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Camping with kerry my sister.

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Every year my dad insisted that we all went on holiday camping together in the new forest. And every year it was the same damn place. even though me and my brother were old enough to go on holiday with our mates at 26 we always had to smile and try to enjoy it. in the day we would get dragged to the same shops year after year.

we got to our destination at a little camp site and hooked up the tents and bedding. my dad and mum in one tent and me and my sister Kerry had the tent next door. in the evening we all settled down for the night. Now to be totally honest I didn't really like my sister and she didn't really like me. we both shouted over to mum and dad goodnight and got in our sleeping bags. I got in with just my boxers on and Kerry got in with just her leggings and a black cut top and started to fall asleep.

In the night I heard Kerry woke up and got out of her sleeping bag and because of the heat she laid on the top of it. I did the same and Kerry called me a copy cat. how childish! I laughed back at her. I started to get along for the first time in 26 years laughing and giggling about dad and his OCD. little did I know my penis had fallen out of my boxers and was laying there on my sleeping bag. Chris! she whispered quickly.. your flying low and she pointed down at my cock. I looked down at it and there it was half mast. I quickly grabbed it and cupped it with my hand and proceeded to put it away nervously. Kerry looked at me and said nothing just smiling.

well she said, someone's pleased to see me!. eww! I laughed don't be so wrong!!! no really she replied, I didn't believe how big you have got... well I said, I am 26 just don't tell dad!
the tent went quiet. we had been talking for along the light started to come in the tent..

Kerry perked up and said that her sleeping bag had broken. I got up to have a look for her and as I turned she kissed me right on the lips. she looked at me to see what I would say next, I was speechless... I couldn't believe what she had done... and the worst of it all I didn't pull her away.

wow! I had never had a feeling like that before, it was like a love with in a love and we both felt it between us in that moment. I wanted her so with out saying a word I pulled her into my sleeping bag and I held her in my arms. I touched her hair and felt her brests on my naked chest.

she whispered in my ear gently , Chris I love you.. I want you to take me.. this was strange you are my sister? I replied quietly I know she replied but I really want you and now.

with that she pushed her hand over to my stiff cock over my boxers and rubbed it up and down. my penis started to get wet from the pre cum and you could see the damp patch on my boxers. god this made me really hot, my sister touching me in the most private part of my body. she played with my damp patch rolling it with her finger and thumb she then licked her fingers slowly and suductivly watching me as she was doing it.

Kerry leaned over and kissed me touching my cheek with her hand. I knew the taboo was all to much for me, this had never happened before and I started to get a feeling of my balls and my penis start to erupt and wanted to cum there and then.

my cock started to leak more and more soaking my boxers. I couldn't help it. she looked down at a massive damp patch. wow you really want this?! she said smiling. your no good to me Mr 30 seconds... and pulled out my hot throbbing dick from the hole In my boxers and started to pull at me caressing my testicals with her fingers. she laid on her side and rested her head on her arm and hand, Kerry puled down her leggings and spread her legs open. she rubbed the head of my cock gently not even touching me. and then I felt my balls and my cock start to stiffen and twitch, I was close to spurting.. the feeling now was strong and I was about to blow my load.

Kerry rubbed it slower and slower and cupped my manhood in her hand moving it up and down softly. I got to the point of no return and pushed my cock deep in her hand, arching my back out just before I got to the brink of ejaculation. then it shot out of my cock spurting on my chin and all over her hand and my stomach.

right she said smiling whispering to me, its my turn.. Kerry got up on her knees and pulled down her knickers. I couldn't believe it. her vagina was slightly wet and her pubic hair was nicely trimmed and it looked wet. Kerry
got on top of me and kneeled on one side and crouched on the other. she moved up closer to my cum dribbling cock and rubbed it all over her clitoris. she was tight and her opening was small. before she mounted me I asked her did it matter that there was sperm on and around the head of my dick? I don't want to get you pregnant?

she told me to shoosh and pull out when I was going to cum. she popped me inside. it was tight and u could only get the head of my dick in. she slid softly down me and moved up and down.. I could feel my cock get deeper and deeper each time she went down. my cock was well lubricated from my sperm so it slid in perfectly her movements got quicker up and down. Kerry got on her feet crouching on me and started to bang on top slapping your skin with the wetness of her vagina soaking my thys.

Kerry panted and puffed and moved even quicker. she put her hand between her vagina to help herself off with her fingers. I looked down at my cock going in and out of her small pussy. oh... oh!! her fingers played with her clitorus twisting it and rubbing it. then alkaline of a sudden she said. oh god!! I'm going to cum on your cock... her pussy tightened and she leaned towards me still pounding on top of me. her hands were going crazy as she was rubbing her pussy. and then..... she squirted twice and then once more and it landed on my stmouch. her vagina was messy with my cum and her juices making a slushing noise..

I felt my balls tingle and I was ready to blow.. I couldn't stop her! oh shit oh shit!!! I whispered with force. I was going to cum!!!! and before I knew it, it was tingling and I shot a load into her. she paused on me and shouted god no!!!!!!!!!!!

we both rolled over and Said nothing.. what had we done?? I had just come inside my sister!! in the morning Kerry didn't talk to me. she ignored me for the rest of the holiday. when we got home she told me that she had been up to the doctors and had sorted out the problem..

I am the luckest guy in the world.

By the way, we have started talking again... so will it happen again? you never know.

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