean pair to wank into so I could smell the dirty ones and in sheer panic threw the panties on the floor and escaped the room.

The next morning when I woke up she was in the shower again and it was early and we were the only 2 awake. She got out and started getting dressed using the panties that I came in. She took them straight off and stormed out looking at me asking me if I came in her panties. I told her I did and that I was sorry but she actually said she was a bit flattered by my actions and wasn't angry at all after that.

I told her I kept the dirty ones she was wearing and she let me keep them and said I can smell her feet and shoes whenever I want.

I love my life :D.

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