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Wife at office

(Part 1 from 1)

My said the other day to me that one of her fantasies was me fucking her on her work desk. My wife is a financial manager at an IT company. Sheís got a nice big office with a big table. I imagined the situation and liked it very much. So one evening after work, she phoned me and told me to come to her work. I arrived there and some of the other workers were still there. I could see in her eyes that she was very horny and she told me to be patient till the other people left.

After about 30min the office went quiet and we started touching and kissing each other. She had a one peace tight fitting mini skirt on which was very short. She also had sexy boots on. I lifted her up and put her on her desk and cleared the area with my other hand. I pulled her skirt up to remove her panties, but there were no panties. She just gave me a naughty smile and kissed me passionately.

She undid my belt and my pants dropped to the ground she pulled down my underpants and started playing with my dick with her ice cold small hands. I couldnít hold it anymore and pulled her closer and forced my erected dick into her juicy pussy. Her eyes were telling how horny she was and she lifted her skirt up over her tits. Is bent over and sucked on them while fucking her pussy again and again.

I took her ankles in each hand and raised her feet to my shoulders, fucking her over and over again. She moaned and liked it very much. When she moaned I usually could not keep from coming very long, so as she was giving that load moans, I released my load into her pussy. As my dick became smaller I pulled it out and it was dripping wet from her juices and my come.

I stepped away from the table and she put her hand between her legs and told me what now because she was not finished yet. I told her that she must give me a few minutes to get erect again, so I left her there and went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I heard voices from her office. The offices were dark now and as I walked to her office I heard her apologizing to someone. Her office was linked to another office with a window in between. I went into the adjacent office and luckily the curtain was semi open. They couldnít see me because the light in that office was not on.

It was her two bosses who walk in on her busy playing with herself. She was still sitting on the table, but her skirt were now again pulled down, covering all. They asked her what she was doing and she told them that she and her husband were having some fun in her office. They smiled and said that it is illegal to have sex in public places and that she must pay a fine.

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She told them that I would return any moment from the bathroom, but the one told her that he locked the hallway door so nobody can enter. They both stood before her and each one took a leg and spread it. Her skirt automatically lifted and her pussy was exposed. They started moving their hands onto her thighs and up to her pussy. They lifted her from the table and pushed her to the ground on her knees. The two bosses were enjoying it very much as they pulled their pants down and forced her to take turns to suck them. She sucked them for a while and then the one pulled her to her feet and turned her around.

He lifted her skirt over her head and pressed her head down on the table. He then took his dick and put it into her pussy. He then took both arms of her by the elbows and started fucking her very hard. She was screaming of pleasure and moaning of pain at the same time. The other one move around and climb on the table and moved his body underneath her head and she started sucking his dick.

He didnít last to long and suddenly he blew his load into her mouth and on her hair and face. The other one also released his load as he saw her sucking the other one. She shakes and moaned as he came inside her and she reached her orgasm as well.

The dressed and left her just there on the table as if she were a whore. They unlocked the door to the hallway and left threw the front door. I came into her office and found her with her hair and makeup a mess. They also tore her dress. Her pussy and ass were red and she was worn out.

I was still naked and my dick was now so stiff I couldnít leave it like that. I moved in behind her and I could see she didnít want to fuck any more as she was lifting her head and tried to stand up. I pressed her down again and rammed my dick into her pussy. I told her that if she can fuck her bosses then she should fuck me also.

She was crying now as I fucked her over and over again. I was kind of mad and horny at the same time as I fucked her and fucked her harder and harder, pulling her hair and ramming her pussy.

I could see she started to like it again and she started to give that pleasure moans of her and she told me she was sorry as I fucked her again and again. Somehow the thought of her bosses fucking her made me last longer because for 20minutes straight I didnít come. Then after she had multiple orgasms I pulled my dick from her pussy and shoot my load all over her ass and back.

She quickly turned around and went to her knees and sucked the last come from my dick and balls.

It was the best sex I ever had. She told me that I should know that her bosses wouldnít leave it at that and that they will fuck her from now on each day at work. I told her I didnít care as long as she came home and fuck me as well.

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