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Smelly Feet!

(Part 1 from 1)

So one of my friends slept over at my house the other day. She has long brown hair, a sleek slender body with a beautiful curvy chest and ass (her ass is particularly nice) and i obviously have had a crush on her for some time now.

We have been really close since about the age of 6 and we love the same things, videogames, skating and just hanging out and talking. Anyway she asked me if she could sleep over and i said yes as i always do but this time my parents were out of town for the weekend and it was good because i knew she liked me so i could finally make a move on her.

She got to my house at about 3pm and we went to the skate park and got back at about 6pm. It was a very hot day so we were both sweating like crazy and in particular our feet were very smelly and i knew because i caught a whiff of her feet while she was fixing her shoes. After i smelt that i couldn't wait until she fell asleep that night as i could finally smell her feet.

I have tried to smell her feet so many times in the past but she either nearly woke up or they just didn't smell at all. But this night i would smell them, even if she woke up i would smell them.

We ordered pizza and ate it watching television. I deliberately layed myself on the floor with my head next to the opening of her shoes. It was like i was laying in heaven and as badly as i didn't want her to know i was smelling her shoes, i thought it would be kinky if she did notice. So i breathed all my air out and then very slowly moved my head to face the shoe and breathed deeply and somewhat louder then normal.

She turned and looked at me and she seemed a bit flattered by this, which instantly turned me on. After we ate dinner it was late and we decided to just sleep on the floor. I left the tv on to keep some light so i could see her feet while i sucked her toes and she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I creeped over to her, my heart racing. It was hot so she decided she would just sleep in her bra and panties which because we were so close to each other didn't really matter but on this night i payed particular attention to that. I layed nexto her with my feet at her head and my head at her feet.

Her feet were so beautiful and pretty, it was soft to touch and even softer in my mouth. Her legs were long and smooth and i kissed them softly and slowly moving further up. she had been asleep for some time maybe half an hour but she was breathing deeply which was odd for only being asleep for a short amount of time.

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Then i moved up again reaching her perfectly shaped thighs and i spent time caressing and kissing them and them moved inwards towards her crotch. Then i got surprised, i touched her pussy through the panties with my nose and her vagina smelled amazing but her panties were soaking wet, i tasted it and it tasted like cum.

Her clit was swollen so i moved the crotch of the panties to the side and pressed my tongue to it and she tasted great, her whole body shook and she moaned loudly i looked up and she was still asleep.

I wanted to make this more kinky so i pulled out my laptop and opened it up to some feet pictures i had taken of her before to look at while i ate her snatch. I did this for a while until her body shook again and i thought i should stop to not wake her but as i pulled away all i heard was "NO DONT STOP" i looked up and she pushed my head back down and i continued until she squirted her juice in my face like a fountain.

She layed still in pleasure and looked at me and told me she was awake the whole time. Then she looked at my laptop and saw the pictures of her feet and noticed how wet hers were. Then came the best words i have ever heard come from her mouth "you suck my toes if you want".

I jumped down her legs to her feet and licked them so much for so long that the fantastic smell of sweat from her shoes had disappeared. Then she said "thats enough of me now to finish you" she leaned forward shoving one of her shoes in my face as she wrapped her lips around my hard cock. She sucked and sucked until i almost came but i stopped and pulled her up onto the couch.

I was about to put it in her pussy when she said to try something different. She put one hand on my cock and directed it into the tiny and tight opening of her asshole. I didn't fit, i was too big for her but she wanted it so she pushed herself onto my cock forcing in all 9 inches.

She screamed in both pain and pleasure and i went to town on her ass for a good half an hour until i knew i needed to cum. I pulled out and took off her bra, her DD tits just sat there perfectly without drooping and i put my cock in between them. I pumped her chest hard and she licked the tip of my penis every thrust and spat on her tits to keep them lubricated.

Then i couldn't hold it any longer and kept pumping her chest as a huge amount of cum exploded out covering her face down to her belly button. She was so surprised by the size of my load that she just looked at me for a while and then she started to lick up every last bit of my cum and she swallowed it all.

That was an awesome night and now i get to do her anyway i want, herever i want, whenever i want and it is amazing.

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